Status Quo - Chapter 52

Written by: Paullell

 Lana quickly finishes toweling herself off, drops the damp towels onto the floor and crawls onto the bed next to Daray. She wraps her arms around her and cuddles her head into the crook of Daray’s shoulder.  “I can’t think of another offer that has ever sounded better.”  She nuzzles Daray’s skin with her nose and trails her fingers across the rubbery suit gently and she wraps herself around Daray.  Lana finds her mood teetering between wanting gentle cuddling or even gentler sex and for whatever reason right now Daray seems as though that might be a possibility.  “I missed you so much.  I got to see the gardens on Mars and all I wanted was to have you with me while I was there.”




Simply reveling in the feel of Lana’s body pressed up against hers, Daray wraps her arms around Lana and pulls her in tightly. Tracing her fingers along Lana’s side in soft, gentle lines and listening to her breathing.


“I missed you too. I’d love to have seen the gardens with you, I’ve never been there before.” As she talks, she continues to trace little lines and circles on Lana’s back and side, even playing with her damp hair from time to time, but there is no pervasive feeling of carnal, sexual energy in the room. Rather, it is more of an air of attention and caring that could easily turn into a soft, tender sexual experience with little provocation.




Lana leans up over Daray and grins down at her.  “Then we will just have to go back sometime.  It was really beautiful if it hadn’t been for the trouble we were in.  But you are more beautiful.”  Lana closes her eyes and leans until her lips meet Daray’s. Her kiss is gentle and her free hand traces the skin along Daray’s cheek and temple, memorizing the soft texture of her skin.  Her breasts slide over Daray’s chest as she leans over her and her nipples harden at the texture of her rubbery skin as they slide across it.  She opens her mouth and slides her tongue playfully out to run across Daray’s lips, teasing and tasting them each in turn. 




“Flaterer!” Daray grins up at Lana as she repositions herself. “I’d love to just go on a trip with you sometime. Once this craziness is all over with. I hope you don’t regret anything. I know having APRIL’s voice permanently imbedded in your skull wasn’t likely on your list of things to do with your life, but it does have advantages. For example, I never have to calla  cab, or wonder about the news…”


She grins as Lana lowers herself onto her chest, their breasts rubbing against one another. Her nipples turn as hard as stone at the contact, and her breathing grows heavier, accompanied by the occasional, soft moan as Lana’s tongue snakes out and slides along her lips each in turn.


“Gods Lana, you can do that to me forever if you want.” She gasps, allowing Lana’s tongue to slip past the outsides of her lips and trace along the inner edges as it moves.


She traces her fingers up and down Lana’s back with a gentle, but insistent pressure, and her hips begin to gyrate slightly in reaction to the heat building up in her. Her eyes flutter slightly as the pleasure rolls through her, but they remain crystal clear and focused entirely on the task at hand, showing no signs of her animalistic nature coming out.


Her tongue quickly reciprocates, darting out and slathering across Lana’s lips, fighting with her tongue for space between them, and wrapping itself around hers as the meet in the middle from time to time. Unlike previous encounters, Daray seems calm (or as calm as she can be under the circumstances), and fully engaged in the experience.




Lana chuckles at Daray’s words.  “I don’t know about forever, but Ill keep it up as long as I can.”  Forever lasts only a few more minutes.  Lana’s body heats under Daray’s gentle caresses and the added turn on of Daray’s obviously clear focus on what is happening soon has Lana desperate for more.  She wants to Show Daray all the slow subtle pleasure of seduction that she has been unaware of in every previous encounter.  


Lana lifts her leg over Daray and straddles her hips.  She pulls away from her lips and instead presses a trail of kisses down her throat and collar bone.  Lana pauses at the change in texture where the suit begins.  For a moment she considers that they are in a virtual environment and the suit might actually not be necessary.  No matter how real this feels it isn’t reality.  She thinks about mentioning the possibility but decides to save the thought for later.  Lana scoots lower and rests her elbows against the bed on either side of Daray’s ribs.  She uses her now free hands to gently stroke Daray’s breasts, cupping and rubbing them until she lifts them together and brings her mouth down on the nearest nipple.  Lana sucks it softly, using her tongue to caress the hardened peak between every gentle suck while Lana listens to Daray’s responses, every noise arousing her further.




Moaning in response to Lana’s ministrations, Daray writhes under her attentions, fingers still working through Lana’s hair and around her scalp. When Lana shifts her weight and begins worshipping Daray’s breasts, her back reflexively arches, pressing the tender flesh into Lana’s sphere of influence.


Her nipples are alight with sensation, ending a constant stream of pleasure through her body as Lana works her magic, taking her time to stoke the fires and build up to an intense, smoldering heat. “Oh Lana, Oh my god, that’s amazing. I love you so much.” One of Daray’s hands cups the back of Lana’s head, gently pulling her in closer to her breasts, and the other moves down her back, continuing to trace lines up and down her body, albeit a little more insistently.


“Oh god, don’t stop. Don’t ever stop Lana, so intense…”


Her body is absolutely thrumming with energy from Lana’s attentions, but her mind is still very much in the moment, her eyes, though half-closed with the building intensity of the situation, are still clear and focused.




Lana doesn’t stop but she does switch her attention to Daray’s other nipple.  Her fingers move to stroke and pluck at the wet nipple her mouth had left only moments before.  “Mi tesoro, you are so beautiful to me. Ti amo, je t'aime, I love you.”  Lana whispers against her skin.  She has to toss her head every now and then to keep her longer hair from getting in the way of her lips.  Only when Daray is gasping for breath and aroused to a fevered pitch does Lana begin to scoot lower again, trailing kisses down her stomach and abdomen.  Her knees on either side of Daray’s legs will prevent her from spreading her legs as she most likely wants to do at this point.  Lana smiles mischievously and begins to kiss and lick at Daray’s outer hips, moving inward until she is licking just below her belly button.  “il mio amore, how does it feel?  Tell me what you need.”  She teases, wanting to hear Daray talk to her while she worships her body.




Moving down her body, Daray’s hands shift to the back of Lana’s head, fingers twining through her hair as her body continues to writhe under the constant stimulation. He eyes flutter closed, but she is still fully there and wrapped up in the experience. “It’s so weird not having your words translated for me, but it’s beautiful too, your voice, your words,…” She stops to pant for a moment, letting out a loud, long moan before adding, “Oh god…. your touch!”


Her legs try to open, but are somehow held fast by Lana, her inhuman strength seemingly gone from her in this place. She writhes like a serpent beneath Lana’s attentive ministrations, but her entire being is pressing on Lana to continue in her course. “I can’t even begin to tell you what to do, Oh god Lana, it feels so amazing, I’ve never felt anything like before. I feel like I’m burning up inside, but I don’t want you to ever, ever stop.”




Lana grins in delight at the feelings she is evoking in Daray.  She nips softly at the rubbery skin on her belly.  “Don’t stop you say?  Tesoro, does that mean you do not want me to move lower?”  Lana dips her head and laps at the mound of flesh just above where her sex truly begins, less than an inch from the delicious folds that she has memorized several times before.  “Perhaps love, I should move higher again?”  Lana massagers Daray’s breasts at that comment and her fingers caress across her peaked nipples yet again, playing with the hard rubbery nubs.  Lana’s tall is wagging back and forth as she plays with Daray, her yellow eyes look up into Daray’s blue and they shine with love and playfulness.




Daray groans at the attention Lana is lavishing upon her. Every touch, every tingle, every hot breath sends sparks through her body, like electric fire rolling across her nerves in waves, from head to toe. Oh…. I don’t care if you go higher or lower, just doonnn’t sssstoooopppp,” she groans as Lana’s playfulness sends another wave of pleasure through her body.


By now, the lips of her sex are trembling, visible as they are, being hairless and covered by nothing but the now transparent skinsuit. Her outer labia are puffy and swollen, despite they fact that they have yet to be directly touched, and are still pinched together by her closed legs. The gap between her legs that is created by her slightly wide hips gives Lana a perfect view to judge just how effective her attentions are being.


By now, DAray has released her grip on Lana’s head, and instead splayed her arms out wide, hands wrapped in the blankets and squeezing until her knuckles turn white.




Lana lowers her head again and nuzzles her nose along the area of skin where Daray’s leg attaches to her hip.  She begins kissing in ever smaller circles around Daray’s hips, thighs and belly until finally she is kissing directly over the juncture of her thighs.  She presses kiss after kiss to the same spot, still protected behind her swollen neither lips.  She teases and plays, knowing that every kiss is pleasurable but not truly satisfying.  Only when Daray is writhing and making begging noises does she change her tactic.  She changes from kissing to licking, her tongue sliding over the hairless rubber skin in smooth unhindered strokes.  Each lick she pushes deeper, slipping her tongue between her folds instill she is licking rhythmically over her sensitive nub.  The angle is awkward with Daray’s legs still pressed tightly together but that is part of the tease.  Lana purrs as she nuzzles and licks her target, her own body simmering with desire even as she concentrates on Daray’s pleasure.




Lana’s attentions have Daray wrapped up in the throes of passion. Her hands are fisting tightly in the sheets and her back is arched as Lana’s works at stoking the fires of passion. When her tongue first touches the lips of Daray’s sex, her eyes shoot open and her breathing stops for a few seconds as the sensation washes through her body like a tidal wave.


She tries desperately to spread her legs for Lana to have better access, but her normal strength doesn’t seem to be part of this illusion, and she remains trapped by Lana’s devious ministrations. After a few moments of Lana’s tongue working up and down her lips, and delving deeper and deeper into her body, Daray’s hands release the sheets and move to her own breasts, kneading and tweaking them, fingers pinching her rock-hard nipples. Her breath is coming in ragged gasps and she is still fighting to open her legs, as if to encourage Lana to go deeper inside her.


“Oh Lana… Oh… Why haven’t we ever… done this… before… so amazing… Oh god… Not sure… if I can… survive…. more… oh Lana… more… MORE!”


One hand drops to Lana’s head, twining through her hair and pressing her head closer to her throbbing sex.




Lana grins inwardly at the feeling of Daray’s hand in her hair.  Feeling she has teased enough she changes her position, no longer using her knees to pin Daray’s legs closed she instead urges Daray to spread her legs and she lays down between them on her belly.  Her knees are bent, putting her feet in the air and she kicks her feet like a child with a candy treat.  “More sweetheart?” she mummers before leaning in and resuming her attention.


Her teasing is finally finished, she dives in now with intensity.  She alternates between licking and sucking; every light teasing stroke replaced with firm emphases. Her entire attention is on every gasp and wail that Daray makes.  The taste and smell of her envelopes her senses and she presses her lips and tongue against Daray’s sex with ever increasing fervor; her only goal to drive her love over the pinnacle of pleasure and she uses every technique she has ever learned to do so.




The instant Lana’s legs move, Daray’s open wide, as if she is doing the splits. This causes the lips of her sex to open up for Lana, and the hands twined through her hair don’t let her get too far from them before Daray is urging her back into place.


When she finally resumes her attentions, Daray’s world shakes from the assault on her needy, fiery core. She screams out almost the instant Lana’s lips touch her, and the orgasm is powerful, possibly world-changing, in its intensity. But it doesn’t stop there.


As Lana presses on with her attention, Daray’s orgasm is drawn out, never quite falling off as Lana immediately turns it back into a strong, rolling boil that continues to build up pressure within her, pressing the sensations to an even higher plateau than the one she’d just been forced over.


Her words still come in short, ragged gasps, but it is also quite evident that she is still, mentally, all there for the experience, “Lana… laaaannnaaaaa…. Oh god… don’t… don’t ever… stop…. oh god…” Her fingers are working themselves in and out through lana’s hair, and across her scalp, the other hand still kneading her breast and tweaking her nipple. Her eyes are clenched tightly closed and her entire being seems focused on the core of her being, where Lana is diligently working her magic.




She listens with amazement as Daray remains fully cognizant through her attentions.  Her own body is tight and hot and desperate for attention but the moment is too special and perfect to ruin with such selfish thoughts.  Lana works her lips and tongue diligently sometimes slow and gentle, sometimes fast and firm.  Every lick and suck intending to keep Daray singing out her pleasure for as long as she can manage before tipping her over the edge of pleasure one last time. She finally pulls away to give them both a chance to catch their breaths and lays her head on Daray’s thigh, angling so that she cal look up the lines of her body and smile at Daray.  “I love you, mio tesoro.  You are so beautiful to me.”  Lana’s yellow eyes practically shine with emotion as she waits for Daray to catch her breath.  Her hands are unable to remain still so she strokes her fingers along Daray’s legs and thighs soothingly.  She is now used to the surreal feeling of Daray’s latex like flesh.  She rubs her head against when Daray’s hand still rests in her hair like a dog begging for attention.




Panting and moaning at Lana’s attention, the simmering, slowly building orgasm takes several long minutes to come about, but when it does, Daray’s eyes snap open wide in amazement.  Her mouth opens in a sort of silent scream as her entire body tenses. Her hand latches onto Lana’s hair tightly enough that she has little chance of escaping, but not so tightly that it causes pain.


There is a long moment of tense silence as she crests the peak, and her body seizes up. It takes several seconds for the tension to release, her grip on Lana’s head relaxing so that when she moves away and sets her cheek against Daray’s leg, they can see one another clearly, and Daray’s fingers keep working little circles through her lover’s hair. A blissful look washes over her and her body shudders at the light pressure of Lana’s fingers along her leg and thigh. 


“My god Lana, why hasn’t it ever been like this before? I thought I was going to loose my mind. So intense, and powerful. I love you too. So much. I would apologize for all the trouble in your life again, but if this is where it brought us, it can’t be all bad, can it?”


Her other hand finally releases its grip on her breast, and moves down to Lana’s face, gently cupping her chin and urging her upward so they can share another, loving kiss, before she returns the amazing attentions Lana has just shown her.




Lana grins and obligingly crawls up to lay next to Daray.  She sighs and melts into Daray’s kiss, her arms wrapping around Daray and sliding into her hair to hold her head still as she kisses her senseless.  Soon she pulls back to remind her self how to breath.  She looks into Daray’s eyes and her expression is a mixture of arousal and tranquility as she murmurs her answer.  “No, mi amore; I would not change what has happened either.  It has been worth it if only to have met you.”


She closes her eyes and presses her lips to Daray’s again. She kisses and nips at her bottom lip before sucking on it gently as her limbs twine with Daray’s and she presses herself against her.




Reveling in Lana’s attentions, and especially her words, Daray’s body is alight with sensation, each and every touch administered by Lana sending shockwaves of lightning pleasure through her. She drinks in the kisses, and giggles at the attention Lana pays to her lower lip and after a few moments of rest and extremely languid restfulness, she rolls on top of her lover and grins down at her, a bit of mischief showing in her dark eyes.


“Payback time!” She grins as she pins Lana’s wrists together over her head and presses a forceful kiss  to her lips. Her tongue forces its way deep into Lana’s mouth, twining around her own and tickling the roof of her mouth. It seems her aggressiveness might be on a resurgence until the forcefulness of the experience begins to taper off and it evolves into a sensual drinking in of Lana’s sensual energy.


Before long the experience has softened and become a tender, loving exchange, her hands slipping from Lana’s wrists and beginning to draw gentle lines down her cheeks as she shifts her body to straddle Lana. With one knee on either side of her hips, much as Lana had done to her earlier, but it became almost instantly clear that she would not be as deviously forceful as Lana had been, as despite her strong start, she quickly proves to be extremely tender and willing to take her time.


The kiss lightens, becoming a series of light exchanges, then a few nibbles, followed by her moving her attentions to Lana’s chin, laving licks and kisses along her jaws and suckling on her earlobes each in turn. “Tell me what you want Lana. Tell me how to make real love to you…” her voice is imploring, needy, like a starving child begging for food.

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