Status Quo - Chapter 58

Written by: Paullell

 “Thank you Lana,” Daray’s voice is filled with overwhelming relief, although she is obviously still upset. “I still think I could be helpful…”


-My reasoning for the safe is to keep her secure Lana. We can ill afford for house-keeping, or someone else to wander through and abscond with her hardware while we are away. However, if you feel it necessary to allow her to communicate with us, then we can set the house security system to active defense mode on the way out. But we must set out immediately if we are going to keep Bob Killgore’s appointment.-


APRIL shuffles across the house toward the elevator door, her steps are still very hesitant, but she is moving with more confidence than even twenty minutes ago. At the door, she presses a few buttons on the control panel, -I have summoned a transport. It should be awaiting us by the time we reach the lobby. If it isn’t too much trouble, I think I could benefit from some assistance in the balancing department. And what sort of outfit do you think I should appear in? Should it be something like what you are wearing?-


“You guys be careful…” Daray’s tone is pathetic, defeated, resigned to the situation. “Come back to me. Both of you…”


Once they are in the lift, APRIL’s outfit shifts and moves about on her body until it meets Lana’s criteria, the color complimenting the blue of Lana’s dress. When they move into the lobby, she leans on Lana’s shoulder a little, but it allows her to keep up a regular walking pace as they move out of the lobby and to the waiting vehicle on the curb. They duck inside, APRIL pays the fare with a wave of her hand over the sensor, then punches in the address and they are off.


Fifteen minutes later, they arrive at the warehouse, which is a run-down affair, with scum-covered windows flanking the entrance. It is immediately apparent that the facility hasn’t been used in a long while, but there are signs of some recent, if small, activity. The front door seems to have been recently forced open by some kind of mechanical device. The frame is bent in the middle and the door itself appears to have actual finger marks in its edge as if some kind of giant, or crazed robot has wedged its fingers between the door and jamb and wrenched it.


APRIL leans on Lana again as they make their way from the retreating transport to the mangled door. -I suspect that our friend is not a legal tenant in this facility,- she quips when she catches sight of the door.


When they get up to it, she uses her own strength to open the damaged portal again, , then closes it behind them, but makes sure to leave it open enough that they could each squeeze through the gap in a hurry if they had to.


-Daray, what was the status of Aegis Online’s operation the last time you contacted them?-


Daray’s voice is still full of wounded pride and abandonment, but it is apparent that she is trying very hard to be helpful when she responds, “The last communication was almost eighteen minutes ago and they said they were set up across the street and that a strike team should be on-site by the time you arrived. If everything went according to plan, you should be under surveillance already.”


As they move through the lobby, their feet leave footprints in the dusty, industrial carpet. They move past the empty receptionist’s desk, through the small lobby area and pass through a small, open door (again, forced) and into the massive, open space of the warehouse.


Standing dead-center is Bob Kilgore. He is taller than before, by eight or ten inches at least, although it is difficult to tell from this far away. His one artificial eye reflects the room around him and his mechanical lower jaw works back and forth as if it doesn’t quite fit right. One arm is cybernetic from the shoulder down, and the other from the elbow down. They can make out obvious signs of augmentations beneath his partially opened shirt, and his pants are a loose pair of pocket-covered BDU’s over dirty black boots.


Doctor Hakiro Yamato is tied to an uncomfortable looking chair about twenty feet from him, looking haggard and worn out, but otherwise alive.


-I will do my best to keep him distracted, while you execute the plan as discussed Lana. Please try to maintain as little contact with him as possible when you execute the plan. Stunners are unpleasant, even if non-lethal.- She stands up as straight as she is able, shifting her body to grasp Lana by the hand so that she can still use her for support, but not look like an invalid as they move into the warehouse toward the man.


“I see you pushed i to the upper limit. For a minute there I thought you might actually let the good doctor suffer for your sins… Now get over here so I can get what I’m owed. You little bitches have been nothing but trouble for me, and I intend to get what’s coming to me.”




Lana left her cloak in the cab so upon entering the room with Bob she puts an extra swing in her hips, allowing the diaphanous material of the scarves that fall from the vinyl miniskirt to flair with every step, showing off her toned legs to full advantage.  She looks at Bob with her full abilities active; trying to evaluate his mood through his aura.  She stops still several yards away from him and raises her chin, trying to pretend confidence.  “We kept our end.  We are here with no guns or knives.  But we will not be coming any closer until you let him go.  There is a cab outside waiting to take him to our home.  Once he is out of here we will fulfill your … desires.   Daray has volunteered to submit to you first.”




Bob Killgore’s aura is an ugly, withered thing. It is smaller than a normal person’s, probably due to the augmentations suppressing it. Its color is largely black, with peppers of anger, resentment, hatred, and lust running through it. As sad as it is, it appears that his intentions are nothing more than what he had told them. There appears to be no ulterior motive, and no real intent to double-cross them. In his decaying, twisted mind, he truly feels that this is something he is owed, and that by taking it, his life can be put right again.


“If you run, I’ll find you. I’ve tracked you this far. You know I’ll find you again if you cheat me, and next time it won’t go so smooth.” He grinds his ceramic teeth against his real ones, eyeing the women with narrowed focus for a moment before turning to the bound man and raising a mechanical finger. A small blade pops out of the extended digit and he quickly cuts the man free, laughing hysterically as Doctor Yamato scrambles and stumbles out of the room, offering Lana and APRIL a scared look as he scampers past them. 


“Now, your wuss of a scientist is free. Come make good, or things will get bad.” He rests his mechanical hands on his hips and offers them a deep, belly laugh as he watches their reactions.


APRIL gives Lana a long, uncertain look, before she releases her hand, stands up straight, and walks across the distance between them. Her steps seem larger than she was managing on her own before, although there is none of the fine control necessary to make it look sexy, or inviting. Just a simple stride that might be considered confident under other circumstances. Her own outfit, with its bits o dangling material covering her breasts, groin, and buttocks, but tightly cinched about her waist and neck (the portions of the skinsuit covering her arms, legs and other areas having turned transparent), swished around her as she moved, offering near-glimpses of all the parts that Bob Killgore would be most interested in.


The long braid restraining her hair is a bit loose and frayed, Lana can see from her vantage point, not having been really looked after or a while, and her cobalt eyes are open wide, lacking the acuity of control that would allow her to emulate any emotion with them. She does offer a surprise to the room however, in the form of her first real words, spoken past Daray’s lips, “you… are… evil…”


The tone of her voice is flat, hesitant, and yet full of vehemence. as she presents herself to the man, who wastes no time in gripping her by the shoulders and lifting her bodily off the ground to raise her head up to his towering seven foot height. APRIL doesn’t even know enough to understand a normal person would avert their eyes, instead staring straight back at him as he hungrily drinks in her appearance. “Maybe so, troublesome little bitch. But I’ve got you now, and I’m not letting you go until I’ve had my fun.”


His upper lip curls up into a parody of a cruel smile as he quickly spins her around, shifting her body and setting her on the floor in front of the chair Doctor Yamato had just been tied to, and forcing her to bend forward and grasp the chair, presenting her rear to him. 


APRIL offers some token resistance, all the while her face remaining completely impassive and emotionless, even as he wraps one mechanical hand around her neck from behind, and begins to fumble with his pants with the other. “And between the two of you, that should take all bloody night…”




Lana has to fight herself not to protest as she watches Bob spin Daray’s body around and push her down on the chair.  She wonders briefly if the slight bit of struggle she sees April perform is for show of if she is dealing with Dara’s body’s own natural reluctance to the situation.  Lana takes a deep breath and pulls herself together.  In the many years she worked at a brothel she had slept with a number of men and even a few women that she was not attracted to.  If there was one thing she could do well it is fake interest in someone she finds repulsive.  Once the scientist is out of the room she moves towards Bob and Daray.  Her fingers have moved to her blue vinyl bodice and are deftly unlacing the ties until it gapes in the front showing a clear view of her cleavage between the crossed laces.  


“All night? That’s quite a bold statement.  With my background and Daray’s help, I’m certain we can have you satisfied in just a few hours.” Lana is close enough to reach out and run her fingertips caressingly up Bob’s arm to his shoulder, careful to touch true flesh wherever it is an option. Her intent if he will allow her is to step around behind him as though she intends to caress his back and shoulders while he violates her friend, all the time acting the willing whore in the situation.  If he is in a hot enough lust to fall for it this could be easier than she had anticipated.




Bob seems pretty lost in what he is doing to APRIL, although Lana’s movements do not go completely unnoticed. He actually shivers a bit when she first touches his flesh, pausing in his efforts to free himself from his pants while her fingers traipse along his shoulder and neck. He begins to go back to his preparations to violate Daray’s body, but stops again when Lana attempts to get round behind him. 


He swivels his head around and narrows an eye at her, his hand tightening around APRIL’s neck noticeably, “Stay where I can see you girl, or this will end badly for both of you.”


APRIL makes a quiet gurgling noise as the air passage is restricted, but otherwise does nothing to stop the assault, her fingers simply tightening around the the edges of the chair, its metal frame bending easily to conform to the shape of her hands.


Once Bob is satisfied that Lana isn’t attempting to flank him, he resumes his business, flipping APRIL’s rubbery skirts up over her waist, and eyeing her skinsuited body suspiciously. Apparently, APRIL had kept a panty-shaped swath of the skinsuit opaque, in a color to match her overall outfit, and his mechanical hand moved to her exposed rear and roamed around as if trying to find an edge or seam.


“What the fuck is this shit? You said you were ready for me. How do you get this shit off?!” He becomes instantly irate, squeezing even tighter on APRIL’s neck and focusing his attention utterly on her as his metal fingers press into her flesh to try an find a seam or gap in the skinsuit around the fake underwear. 


APRIL very obviously stops breathing due to the constriction, but aside from utterly crushing the seat in her hands, she does nothing to stop him, simply turning to face Lana with a confused look in her eyes, as if she just doesn’t understand what is happening, or why. -Lana. Daray’s throat… being… crushed… can’t… process… blood not… brain… can’t…”


Her stuttering words are as close to pained as anyone could imagine a computer could get, and it is obvious that the interruption to Daray’s biology is affecting even APRIL’s computer mind, since it is currently bound by biological constraints.


“What’s going on? APRIL! Lana! Are you okay?! What’s happening?!” Daray screams in panic over the subspace link, true panic in her voice at the sound of APRIL’s gasping words.




Lana abandons the plan as she realizes what is happening.  She grips Bob’s arm and pulls it away from Daray with a strength she hadn’t known she possessed.  “Nooo!   You’re killing her!”  Lana pushes herself quickly between Daray and Bob, wrapping her hands around his head and trying to make him look at her.  “She can’t help it; an accident made some new nano tech bond with her skin.  It’s like that permanently.  If you don’t like it touch me…  I’m all normal skin.” 


Lana leans herself against Bob to make her point; pulling herself up with the same surprising arm strength born of panic and presses her lips against his as she wraps her legs around his waist, not even caring that the result has her sex rubbing up against his partially open pants.  She closes her eyes, suppresses the nausea that rises at the smell of his sweaty skin and attempts to wrap her arms around his neck.  If she can just get him to let Daray go completely she’ll zap him with herself pressed to him and take the shock.  April will be able to pull her away once he is down and she’ll just have to deal with the recovery time while the backup takes care of arresting him.  




Bob nearly backhands Lana when she pulls at his arm, but he seems to quickly realize what she is about and allows her to mount him. His now free hand moves to wrap around her waist and after a few moments of kissing, Lana can hear APRIL sucking in a few pained gasps, his other hand having eased up a bit on her neck.


A couple moments more and he shifts his weight, hauling APRIL up of the mangled chair and pulling her back against him and Lana, then he shifts his hand from around her throat down to her breast. He starts massaging APRIL’s chest, eliciting some confused gasps from her damaged throat. Lana can feel APRIL’s fingers struggling to find purchase against her thigh, although the grip is nowhere near metal-bending, whether because she knows it is Lana’s thigh, or the angle, or some other factor is unknown.


-Lana… thank you… I… I… think I ma be damaged… I don’t understand these sensations… input output carriers must… be damaged… this feeling should not be enjoyed should it? It is forced. Forced. Bad. Wrong. What are these… feelings?-


Another small moan, somewhere between pain and pleasure, perhaps equal parts each, escapes her bluish lips.


“Lana, are you guys okay? What’s happening? APRIL, are you okay?” While it isn’t the level of sheer terror Daray had exhibited at the prospect of being locked in the safe, it is easily a close second.


-Can not concentrate… can not… even… describe… Lana, please make him stop. I was wrong. I should not have put myself in this position… I am unprepared… unable… can’t… help…-


“Oh god, Lana! Make him stop hurting her! Zap him! APRIL!”




Lana moans also, due to sheer frustration.  Their voices in her head are as clear as a bell but she can’t talk to them unless she speaks out loud.  The device that her body unwittingly absorbed was only a speaker and has no ability to transmit her thoughts back.  So she can’t attempt to relive Daray’s completely well founded fears.  She can’t explain to April that the sensations she is feeling are the body’s self defense mechanism kicking in, attempting to ease the forced attention by pushing pleasure endorphins through her system to prevent the damage to her body from being fatal if at all possible.


Come on Bob, let her go...  I’m enough for you at one time... just let her go… Quit panicking Daray... I can’t think… April just push away he’s distracted.  What if three bodies is enough to lessen the shock so it doesn’t incapacitate him?  Fine... fine...  You all win.


Lana grinds her pelvis against Bob while she maneuvers her hands into a better position, her right hand caresses the back of his neck while her left one moves to activate the stunner’s working prongs.  All the while she continues kissing him, uncaring that this might lead to her getting an even stronger dose of the shock with their heads so close together.  


One…two…three… Go!


Lana pushes the trigger on the stunner.




There is the briefest moment of silence follows the  faint click of the prongs ejecting from the device, although Bob doesn’t seem to have noticed it, so absorbed in the situation was he.


The panicked tones from Daray and APRIL do not ceae until the instant that Lana presses the actuator. The instant she touches it, white-hot fire rushes through the trio, seemingly unabated.


Bob’s head snaps back and his face contorts into a silent scream as electric arcs jump between his teeth and around the various metal components of his body. He seems to seize up, arms and legs going stiff. APRIL screams out in surprised pain, a sort of antithesis to the near-pleasure she’d been experiencing an instant before. Her eyes opened wide and her body convulsed and then seized up as well under the assault of the electric assault.


Lana is not spared either, being so close, and in such intimate contact with Bob when the attack ensues. Electric fire courses through her body, lighting up her nerves as it races up and down. Within seconds, Bob falls over backward, smoke billowing from his body, APRIL still clutched, convulsing, in his arm.




Pain, everything is pain, a whole new pain than she has ever experienced before.  Her body is a twisting, writhing, convulsive thing as it tries to escape itself, screams blurting from her throat in response.  The injury to her back was nothing in comparison, and for some reason this time she cannot black out.  Her mind insists on her being conscious for every fiery, painful second, although time does blur to the point where she doesn’t know if it has been going on for minutes, or hours.  


When the pain subsides to the point where she is able to think again she opens her eyes.  Her skin itches and burns everywhere and her muscles are throbbing.  She pushes herself up, off of Bob, and looks at her arms.  A myriad of colors dance across her skin in tandem with the itching waves.  Blues, reds, greens and every other shade, traipse in a hypnotic flow across her exposed skin and more slowly but just as thoroughly down her  hair and tail fur.


This is it, I’ve finally gone crazy.


Lana scrambles away from Bob and April, faster than she has ever moved in her life. She doesn’t stop until her back is pressing against he warehouse wall.  She rubs franticly at her skin wishing for the colors to stop.  Little gargling cries of panic are coming out of her throat which is too hoarse for the full screams she would be letting off otherwise.

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