Status Quo - Chapter 71

Written by: Paullell

 “It’s amazing how much time you gain by being disembodied. I wonder what else APRIL does whiiiiiillleee….” Her thought os cut off by Lana’s slow, sensuous rubbing along the phallus. Her actions send sparks of pleasure firing up and down her spine and instantly her nipples become as hard as starship armor.


Daray’s eyes roll back into their sockets at the touch. Lana’s nether region sliding along the artificial skin of her erection causing a fireworks display behind her eyelids. Then her touch is gone for a moment, and Daray barely has time to open her eyes before she feels the slight pressure of Lana pressing her self into the tip of the thing. The pressure spreads out across her entire pelvis and down into her hips, and the tip of the new body part twitches slightly as it tries to nuzzle itself between the folds of her lover’s sex.


“I am ~so~ ready Lana…” she stammers out, fingers pulling and clawing, without the use of her actual claws, at Lana’s body to force the issue, but her mind is screaming out for Lana to keep control, and take the time to do things properly, which she knows she will do.




Lana feels Daray pulling at her with a strength that at one time would have overpowered her.  But now it is just delicious sensation.  With a grin curling at the corner of her lips she obliges Daray, sliding one inch at a time onto her creation.  She feels the blunt shaft penetrating her and stretching her in ways she hasn't felt in weeks.  A sensation that she had been loath to express that she had been missing.  Still slowly impaling herself she reaches for Daray's hands and guides them to her breasts, making encouraging purrs in her throat before whispering.  “I'll handle the movement for now, just touch me.  Please tesoro.”


Lana gasps with pleasure as the last inch slides inside her and her hips are pressed to Daray's.  She holds herself still, committing the sensations of this moment to memory.  Lana opens her eyes and looks down at Daray with a grin as she looks for signs of enjoyment on her face.  One hand moves to stroke her cheek while the other glides over the hardened peaks her nipples have become.  “It feels perfect, just as I knew it would.”




Her hands follow Lana’s urging, finding their way to her lover’s amazing breasts with those same shimmering trails playing across her skin under the pressure of their movement. She cups her breasts and squeezes them with the realization that she no longer has to be concerned about damaging her most amazing treasure in the world.


As Lana begins to sink further and further onto, for lack of a better term, her erection, she forgets for a moment to do anything with her hands. Concentrating entirely on the sensations that Lana is creating within her body. The feeling of her warm, velvety flesh enveloping the erection is like nothing she has ever experienced before. She has no idea how the skinsuit is working this magic, or how her brain can even begin to process the sensations it is generating, but she is giving herself over completely to the experience.


When she finally reaches the end of her amazingly slow descent, their hips resting against one another, she opens her eyes again, not even realizing that she’d closed them, and locks eyes with Lana. “You feel so amazing Lana. And you make me feel like I can do anything.”


Her hands return to their forceful, but sensual manipulations of her lover’s breasts, rolling her turgid nipples between her thumb and forefinger with a pressure that could rupture a normal person’s skin.




Lana giggles for a moment.  “What do you mean?  I thought you could do everything already…”  When Daray pinches her nipples her teasing words are cut off with a gasp of delight.  No longer content to remain still, Lana begins raising and lowering her body over Daray’s, rocking her hips with increasing speed as she moves.  Lana’s eyes flutter closed and her breathing accelerates along with her pulse.  


The pure sensation of thrusting herself on the imitation erection is nearly enough to send her over the edge all by itself.  She clenches her inner muscles, keeping her body tight since Daray has stated she can feel sensation in her construction.  After a few minutes she forces herself to slow down, she can feel herself quickly approaching her peak and she wants to make certain that Daray is sharing the experience with her.  She opens her eyes and looks down at the woman she loves, noting every hitched breath and flushed patch of skin.  Lana tries to match her movements to positions and angles that she assumes will be most pleasurable for Daray. 




“I can… Now that you’re with me…” She replies, grunting a guttural, spasmodic, cry as Lana sets herself to the task of using Daray’s artificial erection. The sensation she gets from it is more than simply its being centered on her clitoris. Somehow, the skinsuit is transmitting real feeling from the growth, as if it were a real, living, penis. 


She doesn’t know quite how to process the wave of sensations that are coming from where their bodies meet. Within moments she is panting as if she’d run a five mile sprint, sweat pouring from her tiny volume of exposed skin and hands working roughly at Lana’s skin.


The wave of new sensations proves to be entirely too much for her to handle, bringing her to the apex of a world-changing orgasm within minutes. Her entire body shudders from the force of the release, but Lana keeps working herself on the erection, which draws the orgasm out over several minutes, never allowing it to truly recede, but coaxing it along in a sort of constant background noise until she slows her own pace and starts really focusing on her position and movement, at which point the white noise that the orgasm had become, begins to rise again into the fore. This time however, it builds and builds into a much higher peak than the first one.


Daray is panting like a race horse after a prize event, blood coursing madly through her veins, and fingers working lines into Lana’s skin with the thick spines of her claws pressing hard against her lover’s body. The erection itself sprouts several smaller tendrils from its base, and from the area around where the women’s bodies meet, providing dozens of points of tactile sensation against Lana’s sex.


“Oh my god Lana! Oh Lana, don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. I’ve never… felt anything… like this… Oh my god!” Daray screams out, her voice going hoarse as she reaches that second crescendo, her entire body seizes up, everything locking in place, and the skinsuit itself reaching out to grab Lana’s thighs and hold her in place as the orgasm shatters her reality.




Lana chuckles when she takes in the state that Daray is in.  She had been so absorbed in the sensations of her own body she had been unaware that Daray had peaked.  She can tell now that Daray is still riding a second wave of sensation and speeds up her own movements again to bring them both together.  She leans back, sliding her hands along Daray’s thighs as her body pumps and writhes in the primal struggle to orgasm.  Lana’s eyes widen in surprise as Daray’s skin suit begins to make other changes, adding additional textures that rub against her clitoris and labia.  She screams out in pleasure and thrusts herself as hard as she can down on Daray.  She feels bands of pressure wrap around her thighs, holding her in place as Daray stiffens and bucks beneath her.   Too caught in the throes of passion to question it, she rides out the waves of sensations in blissful ignorance of exactly what is restraining her.  


When she finally opens her eyes, the orgasm fading from her muscles and nerves, she sees the tendrils holding her and her pulse speeds in her throat again at the odd imagery.  She takes a few breaths and then proceeds to ignore it, leaning forwards to cuddle on top of Daray; her arms wrapping around her in a hug.  “That was amazing Daray.  You stayed with me the whole time too.”  She nuzzles her nose against Daray’s ear, sighing contentedly.




Daray is barely conscious by the time Lana leans forward against her. Her arms reflexively wrap themselves around Lana’s body as the skinsuit slowly returns to normal, all of the protrusions and extra parts melting away into her body, releasing Lana completely.


“Where would I possibly go?” She finally breathes, her voice quiet and dreamy as she takes a deep breath and sighs her utter satisfaction.


“And how could I possibly want to be anywhere else?”




Lana chuckles and once she is released slips to the side of Daray to cuddle into the crook of her shoulder.  “You have in the past had a tendency to loose yourself excessively in sensation when we make love… I didn’t mind, but this is far better.” 


Lana continues cuddling against Daray; stroking her tenderly as their heart rates slow and their breathing calms.  She doesn’t want to but eventually she raises her head and looks at the room’s clock.  “I’d love to stay here all day with you.  But we probably should get going, Riana will be expecting us soon and we need to tell Melissa not to bother procuring transport.”  


Lana moves reluctantly to leave Daray’s arms.  She searches the drawers of the room, not entirely certain of where her bag had been shoved in all the excitement of the day before.  She finds a black vinyl miniskirt and matching tank top that look like they will fit her.  “At least with black it won’t matter what ridiculous shade my skin and hair change to while I learn to manage them deliberately.”  Currently her skin is a pale opalescent color and her hair almost back to her normal blue, reflecting her emotional contentment. 




“So, when I had my memories, I was an over-reactive brute who lost her mind during sex and thus, had no thoughts of pleasing you… How the hell did we end up falling for one another again?” Daray drags herself off the bed while she speaks, the skinsuit flowing and morphing into a dark blue pair of skin tight leggings with a pleated mini skirt and corset-like bodice that shows off a tease of her cleavage. a set of detached sleeves, down to the wrists finish off the outfit, her shoulders, hands, and midriff still bearing the shiny, transparent look that is her approximation of bare flesh. She moves toward the vanity in the room, barefoot one step, then wearing low-heeled ankle boots the next as she sits down in front of the mirror and begins twisting her long cascade of hair into a neat, but loose braid.


“I mean, I remember it all, except for the sex, now that you mention it, so I know sort of how it happened, but it just seems like we were imminently incompatible on several different levels. It almost feels like some kind of Stockholm syndrome.”


It takes her moments to nearly finish the braid, a task that had, less than a week previously given her no end of difficulty, her fingers working deftly, almost absently, as she speaks. She quickly pulls a large, metal ring, maybe six inches in diameter, from the top drawer of the vanity and incorporates it into the end of the braid, creating a sort of loop dangling from the end of her hair before she stands up and offers Lana a slightly uncomfortable smile.


She clasps her hands behind her back, striking a sort of fake innocent pose and partially averting her eyes, then says, “however it happened, I’m thankful for it. I hope you don’t miss the old me very much.”




Lana wrinkles her nose at Daray’s unflattering description of herself.  “Stop putting words in my mouth.  And believe me, you pleasured me quite well on pure instinct alone.”  Lana watches as Daray braids her hair quickly and easily.  “I’ll have you know I’m compatible with everyone!”  She jokingly twists the comment as a mock insult to herself, grinning to let Daray know she is teasing.  She walks over and hugs her reflexively at her attempt at innocence. “I love YOU.  You’re still you, just a little calmer and happier, which isn’t a bad thing.”  Lana kisses her and then bums hips with her, nudging her out of the way of the vanity.  “My turn!”  


Lana brushes her hair and separates it into two sections, one on either side of her head.  She wraps the upper half of them up in buns on either side of her head leaving the lower two feet loose to form into pigtails.  She shakes her head at the white streak still stubbornly in her hair.  “I love it, it’s part of me, but its weird that it would last through this.” She comments as she curls the lock of hair around her fingers.




“Thank you. I love you too.” Daray smiles and melts into the kiss.


She moves into the closet while Lana works on her hair, emerging a moment later with a fresh set of bastón in a new sheath that she shrugs across her back and then cinches up the shoulder strap to snug the thing up against her body. 


As she watches Lana finish her hair, she pulls each of the metal sticks out in turn, opening up the hidden compartments on either end and inserting a few odds and ends, a couple bars of platinum, a spool of monofilament, and a handful of concentrated vitamin/protein pellets. Returning the weapons to their sheath across her back she grins at Lana’s comment about her hair.


“I like it. Helps me find you in a crowd, you know,” she stand up on her tippy-toes and holds her hand to her brow as if shielding her eyes from a bright light, “since I’m so short and all.”


“Can I get you anything? A fresh stun gun? Anti-matter hand-grenade?” She jerks her thumb over her shoulder toward the closet as she speaks, grinning from ear to ear.


“Hey! Are you two decent in there?” Melissa’s voice calls out as she sticks her head past the door jamb with one hand not really covering her eyes, but pretending to do so. “I can’t find any ships available to go to Titan for at least 48 hours, so if you want to keep… you know… for a while… I can uh… find someone, THING… someTHING… else… to do.. I guess…”




Lana sighs dejectedly.  “I suppose I should take another stun gun.  I still don’t like weapons though, and you’re going to need to teach me to be a better shot.”  Lana laughs at Melissa’s comments and behavior.  “We’re finished… for now anyways.  And we’ve already arranged transport. So we are getting ready to leave now.”


Lana leaves the bedroom and searches the house until she locates her bag that she had discarded the day before.  She picks it up and slings it over her shoulder.  “You know Daray.  Once we have things with my father and then your boss settled I would like to stay somewhere long enough to unpack.”

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