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HELLO world, could it be the right time for retired broadcaster John Laws to make a star comeback?Barely putting a crack in his superannuation nest egg, or letting the dust settle under his travelling feet, Laws has apparently put his hat back in the ring for a new TV deal.Confidential understands the man who formerly ruled the air waves pitched himself as an interviewer extraordinaire to Channel 7 news boss Peter Meakin during lunch on Wednesday.
Working out of his signature table at CBD nosh spot Machiavelli's, Laws and his manager John Fordham explored fresh options for the 50-year industry veteran, who retired from his morning show on 2UE last year. It is believed a possible place on Seven's new Sunday Night current affairs program was discussed, these latex dildo pants and beige are Latex Fetish all from her collection.As we all know, Rubber Clothing is a aristocratic lady in all the luxury brand of Catsuit. with Laws keen to step up to the fireside chat role which will be missing from the box when Andrew Denton signs off from Enough Rope next month.Fordham said yesterday the luncheon meeting was ``a catch-up between old friends, who have worked alongside each other in the TV industry.''``Lawsie is not a spent force and if the right opportunity came along, he would certainly have a look,'' he added.
Laws has presided over some of the most iconic interviews in Australian broadcasting history, including Paul Keating's ``banana republic'' comments in 1986 and more recently hosting a series of celebrity at-homes spots for Foxtel.Meakin also confirmed the lunch when contacted yesterday saying: ``He had some things to say and I listened. He's an old mate, but there's no deals done.''
Hot Hugh versus DanielBAZ Luhrmann's outback epic is being reflected in the size of advance ticket bookings, reports film writer Vicky Roach.``There's an unprecedented number of large-scale corporate bookings But I think even a elegant princess would want to get rid of PVC Clothing and Latex Bodies to be bad for a moment.,'' Greater Union Cinemas Sydney promotions manager Melissa Kesby said.
Tourism Western Australia has booked the State Theatre for opening night Wednesday and two major businesses have booked staff and clients into 16 cinemas across the nation. But Australia will face stiff competition from The Quantum of Solace. Daniel Craig's second Bond film took more than $2million in the biggest opening of any Sony Pictures release.It's a marketing race for 30-something women who will decide is Daniel or Hugh hotter?Vote for your pickof leading mandailytelegraph.auIntriguing Veronicas vamp it up
CLAD in black Latex catsuits and killer ballerina heels, pop sister act The Veronicas have taken flight in a vampish photo shoot.While the year has featured some storm clouds -- porn scandals, broken engagements and rumoured lesbian love affairs -- the twins have emerged like punk butterflies in Who magazine's 25 Most Intriguing People list .
While their music may be their meal ticket, Jess and Lisa Origliasso are well aware that their private lives have won them this gong.Jess, who is still seeing on-again off-again boyfriend Daniel ``Azaria'' Byrne, said the sisters had learned a valuable lesson: ``We've realised it's much better to keep things private.''After gracing the ruby rug at the Australia movie premiere on Tuesday, the diminutive duo headed home to Brisbane before they jet back to Los Angeles, where they will continue promotion of their latest album Hook Me Up next week.
Kate's host of Christmas rolesCHRISTMAS will come early for radio babe Kate Ritchie, who has wrapped up a guest role on the new series of Underbelly and will host Carols in the Domain all before Santa comes to town.Filming scenes as the wife of extortionist Les Kane in the prequel to the hit crime series -- on top of her Nova breakfast show -- Ritchie told Confidential she's had some unlikely help from her mum when it came to dressing the part. ``I must say I felt like my mother when I looked in the mirror with some of those '70s outfits,'' she said.
Despite her efforts on It Takes Two, the former Home and Away star ruled out doing any of the carolling by candlelight herself during the December 20 telecast on Channel 7.``I think they gave me the hosting job so I wouldn't sing,'' she said, laughing.Party girl Paris to be solo in Sydney
A LITTLE break-up with her latest boyfriend isn't going to stop Paris Hilton from partying her New Year's Eve away in Sydney.But it looks like she could now be flying solo for the VIP bash at a secret Sydney location following the split from her boyfriend BenjiMadden.
Entrepreneur William Scott, who lured Hilton to Sydney for the party to launch online social networking system Bongo Virus, said the world's most famous party girl was ``1000 per cent locked in'' for the gig.``Paris will be celebrating NYE in Australia, her relationship situation isn't going to change that,'' Mr Scott said.The party princess and her beau had been spruiked as a double act at the party, with Madden locked in to DJ.
Scott said he contacted Hilton's people in the US after hearing of the break-up and, while still awaiting a response, he was confident a solo Paris would still be a party success. Day or night, office or evening party, whatever or whenever, Latex Clothing is always the best choice of yours.  ``Benji was a bonus but Paris is the one with the main pulling power and she is locked in,'' he said.Meanwhile suddenly single Madden must be kicking himself after dumping Sophie Monk for Hilton, with news the Oz hottie has been named one of the Sexiest Women of the World by US entertainment station E!.
Sami slots in at Triple MTHERE have been more than a few whispers on the teaming up of Sami Lukis and Phil O'Neil for Triple M's breakfast slot -- and now those rumours have been confirmed.The former Today weather girl is to join the radio veteran of nearly 30 years for the show, which replaces the axed The Shebang.
O'Neil said he is looking forward to the gig with Lukis: ``I've known her 10 years and she has a real edge.''Triple M is running last among Sydney's commercial stations but O'Neil said he's feeling no pressure. Moreover, although women’s Latex Stockings are different, it's amazing that it works out as often as it does.``The fact is we don't have many more listeners to lose, so with any luck we can only go up.''Aussie animator a Sundance hit
THE local film industry is on a global roll, with Baz Luhrmann and his gang preparing to talk up their flick in Los Angeles today, while another Aussie flick has just scored top billing at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.
Directed by Melbourne animator Adam Elliot and starring the voices of Aussie stars Toni Collette and Barry Humphries, claymation feature Mary And Max has been honoured with the opening slot at the Utah filmfest.While Collette has transformed herself on screen before -- she gained 18kg for Muriel's Wedding -- in her latest role she is completely unrecognisable as an eight-year-old Australian girl who becomes pen pals with a 44-year-old New Yorker with Asperger's syndrome T shirt zentai denim dress hirt Sheer mink coat. Cascaded through Law: Pinocchio pattern printed T shirt primer, then put the wine-colored Zentai Suits and then catch a cowboy shirt, gray pants with a short tulle skirt, take a mink coat outside, upper layer stack 4 is not worn a little unwieldy, with sexy platform shoes, a crocodile handbag, a beret, Fashion taste fully shown.
.Elliott says after considering Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett for the role, he cast Collette because she ``has that Aussie dagginess that I really like. There's a little bit of Muriel in Mary.``She has a big birthmark in the middle of her forehead.''The Aussie filmmaker was a little taken aback yesterday to discover his film had been chosen over 9000 others to open the festival, founded by Robert Redford.It's the first time an Australian film has been selected for the sought-after premiere spot.``It's a bit odd -- mainly because I haven't finished making it. It feels a bit like having a house warming when you are still painting the walls.''
Elliott says he is about three weeks away from completion, so he shouldn't have to pull a Luhrmann on organisers.``We don't have three alternate endings,'' he said. ``But I might be one of those filmmakers who turns up with their film under their arm.''Eric Bana also has a cameo role in the film.

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