Status Quo - Chapter 41

Written by: Paullell

 Lana laughs at the colored streaks that Cheylynne chooses. Lana herself has a shampoo and a lengthening treatment as she still can’t quite bring herself to change the color which reminds her so much of her mother.  She has them style it so that it is pulled tight and high on her head and then into a long braid that falls down her back to her waist.  The stylist pays close attention and makes certain that the lock with the white stripe in it is kept visible all the way through the braid.  As she looks at herself in the mirror she thinks Daray will get a kick out of the longer hair since she has decided to keep her own long because Lana liked it.  


Lana debates as she looks at the clock.  She really wants to get home and wait for Daray but she also doesn’t want to make a stupid mistake.  Daray had told her to stay away for twenty-four hours and even though Lana can’t think of a good reason for such an arbitrary length of time she trusts Daray to have a one.  “I do have someone I’m meeting but not until much later.  If you don’t mind me tagging along I’d love to go. I’m afraid none of my clothes are really night club appropriate.  Do you suppose we could stop at a shop and I could get an outfit out of you too?  Once I catch up with my friend I can reimburse you for it, I promise I’m good for it.”




Cheylynne grins at Lana and fires up the vehicle’s power plant, pulling quickly away form the curb and quickly delivers them to a small boutique where there is a wide array of stylish club-wear for sale. The shop is trendy, and seems to offer high-quality clothing, if not designer quality.


“I know the gal who runs this shop, she gives me a great deal on stuff so we can, go clubbing together. She owes me some credits for some design work I did for her a couple weeks ago, so don’t feel bad about picking out whatever catches your eye.” She narrates as she climbs out for the vehicle and meets Lana at the boutique’s door. She holds the door for Lana and follows her in.


“Cheylie, is that you?!” Another young woman comes out from behind the counter to meet the pair. She is short, perhaps Daray’s height, but waifishly thin, with a short, dark hair cut and cothing that barely covers her tiny body’s private parts.


“Heya Fal! How’ve you been girl?” Cheylynne gushes as the two embrace for a moment. Cheylynne then turns to introduce Lana. “Fal, this is my new friend, Lana. She’s from out of town and waiting to meet a friend, so I thought I’d take her over to Dance-Teque for some unwinding, but she needs some new clothes since this bulky body-suit, jacket, and boots look isn’t really happening.”


“Well, you’ve come to the right place. I still owe you for the work you did in my living room, so Lana, take your pick honey. We can’t have your first night in Hector be anything less than amazing!” Fal takes Lana’s hand, and leads her over to a few racks laden with flashy tops and skirts. “I’m afraid I don’t have the stuff here to be customizing outfits for your tail, so you may want to stick to a skirt,m or maybe a seriously lo-rise pair of tights…” She holds up a few items for Lana to consider.




The canyon was deep, and wide. There were countless twists and turns. Little dark nooks and crannies to disappear into, for hours on end. The problem she had to overcome was the fact that, even though the skinsuit would protect her from the almost non-existent atmosphere, the amount of air it could take with her was extremely limited. After the first four or five hours, her ability to hold her breath and make use of whatever air the skinsuit could trap inside its protective cocoon, was all but used up.


The first time she needed air, she suck into the construction sight closest to her, and tapped into a supply line from an oxygen catalyzer to a supervisor’s tent. A few deep breaths, and her lungs were recharged for another few hours of hiding out from the authorities. What she didn’t realize was that she had been found, and was being monitored. Her complete lack of defense against any kind of psionics made her a perfect target for the same stalker that had been bothering Lana.


When she made her move to head back for more air, she rounded a corner at the bottom of the canyon and came face to face with a dozen armed goons in armored pressure-suits. Her dwindling supply of oxygen limited her ability to run, so she raised her arms and fired two bio-energy blasts, quickly incapacitating or killing two of the thugs. Turning to make a break into the canyon, she came face-to-face with a huge, hulking figure already most of the way through a powerful swing of a large metal bar.


The metallic bat struck her in the forehead, compressing even the rigid helmet-like protection of the skinsuit and instantly darkening Daray’s world, her body crumpling to the martial soil in a heap.




Lana holds out her hand when she is introduced to Fal.  “It’s very nice to meet you Fal, and you have a lovely shop here.”  Lana’s tone is appreciative as she looks around the shelves and racks of bright and colorful clothing.  She takes her time searching through the racks for just the right outfit.  She nods with Fal’s assessment of her tail and settles on a skimpy vinyl two piece outfit.  It is a gold material that enhances the color of her eyes.  The top is a halter style with a diamonds cut in the center to show off her cleavage even as it supports her chest.  The skirt is a simple tight mini that laces up the sides showing off her pale skin.


Fal looks her over appreciatively.  “Very nice, it takes someone with your kind of curves to really pull an outfit like that off.  I’ve got a pair of shoes in the back that should fit you and really make that outfit.”  She disappears for a moment and then returns with a long box.  Inside is a pair of two inch gold platform shoes that lace all the way up past the knees.  The straps are sporadically decorated with rhinestones that glitter in the shop lights.  


Lana sits down to lace the shoes and then stands up and does a pirouette in front of the other two women. “So, what do you think?” 




While Lana is browsing the ware, Cheylynne pokes through a few racks as well, finally deciding on a mini-skirt beneath a wrap-around top that closes tightly about her waist, and falls to her knees in the sides and back, as well as loosely covering her body above the waist like a regular blouse. The outfit is open down between her breasts, and from below the waist, revealing a lot of her own creamy flesh, but not really showing anything. She finishes the outfit off with a pair of knee-high stiletto boots and moves over to the others just as Lana is showing herself off. “Lana! You look amazing! Definitely better than that clunky bodysuit!” She beams.


Within minutes, they are all squared away with Fal, who says she will join them at the club in an hour, after she closes up the store and changes clothes. “Now don’t you ladies go having too much fun without me. I haven’t been dancing all week and I’d hate to miss anything!”


Cheylynne grins, but promises nothing as she leads Lana out of the store, her armored bodysuit, jacket, and boots  folded up and stuffed in a bag that she puts in the trunk with her groceries.


Once they are loaded up, she drives them a few blocks away, stopping in front of a building that has a steady stream of people moving in and out, accompanied by a driving techno beat from within. The club is similar to what one would expect of such a place, tight quarters, lots of people dancing, plenty of dark corners to share a few secluded minutes in, and a bar on either side of the dance floor.


Cheylynne pais the cover and offers to buy Lana a drink, then suggests they spend some time dancing. It’s obvious she loves the music, and the simple act of moving to the beat on the dance floor, and she dances with anyone who wants to dance with her, but always makes sure Lana is OK first.




-Wake up Daray. You are in extreme danger.-


‘Where am I?’ Darren came around at the sound of the woman’s voice. He tried to press a hand to his throbbing head, but for some reason he couldn’t move his arm. Opening his eyes, he saw the form of a brilliantly glowing woman, apparently standing over him and looking down, although he couldn’t make out any of her features due to her glow.


-You are unconscious again Daray. You must wake up. I fear your situation is dire.- The glowing form replied.


‘I know you don’t I?’ he stared up at the figure, still pulling at his arms experimentally, but they refused to budge.


-I am APRIL. You are Daray. You have been captured by someone and need to awaken.


‘Where am I? Why can’t I move?’


-You are being held captive. I can only assume that your current predicament is a reflection of your actual state. Daray, you must wake up.- The glowing woman, APRIL made a pleading gesture as she spoke to him.


‘Why do you keep calling me Daray? And why can’t I move my arms or legs?’


-You need to wake up Daray… wake up… WAKE UP-


The woman’s voice suddenly changed tone, becoming more tenor and forceful instead of the lilting soprano, and Daray’s eyes popped open with a start.


A dark figure leaned over her, his features obscured by a harsh backlight, making it impossible to discern any details at all. She pulled at her arms and legs, but they were secured tightly, her body pulled into a harsh spread-eagle position, with her limbs pulled down lower than her body, creating a harsh arch through her back.


Turning her head to the side, she saw that her hands were encased in some kind of metal gauntlets that were strapped to a heavy weight on either side of her. The weights had her arms pinned back against the surface of the strange, arched table and prevented her from lifting them even a fraction of an inch.


*Ah, there you are. welcome, Miss Bowen, to my summer home. Soon enough, I’ll get you fully indoctrinated, and moved to my home in Tranquility, but for now, this will have to do as a start.* The man’s tenor voice is as smooth as silk, but it carried some unnatural property with it that made her sort of long for its caress.


-Do not bend to his influence Daray. I am here. We can defeat him.- APRIL’s voice shook her out of her reverie, but it was quickly replaced as his voice rolled over her again. 


*Soon enough, you’ll be my little kitten, fetching my slippers, killing my enemies, warming my bed… baiting my trap…* As his form backed away from her, the light cooled a bit, allowing her to make out some of his features. He appeared to be a handsome enough man, with dark hair and dark eyes that held no brightness in them. The shock came when she heard his voice, but didn’t see his lips move… A telepath!




Lana laughs at the comments about her bodysuit but she still carefully tucks it away in the offered back.  It has already protected her once today and she is surprised by how much more vulnerable she feels without it on.  Lana moves through the traffic of the bar with confidence and ease.  She laughingly orders a drink, ‘Something sweet!”  She yells at the bartender and he comes back with a shot that tastes like cherries.  She drinks it in a single gulp, alcohol being common in the brothel where she grew up and she has a good tolerance for it.  She lets Cheylynne pull her out onto the dance floor, laughing as she bounced around energetically to the music.  Lana stays in the most well lit area of the floor, conscious that she needs to stay visible because she does not want to be drug off into any of those secluded corners.  


The disapproving gazes from the streets earlier are nowhere to be seen. She lets her body move to the rhythm of the music and in doing so reveals an exotic and sensual grace to the movement of her body that is quite stunning when she dances.  In fact quite a few men and women try to press themselves close to her, she laughs and spins away, always keeping Cheylynne in sight, but smiling to let her know that she is having fun.  Even through her fun there is always the niggling worry for Daray, a counting down of the minutes until she can see her again.  Briefly she wonders if Daray would enjoy coming to a club like this with her.




By the time they’re ready to leave the club, it’s been easily another four or five hours, and it’s well beyond midnight, Cheylynne is happy and still bouncing along as they move to her little vehicle and she starts it up, grinning widely at Lana as she climbs in beside her.


“OK, well, we’ve probably kept your friend waiting for long enough by now I should think. Let me get you to this address so you can get some sleep and make sure they know you’re alright.”


It takes only a few minutes for her to get to the address, the familiar sight of the glass-front building quickly coming into view as she pulls up the street and stops in front of the door. “Wow! Your friend is doing alright uh? This place looks amazing!”


She climbs out of the vehicle and opens the trunk to fish out Lana’s bag, and hugs her as she turns it over, smiling and still bouncing a bit. “I had a wonderful time Lana. Thank you for spending the evening with me.” She hands Lana a crystal as they step apart again, “this is my contact info. If you need anything, or want to hang out again before you leave.”


After they say their ‘thank you’s’ and ‘good-bye’s’, Cheylynne climbs back into her little roadster and pulls away, leaving Lana alone at the door, where she realizes there is another data crystal stuck to the door next to the key-pad. A data crystal with a lock of strawberry blonde hair stuck to it.




Lana is tired but happy as they head to her temporary address, she grins at Cheylynne’s excited chattering and takes the data crystal from her.  “Thanks for the great evening.  You take care of yourself!”  She staggers tiredly up the stairs to the door and has her hand on the digital lock before she even notices the crystal and hair.  When she notices it her bubble of happy emotion bursts and the tiredness turns into a leaden weight.  She knows that hair and it can only be bad news delivered in this manner.  She picks it and the crystal up and staggers into the house once the door opens.  She drops her bag on the floor, putting Chyelynne’s crystal in that bag so she doesn’t loose it.  She strokes her fingers lovingly across Daray’s hair, her heart a leaden thing in her chest as she forces herself to access the information on the crystal.




Plugging the crystal into the computer in the living room produces a large, holographic image in the center of the recessed circle that the couch is in. The image is of Daray, strapped into an arched frame, arms and legs spread wide and held down with what look like one-ton weights. Her hands are enclosed in some kind of metal sleeves, keeping her wrists covered up and her long braid is tied around another weight beneath the table, keeping her head pulled tightly against the structure. There are several knives, and other implements sticking out of her body at various locations, but aside from a look of grim determination, she seems to be unfazed, if a bit uncomfortable.


A smooth tenor voice can be heard coming from the speakers. “Miss Daray Bowen, daughter of Larry and Delilah Bowen, of the Bowen family here in Hector. It’s funny how they don’t seem to remember anything about a daughter. So, Miss Bowen, who are you?”


The voice is coming from off-camera, and sounds like satin.


“I’m not telling you shit.” She spits back, her face contorting as she pulls against her bound hair.


“Well, you can obviously withstand a great deal of pain, so I don’t think that is going to help my cause much, but I learned a few thing while I was in your head Miss Bowen, some very interesting things. Such as, the fact that you were not always exactly what you appear to be now. So I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach to breaking you than I have to my other ladies.”


The image shifts to capture the form of a hulking, naked man who steps between Daray’s spread legs. He’s massaging his erection, a monstrous thing, as he grins at her malevolently, moving into position for what is obviously going to be a very unsettling act.


Daray’s eyes go wide as she sees his form looming between her legs. “Are you insane?! What the hell are you doing?!” She shrieks, true panic beginning to show on her face.


“I want you to tell me where she is. Where is Lana?” The voice asks smoothly.


“Fuck off!” Daray screams in defiance, her face is a mask of horror however, as the hulk positions himself between her legs and grins at her.


“This doesn’t have to be unpleasant Miss Bowen. We can be friends. All you have to do is give us her location.”


“Never! Just kill me and be done with it!” She tries to scoot back from the man’s erect member as it touches her privates, but the restraints hold her fast and she clenches her eyes closed against the pressure of his flesh on hers.


“Oh I won’t kill you. I would never kill something as unique and beautiful as you. Unfortunately, you are going to have to learn to take care of my needs, since you will be joining my collection in your friend’s stead.”


At that, the hulk of a man pushed his hips forward, one hand at the base of his member, guiding it in, and the other clenching Daray’s thigh. Her eyes pop open and she screams, a bestial, animal scream of rage and pain, as he pushes his huge erection home in one thrust. He doesn’t take but a moment’s time after bottoming out in her, before he is working a steady pace in and out. Within moments, Daray’s screaming and yelling has turned into open sobbing, punctuated by the pounding, jarring thrusts o the brute.


The scene goes on for the better part of an hour, with the silky-smooth voice questioning Daray about Lana’s whereabouts as the giant man abuses her body in a variety of ways. For the first few minutes, Daray’s horror at what is happening keeps her sobbing, but by the time the video cuts out, Lana can see the familiar, clouded look coming over her eyes and shortly after that, she is panting and grunting like an animal in heat. Just before she looses control of herself, Lana can make out the words, “I’m sorry Lana,” panted from her lips, and then her conscious mind is gone and she is lost to the throes of the physical experience.


A moment after the hour-long video cuts out, a message appears in the display. A simple, text message that informs Lana:


You can stop this. Come to my compound. Give yourself to me freely, and she will be released.


Following the message is an address, and then the entire thing repeats.




Lana had been crying from the first image of the naked man.  She could already see the train of thought that he had taken and she cried for Daray’s lost innocence.  Not the physical innocence, the emotional innocence that is lost to all women once they realize by their very nature how easy is for others to over power them, to take what should be freely given.  She watches the whole thing, even knowing that once her eyes cloud Daray will be blessedly unable to remember the experience from that point on.  “I would have gone with him if I could have prevented this.”  She cries out in anguish to the empty apartment. The physical act wouldn’t… couldn’t effect her the way it is going to hurt Daray.  Inwardly she blames herself for not coming back sooner.  She should never have gone out, no matter what Daray had told her to do.  She could have gotten this much sooner and saved her some pain.  


Lana walks around the apartment her mind searching vainly for ideas.  They had been here so most likely the computer systems and internet were still being monitored.  She would never be allowed to send for help, any transmission she made would most likely be stopped and she would bet money that they were watching the building and would follow her wherever she tried to go.  Lana smiles as an idea finally comes to her.  She grabs the crystals from Alina and runs to the bedroom with it.  She searches through her drawers until she finds the crystal with Riana and Vincent’s information as well.  She takes a lipstick out of her supplies and throws the covers off of the bed.  


On the beautiful white sheets she writes.  “Owner of this building has been kidnapped, contact the people on the crystals and advise that Lana and Daray have been taken by T.  There will be a reward for doing this.”  Lana then artfully musses the bed so that the words are hidden but the bed looks rumpled and slept in.  She runs to the kitchen and grabs any food and drinks she can find.  She then runs through the house spilling the contents everywhere as though she were in a wild rage.  She drops half of one of the wine bottles on the corner of the bed so that the sheets will obviously need changed.  She also knocks over some decorations, shattering glass and crystal onto the floor.  Finally satisfied with her work she heads back to the living room.  She takes the tiny, disposable hypo-spray out of her cleavage and wraps the lock of hair around it. She then goes over to a nearby mirror and wedges the little device into the base of her braid, taking her time so that is  completely hidden by blue strands.  She hakes her head, it has made the ponytail painfully tight but it is hidden from view.  After that she sits down and takes several minutes to meditate.  She doesn’t use this much but she does have some small resistance to mental control.  She settles deep in her own mind and hides an order for herself within her subconscious.  “Find Daray. Free her, give her the injection.”  She repeats the order over and over like a mantra until she can hear the command ringing in her head and then she lets it go, tucked behind a memory of sex. Every time she has sex this command will pop up and run though her head.  Lana just hopes that Turin doesn’t pay as much attention to his harems minds after he has had his way with them. 


The last thing that she does before she leaves is program into the house’s computer an order for a cleaning service tomorrow.  There is a chance they will stop it, but the order should be so benign that hopefully they will let it through after they come in and search the building and see the mess she has made. She has no doubt that a hacker could easily break the lock on the door.  Then with a sigh she picks up the crystal containing Daray’s abuse and the address she is supposed to go to and walks outside to call for a cab.


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