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     RUBBER-CLAD Britney Spears shocked America as she sang hernew single Toxic in front of giant video screens showing steamy romps.
     She opened her world tour in San Diego, California, on Tuesday dressed as a bondage babe but still failed to sell all the tickets.
     Despite her bid to attract an older audience with her raunchier image, thousands of seats on The Onyx Hotel Tour remain unsold.
     Huge screens showed the scantily clad singer having a 'close encounter' with a male dancer.
     For the opening night, the princess of pop donned a rubber catsuit, tied up with leather straps. Later, she stripped to her underwear and writhed around with a troupe of male dancers in tight briefs.
     Now she's bringing the saucy act to Glasgow on April 30.
     Britney, 22, promised: 'This tour will be wild and more adult catsuits latex.'
     And she poked fun at her 55-hour marriage to Jason Alexander by asking her guitarist: 'Are you from Milwaukee do you wanna marry me?'
     Spears said later: 'The past six months have been a roller-coaster ride. But I think that's made me who I am right now.'
     Britney is on course for her first British No1 since 2000, with Toxic outselling Kylie Minogue's Red Blooded Women two to one.

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