Status Quo - Chapter 67

Written by: Paullell

 Lana’s eyes brighten at the prospect of something that can be done to help undo the mess that this has become.  “I’ll mention it to the girls.  We have some other things on our plate too… but I think that is a very good idea.”  Lana reaches out and takes one of Dr Yamato’s hands in hers.  “Thank you… for everything…. Now, if you have nothing further you need to discuss, you are welcome to avail yourself of a guest room or head back to your own home if you feel safe enough going there.  I’m going to clean myself up and hopefully get some sleep before she wakes up again and I have to tell her everything that has happened.” Lana excuses herself and makes her way to the kitchen where Melissa left the key for her.  She unlocks her cuffs and then heads for the bedroom to unlock Daray’s half as well.  Looking down at Daray, curled so innocently on the bed, she is tempted to drop straight down and sleep beside her but she has some things she wants to do first.  She makes her way to the bathroom and after stripping off her tattered outfit steps inside the beautiful shower that she finds there.  She adjusts the faucets until the water is as hot as she can stand it and steps under the flow.  At first she just closes her eyes and enjoys the feeling of the hot water rinsing away the dirt and grime of the past day.  When she opens her eyes she sees the last of the dried blood come off her hands and wash down into the shower’s drain.  As she washes herself she sees that her coloring has finally defaulted back to her original coloring.  Pale white skin and deep blue hair and tail with their white streak and tip respectively.  Lana grabs a bottle of body wash and lathers it in her hands before running them over herself.  She notices where she touches her skin there is a slight fluctuation, a shifting of colors that fades moments after her hands leave the area.  “So weird,” she comments out loud to the empty room.  After lathering herself from head to foot she rinses herself off and shampoos her hair and tail.  Clean again she steps from the shower and hurriedly dries herself off and makes her way out to where Daray is sleeping. She rummages through the drawers in the room until she finds an overly large shirt that looks like it hasn’t been worn in a long time.  Briefly she wonders if it was one of her shirts from before the change; somehow she doubts that Daray has done much clothes shopping since.  She puts it on and makes her way over to the bed.  While Daray’s skinsuit may be clean, the rest of her is a mess.  Lana heads back to the bathroom and grabs a brush.  She climbs into the bed and spends the next twenty minutes unbraiding, brushing and detangling Daray’s hair.  She is careful to be as gentle as possible, not wanting to disturb her.  Once her hair is a smooth curtain of silk again Lana sets the brush aside and cuddles up behind her, spooning their bodies together and drifts off into her own exhausted slumber. _____________________________________________________________________________ The Doctor nods to Lana, “If it’s all the same to you, I think I’ll get a couple hours sleep here and then head home. I need to get my place sorted out after that brute tore it up, but since I’m away from it, I think I might manage some rest without too much anxiety over it all. Thank you Lana.” He sets himself to tinkering with some of the computer gear in the office as she moves off to take care of herself, and can be heard quietly humming as she moves off down the hallway. The shower is large enough for six or seven people to use comfortably, maybe ten if they are very friendly, and has the widest array of nozzles and spray patterns that Lana has likely ever seen in her life. There seems to be an inexhaustible supply of hot water, and the fact that Daray used to be a man, and more recently, was a woman trying to be anything but, is quite evident in the lack of frills in the bathroom. There is one simple bottle of body wash, a couple of towels, a hair brush, and nothing else to speak of, except a tooth brush and a tube of simple toothpaste. It is evident that some shopping needs to be done. The wardrobe is quite extensive, and there seems to be something for every conceivable occasion, and it is quite obvious that Daray has rarely, if ever, touched a stitch of it. The bedroom, now that Lana has a few moments to really take a look at it, is just as Spartan as the bathroom, with no personal flair of any kind, no photographs, and only the few simple, but elegant art pieces that most likely came with the house, decorated by some high-credit interior designer, long before Daray ever took possession. When she sits on the bed and begins tending to Daray’s ratty hair, the slight form of the sleeping woman seems to relax a bit under Lana’s ministrations. Her body, once quite tense, starts to melt into the soothing contact and gentle attentions, and by the time Lana is finished, and curling up behind her, Daray is breathing easily, and even covers the hand Lana drapes over her side with one of her own. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She ran as fast as she could through the streets of Venus Station. Not because she had to, or because she was being chased. Not because she felt threatened or endangered. She ran because she loved to run. The simple pleasure of letting her body loose in a way that really allowed her to use her in-born abilities without fear of endangering others. She leapt off the ground and began a complicated, ariel ballet, swinging, spinning, and hurling herself from lamp posts, support struts, window sills, and anything else she could get her hands or feet to find even the tiniest amount of purchase upon. And failing that, she could just dig her claws into the wall for a little extra grip before launching herself back into the air again, leaping form building to building, never stopping, running as fast as she can. To make matters even more enjoyable, Lana was running alongside her. She kept a perfect pace, and even seemed to be a bit faster, truth be told, but a degree of uncertainty seemed to keep her close at hand while they frolicked through the streets, and airways of Venus Station. She could never remember a time in her life when she was as unfettered, and happy as this. They landed on a rooftop and dashed across it, leaping across the void between it and the next building, only to have to abort their run, sliding to a sudden stop in order to avoid bowling over a strange figure that stood resolutely in their path. Daray slid on her side, dragging her clawed fingers through the surface of the roof to stop herself in time to not harm the man, then scrambled to her feet, ready to give him a playful chiding and get back to her free-running with her lover. But something about the man rang strangely familiar to her. His dark hair, athletic frame, and gentle eyes cast a pleasant air about him, despite the look of deep concern written across his face as he locked eyes with her, looking down the several inches of difference in their height. “You’ve forgotten me,” he said. “I’m sorry, do we know each other?” She replied with a sweet smile. “We should, but you’ve forgotten.” “You’re kind of cute, but you’re not really my type,” she jerked her head toward Lana and smiled knowingly at her. “Sorry to nearly knock you off the top of a building and all, but we’re going head out again. I hope you have a great day.” She grinned widely at him, turned to face Lana and began to run again, heading back the way they’d come since it afforded them a longer start to clear the jump. Just as her feet left the edge of the building to make the leap, she felt the man’s hand clasp her shoulder, stealing her momentum as he said, “Please, don’t forget me!” Daray’s stomach lurched as she fell, the air rushing around her like a tornado as she fell toward the metal ground below. She saw Lana looking down at her with a fearful expression, reaching out as if she could somehow arrest her fall from stories above. As her body impacted the ground, the pain of impact just started to spread through her body and then, before she could actually register the pain she should be feeling, she woke up. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “I’m sorry I didn’t mean it!” She screamed as she sat, bolt upright, in bed. Her scalp is covered in sweat and her breath is coming in ragged, panicked gasps. She could feel the blood coursing through her body at a million miles an hour, and the lack of a central heartbeat didn’t so much as give her a second thought. Taking a moment to gather her wits, she cast her eyes about the room, eventually stopping on the form of Lana’s naked body, which instantly calmed her down and brought a sweet smile to her lips. She leaned down a planted a gentle kiss on her lover’s lips, trying not to disturb her as she slept, looking so peaceful and angelic. She briefly ran her fingers through Lana’s light blue locks, relishing the feeling of her silken strands sliding between her fingers. Any memory of the nightmare slipped out of her mind just as smoothly as Lana’s hair through her fingers, and in moments, she was her normal, calm, happy self again. Although there was some horrible smell in the air, which she quickly identified as her hair which, although it was well-kept and smooth, smelled as if it hadn’t been washed in a week. Wrinkling her nose at the mal-odorous smell, she slipped out of bed and headed for the shower, turning on the various spray heads and adjusting the streams to hot, but comfortable temperature. Stepping into the torrent, she set about the business of cleaning her few exposed parts, running her fingers through her own, overly-long strands with a contented smile. Reaching for the shampoo, she saw the bottle of body washed and frowned, ‘APRIL, can you please remind me later to pick up some shampoo and conditioner?’ -Of course Daray. And good morning.- APRIL’s voice responded instantly in her head, and Lana’s as well. ‘Thanks APRIL. Hey, what time is it?’ -It is 9:30 am, local time, Daray.- ‘And what time did Lana make it to bed at?’ -Lana came to bed at…- she paused for a moment… -I am very sorry Daray, I do not seem to have any record of when Lana joined us in bed. In fact, I seem to have lost several hours of activity from my memory yesterday afternoon and evening.- ‘That’s odd. Has that ever happened before?” Daray was busily working body wash into her hair as she chatted. -Not to my recollection. I am running a diagnostic now.- ‘Okay, let me know how that turns out?’ -Of course Daray.- ‘And could you order something for breakfast please?’ -House inventory indicates that there is a large amount of prepared food in the refrigeration unit already.- ‘Really? That’s odd. What the heck was Lana doing last night?’ -I do not know Daray. Perhaps you should ask her?- ‘There’s a thought.’ Daray sets to humming a lilting melody as she works on cleaning herself, even going so far as to run her hands sensuously over her body a few times while she briefly soaps down and rinses off the skinsuit, even though it doesn’t really need cleaning. “Damn Lana, why’d you have to stay up so late? I could really use you in here right about now…” she says quietly as she returns her hands to the task of rinsing out her hair. ______________________________________________________________________________ Lana grumbles when Daray bolts up in bed, her arm reaching automatically to try and pull her back down beside her.  When she leans over and kisses her she rouses just enough to offer Daray a sleepy smile and then curls herself into the spot that she vacates, unwilling to leave the warm comfortable semi sleep state that she is in.  She rouses enough to snarl at the cheerful voice of April in her head and pulls the pillow quite ineffectively over her head, completely forgetting that the sounds she is hearing are coming from inside her own ear.  Slightly grumpy and still feeling sleep deprived when the conversation continues, at least April’s half of it, she fumbles around for a pillow that is not currently in use and without looking hurls it at the bathroom door with as much strength as she can muster, completely forgetting about her new abilities.  _____________________________________________________________________________ The pillow hurtles through the room like a meteor, crossing the threshold into the bathroom, where Daray had left the door open, and explodes into a blizzard of white stuffing when it hits the clear walls of the shower itself. Daray jumps at the sudden explosion, then curls her lips into a mischievous smile as she waves off the water jets, quickly wraps her hair up in a giant, fluffy, towel, and them leaps from the shower to the bed, only touching the ground once in the distance between them. She lands astride Lana, looking down at her pillow-covered head with a widening grin as she lifts the pillow from her lover, the skinsuit fading away to transparency, leaving behind nothing but her own pale skin color, with a slightly glossy sheen to it. “If you wanted my attention, sleepy-head, all you had to do was call,” she purrs seductively. _____________________________________________________________________________ Lana’s eyes open in surprise at the loud bang of the pillow hitting the shower and then the softer pop of the seams giving way.  She sits up in time to see the feathers settling on the floor and falls back onto the bed with a groan.  “One day.  That’s all I’m asking for.  One day with nothing destroyed.” She grumbles out loud. Her eyes open again when Daray lands on the bed with her happy smile and her sexy purr.  After a quick glance down at her shiny flesh Lana’s eyes heat and a grin spreads across her face.  She mock grumbles, “Oh god.  We’re back to boundless energy mode.  I did NOT want your attention.  I wanted sleep..  SLLEEEEEEEP.”  Lana changes from relaxed to energetic in an instant.  She raises her hands between Daray’s arms as she leans over her and smacks the insides of her elbows, forcing her to loose her balance and her upper body to fall on top of her, she then bucks her hips and uses the surprise of the movement to roll them until their positions are reversed and she is leaning over Daray.  “However, you have awakened me and now must satisfy other hungers before I shall forgive you, mi Tesoro”  Lana leans down with a smile and presses her lips to Daray’s with ardent fervor. ______________________________________________________________________________ “If you wanted sleep, then you shouldn’t have gone lobbing pillows about like some kind of crazy person!” Daray grins, then giggles as Lana wrestles her over, putting on a mock struggle that amounts to nothing, and ceases the instant Lana’s lips touch hers. Daray melts into the kiss, reaching up to caress Lana’s cheeks, then sliding her fingers upward and twining them into the soft, blue locks of Lana’s hair. The taste of her friend is sweet and the warmth of their kiss is like a slowly building fire between them as they quickly move from the gentle good morning kiss, to a much more needy, welcome home lover kiss. After several minutes of just enjoying the warmth and gentle contact of her body, and the fervent press of their lips and tongues, Daray is overcome with emotion and quickly breaks her limbs free, wrapping them all around Lana and pulling her into a full-body embrace that could crush a normal person. Breaking the kiss and pressing her chin into the crook of Lana’s neck and shoulder, Daray’s eyes tear up a bit as she holds her friend there possessively. “Lana, I missed you so much! I know you were there the whole time, but I missed touching you. Feeling the warmth and softness of you. I missed being able to look into your eyes and see your support. See your love… Please… let’s not ever do anything like that ever again okay?” _____________________________________________________________________________ Lana is happily caught up in the gentle yet passionate kisses and touches that Daray is bestowing on her until she senses her change of mood.  She stills her own caresses, holding instead of stroking as she listens to Daray’s words.  “Seconded…  Motion carried by a clear majority.”  Lana kiss Daray’s cheek, murmuring as she adds her own thoughts to Daray’s.  “Love, out of the past week there are only about three things I would ever want to repeat, and having you separated from your body will never be one of them.  April made the only call she could under the circumstances, with the information she had… But…” Lana sighs, her happy mood fading as the list of things that need doing and discussing begins piling on her.  “Daray… April too.  There is some information that I have been given... from several different sources that I have to tell you… And some of it will be painful to hear.” ____________________________________________________________________________ Squeezing Lana again, once more before letting her go and kissing her again for another ling moment, Daray smiles up at her and brushes the hair on either side of her head back behind her ears. “So, maybe we should get some coffee, and some breakfast, and talk about it. I can’t imagine whatever it is, could possibly trump waking up in your arms though.” ____________________________________________________________________________ “That’s sweet of you to say.”  Lana gives Daray a fleeting grin in response although her skin and hair dull to more ashen tones as her worry grows.  She absolutely hates the idea of spoiling Daray’s current, happy mood.  With a worried look she gives Daray one last kiss and then rolls off of her and to her feet at the edge of the bed.  Leaning back she offers her hand to help Daray up and to her feet.  She gives her hand a squeeze of reassurance and then forces her mood into a lighter frame.  Picking up the discarded shirt from the night before and pulling it on over her head.  The large red shirt falls to her thighs, covering all of the necessary bits.  She then offers Daray a slightly happier grin.  “Race you to the kitchen!”  She bolts for the door without waiting for Daray’s acceptance of the challenge. ____________________________________________________________________________ Daray grins at Lana as she pulls on the shirt, eyeing her body hungrily, but quirking an eyebrow at the sudden change in her color. When Lana bolts for the door, Daray grouses, “Hey! That’s not fair!” She hops onto the bed, kicks a pillow up into the air, catching it with one hand as she leaps for the door after Lana, and in mid-air, launches the pillow at Lana’s back with a mighty heave. “If you’re going to play dirty, then so am I!” She laughs as she follows the pillow through the air. ____________________________________________________________________________ Lana is just to the door when the pillow hits her in the back.  It hits her with enough force to knock her off balance so that instead of reaching for the doorknob she ends up careening into the door itself. “Oof!”  She says as she rolls to the side and out of the way.  She glares at Daray, a grin apparent on her face.  “A race is not a battle.  I decree a five yard penalty for aggressive action.”  She sticks out her tongue at Daray and heads for the doorknob a second time. ____________________________________________________________________________ “All’s fair in love and war… and races to the food!” Daray grins as she hits the floor a couple feet from Lana. As Lana opens the door a crack, Daray heads over into a dive, sliding across the polished stone floor, between Lana’s legs, and out the door. Using the last of her momentum, she launches herself heels over head, lifting up into a handstand and cartwheeling back over onto her feet. With a glance over her shoulder she sticks out her tongue, “penalty deferred on account of this being my first day back in my own body in a week!” With that, she launches herself into a sprint down the hallway toward the kitchen with a giggle on her lips. _____________________________________________________________________________ Laughter burbles from Lana’s lips at Daray’s acrobatic moves.  Lana doesn’t even try to mimic any of her finesse, she keeps her speed up enough to challenge Daray but not enough to pass her until she sees the kitchen door on the other side of the living room.  Then she drops all attempts to reign her speed in.  She launches herself full tilt across the room, leaping over any furniture that gets in her way and heading for the door with full tenacity, laughing as she goes. ____________________________________________________________________________ When Lana passes her as they break into the living room, Daray can’t help but be impressed by her speed. It’s the first time she’s ever seen anyone faster than she is and she actually drops off her own pace to watch Lana vault over the sunken couch, land without slowing down and bound through the the dining room to the kitchen. “Holy crap Lana!” Is pretty much the best she can muster as she trots to a stop next to the clear victor. That’s when the smell hits them. Looking into the kitchen, Melissa is at the stove again, this time pouring out giant bowls of scrambled eggs, pancakes, and some kind of protein that looks, and smells a great deal like real bacon. Daray’s mouth instantly starts to water, standing there staring open-mouthed at the sight of the food before them. “Uh… Hi there… naked much?” Melissa says with a cheerful, appreciative tone as she eyes Daray and Lana. The sound of Doctor Yamato’s fork dropping to the plate turns their attention to the left where he is sitting at the counter with a plate of food, staring agape at the women. Daray stares for a moment longer before the situation registers, then she looks down at herself. The skinsuit still as transparent as it could possibly be. There is the faintest sign of a full-body blush before the skinsuit fades opaque, and just as quickly shifts and rearranges itself into a comfortable pair of shorts and a t-shirt as she sits down next to the doctor and pats the seat next to her for Lana to use. “Yeah, us… sorry about that. I didn’t realize we weren’t alone… So… breakfast uh? Must have had a good night then?” She looks back to Lana expectantly.

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