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 Special to The Globe and Mail
   JANE Corkin has been a powerful figure in the world of photography
since her self-named gallery, one of the few to specialize in that field,
opened in 1979 at 179 John St.
        This past summer, she expanded her gallery. She also published, under
her Jane Corkin Gallery imprint, Stranger in Paris, a book on the work of
Hungarian photographer and friend Andre Kertesz. (The book includes an
introduction by Winnipeg-based arts critic Robert Enright and is
distributed by Firefly Books.) The project, Corkin says, "was four years
in the making and is actually a recreation of the 1927 exhibition that was
so important in establishing Kertesz's reputation in the artistic
community in Paris."
    Corkin has long recognized the importance of business dressing. "In the
world that I operated in, given that I started so young, I had to learn to
dress for the corporate world. But even then I would wear a pin or a lot
of bracelets, which I became known for, because I felt they expressed an
important facet of my personality."
    Today, Corkin is wearing her favourite outfit - a catsuit made of black
cotton and Lycra. "It's not something I would wear when conducting
business. But it's so comfortable, and machine washable (she laughs). It
makes me look thin. I can just hang out when wearing it."
    She wears the latex catsuit with a scooped-neck camel-coloured wool vest by
Comrags, and a brown leather belt.
    On her feet are sneakers she picked up in Germany, made of rayon
grosgrain (a closely woven, heavily ribbed fabric) that she cherishes
because "they breathe. I love the little studs on them."
    The accessorizing touch is a tortoise-shell bracelet,latex clothing "a gift from my
mom when I was 12-years-old."

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