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She played a stripper in eastenders... Now christine is about to set pulses racing as the sexy new doctor in casualtySMALL wonder her Holby hospital colleagues soon nickname her Lara Croft. For Casualty's latest blonde bombshell comes straight from a war zone and shoots straight from the lip.She is Dr Lara Stone, alias glamorous Australian actress Christine Stephen -Daly, who makes her Casualty debut in tomorrow night's episode on BBC1 after making her mark as a stripper in EastEnders.
The BBC bills Lara as "a reluctant sex siren" who arrives trailing clouds of glory from a field hospital in the war-torn African nation of Sierra Leone.  But within minutes zentai of her arrival as Holby A&E's new senior house officer, she has snubbed the local press, shoved a photo-grapher aside and got three eligible men panting for her attention.The hot-blooded males are led, of course, by bad boy Dr Patrick Spiller - alias heart-throb actor Ian Kelsey.
Christine, 28, insists: "I'm a bit concerned that this sexy latex corset dress is going to precede Lara the doctor, which is the most important thing about her and she is a reluctant sex symbol. "She's extremely well qualified, almost over qualified for the position of SHO because she's had lots of experience and done lots of surgery. "But the fact is she doesn't like routine. She's gone off exploring Sierra Leone and places like that because she just doesn't want to get bogged down in her life."
But, however well-qualified for the job, Lara is set to overcome her reluctance to act sexy soon enough. Clips shown to journalists at Casualty's Bristol base show Lara straddling a bemused Dr Spiller while wearing a skin-tight red latex clothing devil suit, topped with a spiked collar and two flashing red horns in her hair. It's obvious she's hardly a shrinking violet then. Christine says: "She wears the devil suit for a Hallowe'en party - and when she takes up a challenge she goes the whole hog with it. "She wasn't doing it for anyone's benefit but her own."
Although Christine says Dr Spiller is definitely Lara's type, they're often at loggerheads because they're very similar in many ways. Christine says: "They like having their own way, they're very in control and they're a bit arrogant, but there's an attraction there." The catsuit looks fantastic, but it proved more decorative than practical for Christine.She says: "It took a long time to put on, lots of talcum powder, lots of muscle and a lot of patience. But the hardest thing was sitting around in it for a couple of hours. Very sweaty."
And was Christine pleased with the effect? "I saw it for the first time last night when we were shown some clips and I went 'Oh my God! Oh Lord!' So, yes and no." The BBC aren't releasing pictures of Lara's daredevil outfit until nearer the Hallowe'en episode's screening, but Christine is already resigned to seeing her devilish antics splashed over the nation's newspapers. She says: "I'm all right about zentai. I mean, that's what we do and it's all part of the process." At least she already knows how to handle fame. Christine is already a star back in Australia.AFTER graduating from the National Institute of Dramatic Art - Australia's equivalent to RADA - she played many roles including a tragic triathlete who has both arms amputated in Australia's own medical drama, All Saints.
But the only travelling she's done since was a trip to Budapest to film a commercial. Then she played the stripper booked for Steve Owen's stag night in EastEnders in the week Phil Mitchell got shot. Christine auditioned for Casualty without having seen the series. And now she's contracted to the longest run - more than 30 episodes - that there has ever been. SHE says: "It's bizarre isn't zentai? But I did take things easier for the first nine or 10 months. It was wonderful because I had no schedule to follow and I was just living moment to moment, which I really needed to do for a while."On the other hand, I'm a bit of a workaholic. I get itchy feet if I'm not acting."
Whether those itchy feet will eventually take her back to Australia is an open question. Christine now has rented homes in both London and Bristol, as well as a partner whose identity she prefers to keep to herself. She says: "I love Bristol - it's more my pace. I come from Melbourne and although London is fantastic and an exciting place to live, it's frenetic. "As to whether my future is in Britain, I honestly can't answer that. My friends ask me, my family do too, and I don't know. "I don't really feel I'm settled anywhere for good, because even in Australia I lived in seven different states. "You go where the work is, so as an actor you can never really put firm roots down anywhere. That gels with me - I'm quite happy."
And is her boyfriend an actor? "No he isn't, thank God. It's nice to leave work at work and have a normal life, get to know other people's situations and become involved in the real world. "There's a bigger world out there than this little fantasy world we actors live in."

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