Wear a Charlie's Angels latex catsuit?

Written by: janetcrane51


     THE RELEASE on Friday of Charlie's Angels at a cinema near you threatens to have the nation reaching for lip gloss, hairspray and, wait for it, a catsuit. Ouch. Shiny lips and flicky hair is one thing, but the unforgiving, all-in-one number will not have most of us rushing out to buy one.
     OK, Charlie's chicks - Natalie (Cameron Diaz), Dylan (Drew Barrymore) and Alex (Lucy Liu) - look pretty hot in their one-piece suits, but bear in mind that they probably had a nutritionist/fitness adviser to keep them trim, not forgetting calorie-controlled lunch boxes (Hollywood's latest answer to healthy eating on location).
     And they are actresses, not mere mortals with curves and cellulite and potential confidence crises. If you are blessed with long legs, a pert bottom, no hips and a nipped-in waist, then by all means go for it as shown by Victoria Beckham (black zip-up leather reminiscent of Girl on a Motorcycle), Mel B (black strapless all-in-one) and actresses Rosanna Arquette and Carmen Electra (in matching spray-on denim affairs), Liv Tyler (asymmetrical Chloe jumpsuit) and X-Men's star Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (metallic blue leather). The rest of us can duck out of this look altogether.
     But even if you are thinking of wearing one, you might find them in short supply (and if you are tempted, for heaven's sake, stick to black). Alexander McQueen's slashed, low-belted, black ribbon-wool design (he does his own take on the boiler-suit) has already been seen out and about doing the rounds. More than 50 per cent of Armani's black velvet halterneck fitted catsuits (also available in plum) have left the shop floor and his grosgrain version has sold out. Michael Kors has gold sequined turtleneck, long-sleeved, loose-fit catsuit latex, but they are not for the fainthearted. There is no cowering in the corner in one of these. If you can, wait until February, when Versace will introduce backless halterneck all-in-ones in black, shocking pink, aqua and print, and another style with a singlet top and chain hip belt
     Even the high street is selling out fast as the one "Christmas wow piece" is snapped up by the bold and the brave. You might have to break into a run if you want to nab Warehouse's plunge-V, black satin latex catsuit with a gold sequin starburst round the neck, but before you put on your trainers, note that satin is the least forgiving fabric.
     On the other hand, River Island offers black (the high-street retailers know the shade that sells) crepe-jersey catsuits in two styles with diamante belts either at the waist or under the bust. If you like the sound of Rosanna Arquette and Carmen Electra's denim ensemble (looks like they are wearing tight indigo jeans and fitted shirt), then get thee to Oasis. If it has sold out, check out the black sassy numbers, complete with gold belts.
     But be warned; while you might wow the boys (you are fully clothed, yet showing off every outline of your body), you will not score Brownie points in the ladies'. Anyone who has worn a skisuit will know what I am talking about - a great deal of huffing and puffing in a small cubicle as you wrestle yourself in and out of the wretched zips.

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