Whats on my kinky mind

Written by: clubseven

Tell about myself huh ? Ok I'm new to the site and I kinda feel like the junior rookie of this whole thing but I'm here like a kid tryin to ride a bike for the 1st time.

There really isnt much to say about me when it comes to a community like this, except for I'm really happy now knowing that its not all me and that I'm not a freak and if I am then I'm not alone, its simple really. What brings me here is my fetish for apparel such as PVC Vinyl, Leather, Pleather, Latex, Liquid Latex, Spandex & Rubber just to list enough to get the idea.

I've been into this for quite sometime rather its for the look, the feel of it, to owning & wearing it, or having a gurl dress up for me. I noticed all this started happening to me after I saw one of Tim Burtons films back in 1992 Batman Returns. Probably had it all along but didnt relize it, but the movie might have awakened it? Uh No idea !!!

Michelle Pfeiffer took the role as Catwoman and it was the 1st time I had ever saw a woman clad in a black skin tight pvc catsuit. Since then its been one big fetishy sexual fantasy to have a girl become that for me.

Luckly at one point I dated this really kool girl that hepled me out here in the cyber world live my fantasy kinda. We got to cyber about it. It wasnt nessessarly so much of her bein my Catwoman but in the play session she became a leather play girl for me so that was really hott for me & worked well and still does.

Its too bad I never had it for real though but its still a goal I push for and hopefully with her too that would be really awsome.

Um until then I remain on the search for any gurl that can slip into my type of fetish wear and maybe even don that black skin tight pvc catsuit & become the perfect Catwoman to satisfy this Bat !!!

More will be added and edited & so forth in time but I figured this was good for now since I'm new and not all my ideas come to me right now so keep cheaking back!

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