Less Latex Catsuits, more Latex Catsuits

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Long favoured by gardeners and puddle-jumping children, rubber boots are kicking it up in colour and mucking about on the runways of high fashionWant a reason to love rainy days? How about 14? From Marc Jacobs to Michael Kors, Urban Outfitters to Anthropologie, rubber boots are one of the most exciting and versatile accessory trends this season. No matter what your style, chances are there's a boot to complement it.Label whore? sex Latex Fetish appear Catsuits Check out the classic Burberry plaid Wellington: It's great paired with a designer puppy in matching leash and collar!
Yummy mummy? Wear a pair of Tamara Henriques' smashing stripe, polka-dot or argyle boots; they come in super-fun colour combos such as pink and yellow, blue and green and even a mod mini leopard print. Mummy's yummy mini? Kidorable's toddler and kid boots are cuter-than-cute in dotty ladybugs, striped bumblebees and various animals.
Sportswoman? Le Chameau's primo Chasseur zip-up wellies come almost to the knee and are probably the best rubber boots ever crafted.  Completely waterproof, they're handmade in France, lined in supple leather and have an incredible thick Latex Catsuits-rubber surface that resembles leather and feels like fleshy silicone. This is what $460 will buy you.
While pricy Chausseurs are sold in up-market fly-fishing and hunting boutiques, lesser but equally chic Le Chameau boots can be found at shops that cater to the hip urban gardener. Duncan Fanning, owner of UpCountry Garden, in Toronto, says shoppers have been buying ankle-height Le Chameau Chelsea-style boots  -- "They look a bit like those Australian outback boots," for people all Zentai Suits over the world seeking for the most explains Fanning -- and tall Wellingtons  as much for style as utility.
"We find a lot of people like the taller boot for real, wet, springtime gardening or walking the dog when it's muddy out. But then there are customers who don't garden at all -- they're buying them for a fun city boot to wear with jeans on rainy days as a fashion statement."
Shawna Cohen, senior editor at FQ Magazine, loves the irreverence of rain boots. "When I was in San Francisco in December all the stores had these amazing boots in juicy shades like orange and lime green. They're perfect on a grey day. many different kind of high heel shoes, we specially set up retail Latex Catsuits store website You can wake up and actually be excited that it's raining and you get to wear your boots," Cohen says. One of Cohen's friends recently got a pair of Michael Kors boots, and one of her fellow editors at FQ bought Ralph Lauren gardening latex catsuits. "I think she actually does garden in them, but she could just as easily wear them while going out for coffee and lounging about the city on a Sunday afternoon," she says.
How you wear the boots is up to you. At the Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2004 New York Fashion Week runway show , rubber wellingtons in hues of blue or yellow were worn paired with tucked-in, slim-fitting tweed trousers. For spring, one could tuck one's cotton or denim pants into tall wellies of any colour. Cohen also suggests pairing rain boots with brightly coloured tights and a skirt.
"I wear mine with tucked-in jeans," says Vicky Shaughnessy, a 23-year-old Toronto-based graphic designer. To keep her look playful-yet-polished, Shaughnessy pairs her lime-green Urban Outfitters wellies with a denim trench or a tailored-looking raincoat.
Dr. Scott Schumacher, a podiatrist in Surry, B.C., suggests rubber lovers exercise common sense when jumping aboard this trend: "These boots can trap moisture and predispose your foot to a fungal infection if worn too long," he says, suggesting a change of shoes once indoors.
If you must wear boots for an extended stretch , bring a change of socks or wear moisture-wicking hiking socks, and always let boot interiors dry completely between wearings to inhibit bacteria growth. These foot-
saving tips will keep your rubber-shod tootsies safe 'cause sandal season is right around the corner.

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