Status Quo - Chapter 53

Written by: Paullell

 Lana moans and her yellow eyes close as she basks in Daray’s gentling attention.  She lets out a breathless laugh as Daray’s tongue strokes along her neck and writhes helplessly beneath her.  At Daray’s voice her eyes open again and she meets Daray’s gaze, her yellow eyes almost seeming to glow hot with her arousal.  She reaches out and strokes her hand along Daray’s face, gently tucking a strand of hair behind her ear as she struggles to vocalize all of her thoughts through her body’s needy demands.  


“Oh God, Daray.  I want so much…  I want to feel you paint my sink with your silky hair from my breasts to my toes.  I want your mouth sucking hard on my nipples until I can’t help but feel the press of your teeth against my skin.  I want to feel your fingers and then your tongue explore every inch of my skin until you plunge them inside me and I climax until I can no longer remember how to breath.  But most importantly, I want to know that you have done and tried anything you might want to do with me in the exact manner you want to do it.  Knowing that you are touching me because you want to and not because you are lost in a mindless sexual haze is the best gift I could ever be given; I want you to take full advantage of the opportunity, mio Tesoro. It is impossible for you to do or tray anything with me that will not bring me pleasure.”




Daray continues to plant kisses, nibbles, and licks along Lana’s ears, jaw, and chin as she speaks, drinking in her words like ambrosia. “I don’t know what I want, aside from to be with you. It feels as if this is the first time we’ve been together like this Lana. I know we’ve made love before, but I can’t remember anything other than intense heat.”


Sitting up for a moment, her legs still straddling Lana’s body, and her butt resting across her lover’s hips, Daray quickly shucks what’s left of the wrapped towel on her head, letting her strawberry hair cascade down around them both. After dragging her fingers through the damp tresses a few times, making sure to trail the free end along Lana’s legs, abdomen, and breasts as she manipulates it, she deftly braids the cascade into a tight rope from her scalp about halfway down the length, then ties it off with an intricate knot, using the hair itself, speaking as she does so, “I know I’ve been into girls my whole life, but I can’t remember ever having been with one before you. I don’t know why I can’t remember, but the thought feels right. I don’t know what to do, or even what to want…” Finishing up the braid, she takes the free length of hair in one hand and reaches around behind herself, dragging the strands along Lana’s legs, and letting the mass linger for a time on her lover’s vulva for a few seconds each time she transitions from one leg to the other. The entire time, her cobalt eyes are locked with Lana’s golden pools, and her words are low and sultry.


“I want to try everything. Everything you can think of. How else am I going to know what I do and don’t want to do? Teach me Lana,” her free hand begins to roam Lana’s stomach and chest, as her other hand continues to drag her hair along her legs and across her sex, “I can do so much. So many amazing things since I was born. But I’ve never done this before, and I think it’s high time I learned how to please my lover.”


Slowly, she lifts the end of the braid up until only the very tips of the unrestrained portion of her hair are touching Lana’s skin. Pressing the rope against her back, the skinsuit quickly envelopes the rope, holding it fast. She then leans forward again, her fingers tracing lines up Lana’s sides until her palms press lightly into her breasts as she lowers her lips to meet Lana’s again. “I can see things no one else can see,” She kisses her target lightly on the lips as her hands shift and she lightly pinches Lana’s nipples between her fingers. “Do things no one else can do,” she breathes, barely audible as she kisses Lana’s lips again, this time more firmly, but still tender and loving, not forceful. With a shake of her body, the free ends of her hair cascade from her back, showering down around her on either side so that it creates a tent between their bodies. The strands are all just barely in contact with Lana’s body, along her sides, so that every move either of them makes, causes the strands to trace lightly along her skin along the entire length of her torso, from hips to arm pits.


“And I can’t imagine anything you would want being anything but amazing, so here you have an opportunity to create your own, perfect lover. Willing, eager, and more than able.” With a devilish smile, Daray presses forward again, moving her hands to Lana’s sides so their breasts can press together. Licking Lana’s lips to invite them to open for her, and then pressing her tongue inside for a long, passionate, loving kiss. She gives the kiss a good couple minutes before giving Lana another break to collect her thoughts and try to respond.




Lana writhes and moans happily as Daray teases her skin with her hair.  Her lips curl at the corners in an expression of pleasure as her eyes flicker closed.  Each gentle caress followed by Daray’s sultry words brings a sound between a coo and purr rumbling out of Lana’s lips until she pinches her nipples more forcefully and the sound changes to a gasping cry of joy.  Lana’s hands reach up to stroke along Daray’s shoulders and arms, a non-vocal gesture of encouragement as their lips meet again and Lana is lost in the heat of the kiss.


When Daray’s lips leave hers and Lana has relearned how to breath she looks up at Daray with a grin and love can clearly be seen shining in her eyes.  “You’re already the perfect lover.  You love me and that is the most important thing.”  She bites her lips as her body reacts to yet another of Daray’s explorative touches.  Her fingers move up to rub across Daray’s lips in a soft caress as she finally gasps out.  “However if you really want to please me you will use these skillful lips lower on my body.  And I do mean the sooner the better.”  Lana chuckles even as her body twists restlessly in the haze of needy arousal.




“As you command,” Daray grins, nipping at Lana’s fingertips until they retract from her lips. Beginning with another tender, but deep kiss, she then works her way down Lana’s body, planting loving kisses and little licks on her chin, then down her neck and back and forth along her clavicles. Her hands do not waste the opportunity to add to the heat she is working to create in her lover’s body, tracing hard lines along her sides, and then re-cupping her breasts, squeezing them with a forceful pressure, lightly pinching her nipples between thumbs and forefingers until her lips can replace the digits.


She stays a few minutes at Lana’s breasts, working kisses and nips around their surface area in a tightening spiral as one hand continues to ply at the opposite breast. When her lips come to rest on the engorged nipple, she sucks it in and pinches the base of the turgid nub between her teeth as she flicks at its tip with her tongue a few times, then repeats the process on the other, one hand moving back to the breast she’d just vacated.


“You’re so soft and smooth Lana, I love touching your body. Being in contact with you makes me so hot inside. I feel like my whole body is on fire.” She doesn’t take long to talk, getting right back to the task at hand, lips and tongue working their way down Lana’s abdomen, hands trailing and pressing into her sides as she descends toward her target.


Another stop at Lana’s navel sees her tongue working a few circles around the inside of the shallow depression as her hands grip at her hips, giving her leverage to move herself to her final destination. As her mouth hovers over Lana’s vulva, her mood is much more serious than Lana’s had been in the same situation. Her look is one of dogged determination, her whole being focused on the task upon which she is about to embark.


The immaculately groomed, jet-black fur sitting atop Lana’ waiting sex is a testament to the woman’s attention to her body, the shape of it inviting, attractive, daring her to dive in, but also warning her that her lover would not be easily coaxed into giving up the passions that Daray wanted to evoke. Sure, the feelings of love for one another would go a long way toward that end, but she wanted more. She wanted to be able to completely satisfy Lana, on not just an emotional level, but physically as well. 


For Daray, this was the beginning of her education. She knew they’d done this before, but she had no memories of it. She didn’t know why. Couldn’t fathom how such a life-altering experience as the one she’d just had, could ever be forgotten, but the reality was just that. She remembered the build-up. She remembered the foreplay, and the heat smoldering to a blaze, but after that, it was all blank. Memories picking up again as she lay in Lana’s arms, listening to her lover’s breathing calming down, as if she’d just run a marathon.


Now, for whatever reason, she was awake, and aware. She’d just experienced the most amazing sensations in her life, and she was about to do her best to pass on as many of those sensation as she could to her partner. She may not have any real experience, but she knew what she liked, and memories of Lana’s own ministrations from minutes before were fresh in her mind’s eye as she took in the beauty of Lana’s vulva, it lips naked beneath the manicured patch of fur above it. The lips pouted slightly, a dewy moisture glistening in the cleft between those lips, and the heady aroma of her scent drilling through Daray’s senses like a gunshot, straight to the pleasure centers of her own mind.


She leaned in closer, breathing in the pungent fragrance of her lover, then extending her tongue and gently running it from Lana’s perineum, up to the hood that was still managing to, just barely, keep her engorged clitoris covered. The flavor of her juice was ambrosia to Daray’s senses, and it took every iota of willpower she had remaining to not simply try and crawl into the space between Lana’s legs and curl up there forever.


Getting herself under control, she rests her arms across Lana’s thighs in such a way that her fingers can manipulate her exposed sex and sets to licking up and down the sides of her sex, pressing her tongue hard into her labia and making long, slow circles around her vulva, stopping occasionally to slide her attentions across the hood of her clitoris before going back to work on the opposite side.


After a few minutes of this attention, her fingers slide down Lana’s labia, hooking the tips just inside and gently pull them apart, allowing her access to the burning core of Lana’s sexual being. She revels in the feelings of Lana’s body moving beneath her, the sounds of her moans and encouragements, and instantly responds to any suggestions she makes, committing every single movement, every reaction, every sound, and every heartbeat to memory, filing them away for later use, to mould herself into Lana’s ultimate lover.




Lana delights in Daray’s diligent attention, her gasps and moans are occasionally punctuated by breathless yet encouraging comments “Yes!...  just like that… Oh god!... Daray that’s perfect… More, please more!... a little to the right…  Not my right, yours…. Ohhhhhhh!... Harder… A little softer…  Mmmmmm, just right.”  When she spreads her labia apart and delves into her core Lana’s hips tilt up, pressing herself against Daray’s lips and tongue as her voice begins to run through scales as though warming up for a vocal performance.  Her hands move to Daray’s hair and she uses them to show Daray the amount of pressure that feels the best.  Her legs end up hooking over Daray’s shoulders so that her heels can press into her back and her black tail wags to her left side, thumping on the bed like a dogs tail when receiving praise and treats from a master.  Finally Daray’s tongue pushes her over the pinnacle and her body twists and writes beneath Daray, simultaneously trying to move away and closer.  When her release washes through her it leaves her panting and drained. 




Lana’s directions and encouragements drive her on, each sound she makes, music to Daray’s ears as she continues her work. Her tongue works diligently at Lana’s sex, and the pressure Lana applies to the back of her head is instantly committed to memory, every feeling, every movement, the fragrance of her arousal, and the taste of her as they work toward that crescendo.


When Lana falls over the edge of the peak, Daray latches on to her vulva and drinks down every drop of her lover’s climax, reveling in the flavor and energy of the entire experience. The ultimate surprise however, is that her own body seems to resonate with Lana’s, like a tuning fork, taking in the energy of Lana’s climax and amplifying her own feelings to the point that, slipping a hand away form Lana’s genitals and between her own legs, it takes little more than a few well placed strokes of her fingers to climax again, almost screaming into Lana’s throbbing sex, and her voice quickly harmonizing with Lana’s ululations.


She pants heavily for a few moments, her pulse actually racing for a time (another new experience for her), cheek resting on Lana’s inner thigh and cobalt eyes looking lovingly over the landscape of Lana’s naked body. She gently plays her fingers through the manicured hair between Lana’s legs, still breathing in the heavy aroma of her climax, reveling in the scent of her lover’s body.


“I know it’s crazy Lana, and I don’t really know how it happened, but I love you. The things you’ve shown me. The feelings you’ve shared…” She continues to idly play with Lana’s body as she purrs the words in a post-coital bliss. Her body is completely relaxed, and her mind seems to be totally at ease as she simply soaks in the experience. The warmth and softness of Lana’s body, the sensual contact between them, and the pulse of Lana’s blood through her veins.


After a moment, Daray squirms up Lana’s side, careful not to put any awkward pressure on her lover’s body, and planting the occasional kiss on her until she is laying fully up against her body, one arm draped across her chest with the hand caressing Lana’s cheek. She props her head up on her other hand and rests her chin on Lana’s shoulder, looking lovingly into her friend’s eyes. “I wish we could stay here, like this, forever.”

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