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FORMER Blair propagandist Alastair Campbell's modest debut article in The Times ended by saying he'd become 'a regular sports writer for The Times in the New Year'. A source there says: 'Nobody much cares what he writes about sport. He's an investment for the paper because it hopes to get his diaries when they're published.' Yes, but how will they persuade us to believe a single word of them?
NORMALLY a vigorous contributor to Media Select Committee discussions, Rhondda's notorious Labour MP Chris 'Y-fronts' Bryant, remained silent at this week's meeting in the Thatcher Room, Portcullis House. A colleague says: 'Chris is normally full of it. This week there was none of it.' Y-fronts, incidentally, were invented for baseball players by the Jockey Company of Chicago in 1932. Now they're the knickers of choice for confirmed bachelors.
It's a wicked world, isn't it?
SWEETIE-PIE Halle Berry, pictured, who is filming the title role of Catwoman in temperatures of two degrees Centigrade in Vancouver, has to wear a black fashion latex stockings one-piece catsuit that has caused painful chafing on her thighs, back and bottom. A masseur (lucky rascal!) attends the set every day to apply a special cream to the afflicted areas and Miss Berry wears a damage-limitation, fine silk body stocking under her catsuit. How great artistes suffer for their art!
THE slippery, former Tory MP Chris Patten, who was elected Chancellor of the University of Oxford earlier this year, is the dog who doesn't bark. At his election, he implied he was in favour of tuition fees, but since then we haven't heard from him about this Blair-threatening educational issue. Since they're considered vital to the quality of his university, why doesn't he trumpet from the rooftops his support for the Prime Minister? Perhaps because he has sniffed the wind and wants to do nothing to prolong Mr Blair's reign.
MULTIMILLIONAIRE music maestro Andrew Lloyd-Webber tells me (contrary to reports elsewhere) that he's not against the controversial new property development at South Kensington Underground his cellist brother Julian's the one fuming about it but he'd prefer the architectural design to be 'High Gothic in style'. The Lloyd-Webbers have fond memories of the area.
They grew up in a flat above the rumbling District Line tube. Friends say Andrew should oppose the development, adding: 'One day, they'd have had an "Andrew Lloyd-Webber was born here" plaque what if their old home no longer exists?' TATLER editor Geordie Greig's lovely Christmas card features no fewer than six images. One pictures of his three children; two he and his attractive wife, Kathryn, with their three bonny children; three Kathryn with two of the children; four Geordie and one child; five one child; six all three children (Octavia, Monica and Jasper).

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