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Picture yourself on a roller coaster ride for eight days and you've captured the mood swings in Milan.Here, in one of the world's most influential fashion capitals, designers unveiled their spring/summer '98 collections. Buyers and press greeted the new season of trends with gusto, paid tribute to the late designer Gianni Versace and even gobbled up a spicy Italian controversy served up Sicilian-style.
"Scandalous" and "in bad taste," some of the local papers reported following the Dolce & Gabbana show which contained many religious references. Jewelled sacred hearts adorned totes and the Madonna  was hand- painted on dresses, tops and skirts. Some were veiled in black net.Designers Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce said their inspiration was " like a made dream. .Supermodel nude color Rubber Clothing to natural compatibilityPhotographer SylvieMalfray latest work took us to a piece of the mountains, she model MarloesHorst filming enabled by OrneliaJong shape. Picture story, although the attitude of sultry models wearing Zentai Suits behind her desolate highlights the natural background, but Malfray capture both a sexy and elegant in Marloes, and integration of this magnificent scenery.
"As their story goes, the collection celebrated the life and style of a typically southern Italian women. Often she would run from her house to follow a religious procession moving down the street.
But Dolce & Gabbana's women will be wearing high-styled house dresses and haute couture slippers. Stretch PVC Clothing usually gymnasts, dancers wore They'll stand out in the crowd in a taut stretch wool bustier or curvy crochet skirt. Golden wheat-embroidered socks and jewel-studded stilettos transcend ordinary domestic trappings. Even if women choose not to wear Madonna on their sleeve, the overtly sexy collection is sure to evoke a few "Madonna mia's" from parade-watchers.
The most anticipated show in Milan was Gianni Versace's, now simply called Versace. Following the designer's sudden death in July, all the spotlights and stress fell on Donatella Versace, who inherited the signature collection from her brother.Three consecutive shows closed the Milan collection. This was an emotional fashion evening filled with both happiness for the show to go on and tears of remembrance.
At the third and final show legions of designers turned up to support the Versace family. Latex Stockings unique costume is disappearing for some time, once again return to the T station, by Lady Gaga, Rihanna (Rihanna), and many other fashioners’ attention Among them were Giorgio Armani, Miuccia Prada, Karl Lagerfeld, Romeo Gigli, Mariuccia Mandelli of Krizia, the Missonis, Narciso Rodriguez, Donna Karan and Antonio Berardi. Never in the history of the fashion collections have so many big-name designers gathered under a fellow designer's roof. The show was "dedicated to our brother Gianni's love of work and to our entire staff, whose incredible love latex sex clothes and devotion were so precious to our brother and mean so much to us. We thank each and every one of them."
In true Gianni Versace style, celebrities Cher, Demi Moore, Rupert Everett, Anjelica Huston and Boy George  came out to show their support.

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