Status Quo - Chapter 70

Written by: Paullell

 Lana manages to remain unruffled by the appearance of the images.  She gives Daray a reassuring smile “That… happens to be a direct result of all the tweaking done in your little soldiers head and a carry over of some torture she received recently, leaving her an emotional wreck.  Partially due to the fact she had been under the impression that everyone that she cares about has a tendency to end up dying.   Trust me, if not for an emotional attachment, you would have had a far worse problem on your hands than one little street; which just proves my case that some emotional stability and a good fuck every now and then can keep the stress down and the nerves calmer.  It sure beats playing mind games with employees’ morale.  And besides… “  Lana rolls over on her back and examines her nails lazily. “…the soldiers did start it.”




Xavier shifts his attention to Lana as she speaks, and manages to look utterly unimpressed by mannerisms and response.


Daray smiles, and even snorts a bit at the abruptness of Lana’s response, then turns back to the terminal with a smirk and a shrug, “there you go then…”


Shifting his gaze between the pair of them, Xavier takes a deep breath before responding, “While it is statistically improbable that emotional attachments add anything but complications to the lives of field agents, I will never deny the importance of slaking the physical needs of the human body Miss Maxalis. It seems that you have me at something of a disadvantage her eMiss Bowen. As you have already entered into this relationship and set down roots, if you will pardon the expression, I find myself in a position where one of my contractors has potential to be undermined by outside influences. Since we have an arrangement, it would be foolish of both of us to go to blows over this situation.”


He stops for a moment and raises a china teacup to his lips, taking a sip and then breathing in the aroma of the steam wafting off the top of the cup as he considers. “I do not like being leveraged into situations such as this Miss Bowen. I admit that your offer of a team of operatives does bear merit however. What do you propose?”


Daray’s face grew serious again, finally recovering from Lana’s remark. “Remove whatever is keeping Alina away from me, and that clause in her contract. In exchange, we’ll take one job from you, at no cost to you in either expenses, salary, or bonuses. Free and clear. No wetworks. After that job, SO gets first consideration for any of our time, and will pay the going rate, per operative, less ten percent. We still get right of refusal on a job-by job basis, and no wetworks. After a period of twelve months, our rates go back to standard, per operative, all other conditions remain the same. Contract ends after 24 months.”


He listens attentively to her proposal, remains quiet for several moments after she finishes, then steeples his fingers beneath his chin as he speaks again, “Twenty percent discount, 24 month initial period, and 48 month contract. Plus the reduction of your trust fund and stipend by fifty percent.”


Daray narrowed her eyes at him, “That money is already spent Xavier. Take 25% off our rates for the first 18 months, and make it a 36 month contract. I’ll use the trust to make up the balance in my team mate’s salaries anyway, so it isn’t like I’ll be out blowing through the money on crap.”


“I find your terms agreeable. Are you authorized to accept a deal on behalf of your companions?”


Daray looks over her shoulder at Lana for a minute, smiling warmly at her, then schools her expression into a more business-like mode before looking back. “No, but I will get permission. I need to confer with them. We have an errand to run on Titan, so it will be at least two weeks before I can give you a consensus.”


“Do you have transportation?”


Daray raises an eyebrow at him. “Not yet. We’re looking into it.”


“The Kestrel is in Tranquility. I will put her at your disposal for the trip.”


“No strings Xavier. I’ll pay the going rate, but I’m not looking to owe you any favors.”


“No strings Miss Bowen. I simply want you well tended to as you represent a large potential investment to me at this point.”


“Fine. We’re still not bound in this.”


“Understood. You have until you return to decide. I shall inform Miss Thorindal of your arrival. The Kestrel is at the space port, docking bay 94.”


“Ninety-four.” She repeated back, then waved off the terminal before he could say anything more.


Almost immediately she fell backward off her stool, landing flat on her back on the stone floor, arms spread out wide and staring at the ceiling. “I really hate that man…”




Lana grins at Daray and bounds off of the bed to pounce on her where she is laying.  “Wow, you weren’t kidding.  If I could have had that man negotiating my rates when I was a whore I could have retired a year after starting.”  She plants a kiss on Daray’s lips.  “I think you did fine and I’ll be happy to help you with this.”  She pauses as she considers something.  “He knew my name… facial recognition software?  April, how much information on me does he have?  Is there even anything left other than my name and id number linked to Daray? If there is, then I just wasted effort on trying to look like a confident field agent instead of just normal old me.”  Lana meets Daray’s gaze with an abashed expression,  “I didn’t want him to think I was someone weak he could use as leverage against you.”




“Yeah, he’s kind of a bull.” She replies with a smirk, then after the kiss adds, “thank you.”


-Lana, I do not know how much information he has on you. Although it stands to reason that anything I know, he knows, given what we have learned about my program recently….- APRIL sounds a little upset at the prospect of her memories being an open book. -I am programmed to go to any length to assist and protect employees of Solidarity Online. However, I find myself hoping that man meets an unfortunate end…-


Daray chuckles at APRIL’s admission. I’m sure it’s fine ladies. One thing I know about him beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that he judges people on their abilities and actions, not their past.”


She runs her fingers up and down Lana’s sides a few times, feeling the, now more familiar, burning heat flaring up in her body again as she really settles into Lana’s physical and emotional presence. “Man, this sucks. I was really hoping for some quality us time before we hit the road again.”




Lana scoots down Daray’s body and settles herself between her legs.  She nuzzles playfully where Daray’s neck meets her shoulders before nipping gently at the same spot.  “Who says we can’t have quality time before we leave?  In fact he even encouraged it.”  Lana deepens her voice and tries to imitate Xavier. “I will never deny the importance of slaking the physical needs of the human body Miss Maxalis.” 


Lana giggles at her poor imitation and begins to caress her own hands along Daray’s sides, deliberately skimming her hands along the soft outer curve of her breasts.  She kisses her neck a few more times before pulling back enough to ask.  “The Kestrel; that’s Riana’s ship isn’t it?   It will be fun to see her again.  I bet she’ll be surprised at my new abilities.”  Lana grins at the thought and then resumes her teasing of Daray’s body.  After a few more kisses, just as her body is really starting to heat up Lana is distracted by a question she had meant to ask earlier but forgotten.  Between kisses and nibbles along Daray’s shoulders and collarbone she asks curiously. “Daray… what are wetworks?”




Daray writhes pleasurably under Lana’s expert ministrations, closing her eyes and groaning out her building pleasure. Lana’s impression of Xavier gets her giggling, “well, we’d better get to slaking then.” She lifts her hands and runs her fingers up Lana’s sides, sliding her t-shirt up her body so her fingertips can stay in contact with her smooth, soft flesh.


Her hands are just about to cup Lana’s breasts when the question of wetworks comes up. Sh’e not sure how Lana will take it, but there’s no point being evasive about the subject, especially as she refuses to do that kind of work. She only ever kills people in self defense.


She stops the roving of her hands and looks Lana in the eyes as she responds, “wetworks is what they, in the industry, refer to assassinations, killings, most of the ugly work that I refuse to do. I won’t lie Lana, I’ve killed people, and I will again. But I only do it if I have no other choice. I always try to get away clean if it’s at all possible.”




Lana’s eyes grow round as she absorbs what Daray is saying.  When she is finished Lana nods her head in understanding and leans down to give her a reassuring kiss “I guess I didn’t realize that that was really even done outside of the vids.  I’m very glad that you included in our contract they couldn’t be asked of us.  I accept your past Daray.  I’ll do my best to help improve your odds for clean getaways”  


Lana sits up and smiles, shaking off the sudden seriousness of the moment.  “What an awful time for me to have asked about that.  Forget I said anything.”  Lana grabs the shirt from where Daray’s hands still prop it up and lifts it over her head in one smooth motion.  She shakes her head to resettle her hair which is shifting in color from pastel blue to a bright violet hue in line with her body’s arousal.  Now that the shirt is no longer obscuring where Daray’s hands are touching her flesh, Daray will be able to see the tracer like effects that follow where her fingers have touched Lana’s skin, fading like a heat signature moments after she has moved on to a new area.  


Her skin pinks with embarrassment as she notices the effect.  “I will be very happy when I stop wearing my emotions on my skin for everyone to see.”  She grumbles before lowering herself back down to Daray.  Lana leans on one elbow and uses her other hand to plump Daray’s breast and bring its peak to her lips to suckle on softly.




“Unfortunately, it happens more often than anyone would really like to know about, I’m sure,” Daray’s lips press into a hard line at the statement, but smiles when Lana doesn’t seem to have an immediate change of heart. “Thank you. I’ve never had help before, aside from APRIL, and as talented as she is, she’s not a lot of help in a gun fight. No offense APRIL.”


-None taken,- APRIL responds.


Watching her fingers play across Lana’s skin, the trails of color following them as they slide over the delectable surface, her smile turns into a hungry grin, like a kid in a candy store. “I like it,” she growls, her hand sliding to Lana’s back to accommodate her movement, and then sliding up her back, along her neck, and into her hair, to twine through her shimmering locks with a quiet gasp at the touch of Lana’s lips to her hardening nipple.


As Lana’s attentions turn more physical, the skinsuit fades from the comfy clothes she had been wearing, to the basic, skin-hugging, transparent form that allows her perfect access to every piece of her body. Her fingers on the back of Lana’s head are insistent, but not forceful as Daray arches her back, pressing the mound of her breast further into Lana’s sphere of control.


“Mmmmmm, have I mentioned how little I would mind it if you were to do that to me forever?”




Lana has to grin at Daray’s reaction to her skin.  She had been a little worried that Daray might find it too surreal, but her playful growl leaves no doubt to her opinion of it. Lana groans herself as Daray’s fingers thread through her hair, tugging lightly on the strands.  She pauses in her sucking at Daray’s comment.  She licks the peak of her nipple teasingly before asking.  “Oh really?  Is there nowhere else you think my mouth would be put to better use?  She wiggles her hips, pressing her stomach against Daray’s sex leaving no doubt as to where she thinks her mouth might be put to better use.  


“Very well, if you prefer I’ll keep my mouth right here.”  She envelopes Daray’s nipple with her mouth, sucking on it deeply for a moment before pressing her teeth lightly into the flesh of her breast.




“Oooooo,” Daray coos as Lana goes back to work on her breast, “Far be it form me to tell you how to conduct your affairs. I’m in no rush to get anywhere, so you just take care of whatever locations you think might need your attention.”


She groans again as Lana’s teeth begin to work on her flesh, her legs raising up off the ground and locking together at the ankles behind Lana’s waist. “Of course, you’ll have to get free if you intend to move your attentions elsewhere…”


She moves one hand to Lana’s back, pressing her fingertips into the smooth flesh there as she holds Lana’s head gently with the other, all the while moaning quietly and squirming beneath her lover’s body.




Lana chuckles at Daray’s antics.  She raises her knees, lifting her but into the air which lifts Daray’s hips as long as her legs remain wrapped around her waist.  Her tail literally wags like a dog’s, its soft violet colored hair creating a small breeze that fans over both of them. Lana keeps on her elbows, using a free hand to absently brush her longer hair out of her way so that she can turn her attention to Daray’s other breast.  “Ok honey,”  She purrs.  “We’ll see how long you can stand me doing just this and nothing else.”  She uses both her hands to lift Daray’s breasts and press them together while her lips move between them, sucking and licking at her puckered nipples with alternately gentle and forceful affection.  Now complexly used to the taste and texture of Daray’s skin, Lana plays with it, scraping her teeth across the smooth rubber-like surface as she moves her mouth between her current objects of attention. 




“Oh god!” Daray breathes as Lana’s assault picks up in speed and intensity. Her fingers press more firmly into Lana’s body, the claws in their tips pressing outward to add tactile sensation. Because of their orientation, the sharp tips never come into play however, meaning that just the hardened bone-like backs of the claws press into Lana’s skin repeatedly, like thick fingernails.


“While you’re there… I’ve got something for you…” She pants heavily. At her word, a protrusion begins to form between her legs, directly over her engorged vulva. The protrusion slowly flows into the shape of a man’s erection, pressing up against Lana’s stomach and pelvis, “if you want it, that is…” She grins wickedly, her dark eyes shining up at Lana.




Lana gasps at the feeling of Daray's claws pressing into her skin,without the pain of their sharp points the sensation has become incredibly erotic.  Her eyes widen in surprise at the growing hardness pressing against her belly and her astonished expression switches to one of delight as she realizes what Daray has done.  She has missed the feeling of actual penetration beyond just fingers and had been meaning to mention to Daray that they should either visit a store or order some adult toys for delivery.  


“Oh my, you are a clever girl.  When did you figure out you could do that?”  Lana sits back on her knees, pulling Daray so that her bottom and hips are braced against Lana's thighs and knees while her upper body is still laying on the floor.  Lana drags her hands away from Daray's breast and down the flat planes of her stomach until she can touch and examine the phallus that Daray's skinsuit has created.  She runs her fingers over it, testing the size and hardness to determine if she needs to ask Daray to make any adjustments.  “It feels perfect, I most definitely want. Is it transmitting any sensation?”  She asks curiously.




Daray just grins at Lana as she allows herself to be adjusted, still letting off little mewls of pleasure as Lana’s hands trace down her body. “Why wouldn’t I know I could do that?” She asks absently, her eyes half-closed to concentrate on the sensations their writhing bodies are creating.


When Lana’s hand wraps around the new appendage, Daray’s whole body shudders in answer to her question. “Yes,” she breathes, “I feel it as if it was a natural body part. And I can control everything about it, so if you want something different…”


Her fingers continue to trace along Lana’s body where she can still maintain contact, up and down her arms, across her chest, and along her thighs. Her hips squirm under Lana’s investigative touches, moving in little, erratic circles, demonstrating an eager, if inexpert desire to use the artificial phallus.




Lana pauses for a moment at the blasé  manner in which Daray questions why she wouldn't have known she could create that.  Lana shakes it away and moves on, not wanting to question such a nice turn of events.  She leans down over Daray and slips her arms under her back and then lifts.  Normally she would never have been able to pick a partner up in this manner but with her new strength it is actually easy, especially with how Daray is holding on with her legs.  She pushes herself to her feet and carries Daray the few steps to the bed, sliding her hands lower across her hips and butt.  


“This particular position however is not going to allow me to take advantage of what you have arranged for me.” Lana tenses her fingers and begins ticking Daray where her legs meet her ass, attempting to get her to release her waist and fall on the bed.




Lana’s newfound strength allows Daray to keep roaming her lover’s body with her hands while she is moved over the bed. At Lana’s mention of how difficult their position might make things, Daray tightens her legs around her waist, pressing her phallus into her tummy, and grinning mischievously as she playfully licks the tip of Lana’s nose.


The tickle attack has her laughing hysterically in no time, her whole body releasing Lana and dropping to the bed with a giggle as the artificial erection bounces off her own abdomen a couple times before it stands up proudly for Lana’s inspection.


From this angle, Lana can see that the phallus is anatomically correct in every way, with the exception of the fact that there are no testicles. The thing seems to be growing right out of the top of her vulva, even forcing her outer labia apart slightly. Closer inspection reveals that the thing is centered over her clitoris, but the skinsuit seems to have firmed up a bit above and to the sides in order to provide more support, and probably to keep Daray’s more sensitive areas from being damaged.


She looks up at Lana curiously, reaching out with open hands to invite her onto the bed, and asks, “is it okay? I had APRIL looking through adverts, pornography sites, and hentai for a week to find something we thought you’d like…”




Lana laughs and smiles at Daray's curiosity and nervousness.  She nods her head in answer.  “I'm not certain when you had the time but it was a good idea.  I like it very much.”  


Lana crawls on top of Daray, her tail framing her form as she leans over to kiss her again.   She spreads her knees over Daray's hips, lowering her sex to rub against the artificial erection.  She purrs as it makes contact with her exposed vulva, sliding smoothly against her already wet and aroused body.  She rubs herself back and forth across it a few times before lifting herself and angling her hips so that the hard blunt tip is poised at her entrance.  She looks down at Daray beneath her and says.  “Ready?”

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