Status Quo - Chapter 28

Written by: Paullell

 At first Lana just enjoys watching the battle.  She can tell that both the combatants are highly skilled and it is as beautiful as watching a professional dancer.  She claps and cheers and generally enjoys herself until she notices that Daray is becoming more aggressive. She starts to grow concerned as Daray slams harder and harder when Riana blocks and parries her more aggressive attacks.   She starts to call out several times that it is enough but she's not certain that either one would have heard her anyways.  She barely notices when Vincent gathers his things and comments that he is leaving.  She shakes her head at the question.  


She approaches where Riana has her pinned and nods her head.  “I can redirect, I think.  I guess I hadn't entirely understood.  Could you keep holding her for a minute please?”



Lana steps up until she is right next to both women.  She places one hand on Daray's thigh and slowly strokes it upward until it is resting over her currently armored crotch.  She doesn't move or rub any further, just holds her hand there expecting eventually to feel the protected suit soften under her fingers in response to her action.  She uses her other hand to stroke along Dray's exposed neck and cheek, pulling her attention away from the fight and trying to redirect it to lust.  


“You can let go whenever you are comfortable Riana.  She wont hurt me.”  Lana speaks with utter confidence and trust.  As soon as Daray  turns to look at her, no matter what expression she may have on her face Lana will lean forward with a smile and kiss her, giving her no room to wiggle away as she presses her full body against the parts of Daray that are not held by Riana and not pinned to the wall.




Daray struggles against Riana’s arm locks, her chest pressed firmly up against the inner hull of the cargo hold. Initially, her head is turned away from where Lana approaches and Riana is holding her with one hand pinning her arms together in the small of her back, and the other pressed between her shoulder blades.


The purple-haired elf nods at Lana, then turns her head the other direction to afford them what privacy she can.


Daray’s struggles continue as Lana’s hand traces a line up her thigh, but she stiffens as her hand presses into her crotch and holds a constant pressure there, cupping her sex comfortingly. Daray’s head spins around to face Lana, her eyes softening, awareness seeping back into her mind. As Lana leans in and their lips touch, Riana releases Daray’s limbs, and then silently slinks away, leaving the pair alone in the hold.


Almost as if she doesn’t realize her arms have been released, they stay wound up behind her, still exactly where Riana had left them, and she leans into the kiss. Her chest stays pressed into the wall, almost as if she is somehow immobilized. The thick plate covering her crotch seems to melt away under the pressure of Lana’s hand, not going so far as to reveal the folds of her sex, but becoming thin, and pliable enough that Lana can easily find them if she tries.


After several moments of forceful, then increasingly more passionate kissing, Daray’s eyes return to their normal, sharp, cobalt blue, although there is a sort of lost puppy look to them as she leans back a bit and says, “Thank you Lana. I was pretty far away there for a while. I wasn’t sure you’d be able to find me.”




Lana doesn’t even notice when Riana finally moves away, all of her attention is locked on Daray.  When her eyes clear and she leans back Lana smiles; pleased to see her return to herself.  “I’ll always find you Daray.  But I don’t entirely understand what happened there.  You were beautiful and the fight looked like a skilled dance and then something changed.  I had thought it was your lack of experience with passion that had you loosing yourself so thoroughly in the moment.  But it’s actually something more isn’t it?”


As she speaks Lana’s hand moves away from her sex and instead pushes on Daray, trying to turn her so that they are facing each other again.  Her intention is to wrap Daray’s arms around her and cuddle into her warmth.   Her emotions could be turned to passion but at this moment her true feeling is tenderness and worry.




All at once, Daray’s arms seem to unbind themselves from their awkward position in the center of her back. Likewise, her long braid is released, tumbling down between her legs as Lana turns her around. She leans heavily against the wall, willingly, almost wantonly taking Lana up into the desired embrace.


She nods slowly, thinking back over the events of the match. “It’s like… the longer something like that goes on… the more involved I get in the situation… the further away my mind goes.” She leans heavily into Lana, turning her head to the side and pressing it against the other woman’s chest. She holds herself there for several long moments before sniffling. “It’s been more than two years since I’ve heard a heartbeat this close. I can’t hear my heartbeat any more. They did something to me Lana.”


She lifts her head up, tear-streaked eyes meeting Lana’s again. She makes no move to hide them, or wipe them away this time. Simply holding Lana’s eyes with her own, tears tracking down her cheeks slowly. “I can’t explain it. I don’t know what it is. But it scares me.”




Lana just holds her tighter, completely out of her depth when it comes to offering reassurances to this woman.  The things that have been done to her without her full understanding and consent are nearly monstrous.  Lana leans in and kisses the tears away.  She whispers soothingly in her ear, meaningless reassurances but gives it a valiant effort none the less.  


“It’s alright.  You’re alive, that’s what is important.  You triumphed over all the difficulties that your previous employer threw at you.  You survived things that would have killed most people.  You had some bad luck along the way but you are still here.   What does it matter if they did something to you?  You survived it and you can survive anything else they throw at you too.  I’ll be here to help, I promise.”




Daray squeezes Lana a little tighter, “I just do what I can. What I have to. Sometimes I feel like there is a kind of disconnect between my mind and my body. I’m so afraid I’m going to accidentally hurt you Lana. I don’t think I could live with myself if that happened. I… I love you… too much.” Her faces blushes scarlet at the long-overdue admission.


She slumps back against the wall and sighs heavily, rubbing her temples with her index fingers. “I wish… that I understood myself, and my feelings better. I can’t adequately explain what’s going on in my head. My body does things without my permission, and all of these new feelings are impossible for me to sort out.”


Sliding down the wall to a sitting position on the floor, she props her elbows on her knees and wraps her fingers around the back of her head, staring at the floor between her feet. “I’m dangerous Lana. When I get physical, I loose control. Maybe a partnership isn’t the best idea… Everybody will be better off if I keep to myself…”




Lana smiles at the adorable blush on Daray’s face.  She watches as she tries to pull herself together.  Unfortunately that attempt includes pulling away from Lana and withdrawing into herself, even to the point where she slips to the floor and curls in on herself.  Lana lets her indulge her self pity for only a moment.  She leans in and straddles her knees.  Grabbing Daray’s arms off of the back of her neck she pushes and prods until she can sink down and straddle Daray’s thighs.  Sitting on her like this she puts Daray’s arms around her waist and Lana puts her hand under Daray’s chin, making her look up at her again.  She smiles and kisses her nose gently.  


“You are very silly sometimes.  I love you too.  I don’t say that to people.  I say, oh you’re wonderful, you’re amazing in bed.  You make my limbs weak; and other equally benign comments designed to inspire lust and confidence in the bedroom and encourage clients to return.  But you Daray.  You I love and I won’t let you do this for both of our sakes.  You promised to be my anchor remember?  You won’t hurt me physically… and believe me you’ve had opportunity to do so.  I need you.  I’m floating away into nothing so don’t you dare abandon me out here.”  Lana scolds Daray gently.




Lana’s words seem to visibly bolster Daray’s confidence enough that she offers a little smile. “I did, didn’t I?”


She reaches up and runs her fingers through Lana’s hair appreciatively, taking in the sight of the woman, her soft skin and caring eyes. “I truly don’t deserve you.” Leaning forward, she wraps her arms around Lana’s waist, pulling her in a little closer and kissing her. “I lucked out when I fell into your arms didn’t I? You keep caring about me, and all the weirdness in my life, long after a normal, sane person would have run away screaming.”


She kisses Lana’s lips again, a little longer this time. “Of course, I’m not sure that speaks too highly of your own stability or not…” She is cut off by the loud complaining of her stomach, causing her to look down at the offending area of her body, then collapse back against the wall again with an exaggerated sigh.




Lana’s eyes glint with suppressed laughter and her lips quirk at Daray’s comment about her sanity.  “I don’t believe I have ever claimed to be sane.  That would be boring I think.”  Her suppressed laughter erupts as Daray’s stomach continues to demand food becomes true laugher and she climbs up off of Daray to let her stand up.  “Well I can see where you’re priorities lie.  I think Vincent said something about preparing a meal.”


Lana offers Daray a hand to help her.  “Besides, let’s not get into who deserves who.  You’ve rescued me twice over now.  You have nothing to do with who ever is trying to erase my existence.  I don’t even want to think about where I would be right now If you hadn’t barged into my apartment.”




Daray accepts the hand up. Wiping her previously-shed tears away with her free hand, she wraps the other arm around Lana’s waist as they head back toward the stairs. “OK, well, let’s not start keeping score or anything.” She sniffs again, trying to get herself under control before making a public appearance. “Dammit! I don’t know how to deal with these new feelings sometimes…”


Squeezing Lana closer to her as they cycle through the airlock, she smiles and adds, “although, I think I may see a light at the end of the tunnel. I just hope you’re still there holding it when I finally find my way out..”


The smell of food can be detected the instant the inner airlock door opens, eliciting another noise from Daray’s stomach. As the pair moved out of the corridor and into the galley, they are greeted by Riana and Vincent, dancing around one another in the kitchen area, preparing a mountain of food, laughing, and singing along in a strange language to a hauntingly beautiful song that is rolling out of the ship’s acoustic panels.


They both smile in turn as they see Daray and Lana entering the room, waving them in and indicating that they should help themselves to the food. “We remember your metabolism Daray, feel free to eat as much as you like.” Riana smiles as she pours a steaming mass of tofu and vegetables from a hot wok into a bowl on the counter.


Daray licks her lips, holding on to Lana’s waist for a moment as if she is having trouble deciding what to do. The smells of the food are as good as, if not better than any restaurant she’s ever been to. Her body twitches and starts moving toward the food several times, but her grip on Lana seems to stabilize her and allow her to keep from attacking the buffet.




Lana stares at the pile of food with pleasure and happily crosses the distance to the table that it is spread out on.  She can tell that Daray is using her to keep her impulses in check so she gives her hand a squeeze to let her know it’s OK and then proceeds to grab two plates.  She offers one to Daray and keeps herself close so that it is easy for Daray to keep her hand on Lana’s waist if she so chooses.  She makes her way to the table and peruses the selection, choosing a nice thick sandwich and a fruit salad to start her off.  


She glances over at the two cavorting in front of the sink.  At first she thinks they are just speaking nonsense and then the phonics become clearer and she starts to hum along with the tune.  She’s never heard this language before but by the end of the song she is laughing and joining in as the words and meanings become clearer to her.   At the end of the song she sings the chorus one more time in English to make certain she got the translation correct.


“But it's all part of being a pirate,

You can't be a pirate

With all of your parts;”


She giggles again as she sits down.  “That’s a funny song.  I’ve never heard it before.”




Daray watches in amazement as Lana slips into social mode, swinging her own hips to the rhythm and humming along. By the time she has her plate loaded, her humming has turned to outright singing and her face is smiling brightly.


Daray shakes her head in amazement at how easily Lana takes to the simple act of being around people and expressing herself. Taking the plate from her friend, she leans in to the proffered food and loads her own plate up, removing her hands from Lana only long enough to pile food on her plate. Within minutes she is sitting down near Lana and busily stuffing her face, making only a minimal effort to not look like a pig.


Riana and Vincent finish their cooking and singing and Riana grins widely at Lana. “It’s the first time you’ve spoken Elven too isn’t it? Your diction is surprisingly good for a first time speaker.”


The pair move out of the kitchen area and join Lana and Daray at the table, still all smiles and mirth. Riana offers Daray a caring look as she digs into her own food, using chopsticks instead of a fork. “You know Dare. You probably cold benefit from some structured meditation. I’ve met a couple people with rager traits that have a lot of luck reigning them in through meditation. Do you mind me asking if you have similar issues during intercourse?”


Vincent half-chokes on something at this question, and Daray turns bright red, and sinks down low in her chair, her eyes finding something extremely interesting on top of her feet to inspect.


Riana simply blinks a few times, then turns her attention to Lana with a raised eyebrow. “I’m sorry. Did I misspeak? I thought you two were intimate…”




Lana grins at the compliment.  “Thanks!  I’m good at languages. It seemed nonsensical at first; the vowels flowed together too prettily.  I’ll bet its one of those languages that has double letters that are considered a single letter like in Spanish.”


Lana laughs at the response of Vincent and Daray to Riana’s frank question.  Lana is perfectly comfortable talking about their intimacies but she looks questioningly at Daray first, checking to make certain that she doesn’t mind before she does so.  Getting no feedback from her slumped pose and her foot inspection, Lana decides to proceed as well as she can without any additional input.  She meets Riana’s eyes with no shame at all and answers in a matter of fact manner.  “Yes we are and yes she does.  Meditation is a good idea.  We’ve actually already tried to have a meditation session, although my methods are not really conventional.  Would you say there is a big difference in meditation techniques and the results that you get from them?”




Daray continues to get redder and redder as Lana speaks, slipping lower and lower in her chair as if it was swallowing her whole. Riana’s ears twitch slightly at Daray’s display, but she keeps her attention focused on Lana. “I’ve used a few techniques personally. I find that regular meditation helps my biological and cybernetic systems operate in better harmony. I usually use scented candles or incense and spend thirty to sixty minutes on silent, self meditation.”


She smiles toward Daray, who seems to be considering how best to resume the attack on her food without exposing herself to more embarrassment. “Although I think Dare might find more benefit in some guided meditation, and you’ll need t make sure any scents you use are not so potent that they grate on her enhanced senses.”


Vincent finishes his choking and gagging, then claps Riana on the shoulder and pipes in with, “That’s a real subtle line of attack there Ree. One of these days we’re going to have to have that chat about appropriateness and timing.” He adds a couple coughs, covering his mouth politely, then turns his attention to Daray. “Don’t worry about it Daray, she’s still learning how to deal with people. She doesn’t understand that’s not the kind of question that most people are used to hearing over dinner.”


Daray’s color begins to return a little, as she rises up in the seat a little and resumes poking at her food tentatively. She picks at the food for a couple minutes as conversation goes on around her, then blushes again as she smirks and tosses out, “I can’t help loosing control around Lana, she’s a so much better kisser than you are Riana.”


Vincent starts to choke on his meal again as Riana turns to look at Daray and shuts down her triumphant smirk with, “I’ve also read that some people who have a tendency to loose control during sexual activities can reap strong benefits from being bound or secured during the act of intercourse. It seems that the complete loss of situational control can not only help keep rager tendencies in check, but can also heighten arousal and increase the effectiveness of oral sex. A fact that two sexually active women might find particularly intriguing.”


Daray’s blush is furious but, while she slumps her shoulders some, she remains resolute this time, not sinking into her chair any further. Instead, she sets about filling her mouth with food again, emptying a couple of the bowls onto her plate and resuming her frenzied pace.


Riana’s ears flatten out a bit at Daray’s reaction, her violet eyes turning to take in the spectacle of Daray’s eating habits. “I haven’t said anything else wrong have I?”


Vincent begins to repeat himself, “Appropriateness and ti…” 


But is cut off abruptly when Daray responds around a mouth full of food, “No. I just want to finish this so I can go find out if that’s true or not.”


Vincent offers up a third round of choking as Riana offers a raised, purple eyebrow, and a slight smirk, turning to Lana, “I hope you’re up to the challenge that Dare represents. It takes a special kind of person to deal with some one that peculiar.” Before anyone can protest, she leans into Vincent, wrapping an arm around his waist and laying her head against his shoulder, adding, “I know this from first hand experience. Vincent is extremely patient with me. I am very lucky to have found him.”




Lana worries at first when Daray seems to get even more embarrassed by her words.  She smiles proudly when she rallies and teases back.  She watches the exchange between the women with amusement and the only person she laughs at is Vincent and his poor throat.  She can’t help but giggle at the compliments Daray keeps giving her and she feels surprisingly relaxed, she has the feeling that even if these people knew her profession they probably wouldn't care and that makes her like them even more. 


She grins at Riana's final comment and nods in agreement.  With a causal gesture she reaches out and squeezes Daray's hand wanting to touch her “I'm pretty sure I'm up to the challenge.  Of course it could just be that I'm not entirely sane.  This suggestion has been made before.  However Vincent, if you have any tips I'll be happy to hear them.”  She turns her most dazzling smile to Vincent at this point and waits expectantly for his answer.




“Don’t look at me.” Vincent holds his hands up defensively. “The one time I kissed Daray, she about took my head off.”


When the room goes slightly silent, he looks at Riana and grins. “Oh, you meant tips on how to deal with a troubled individuals…” 


Riana narrows her eyes at the blonde man for a moment, before smiling an understanding smile and leaning further into his body. 


Daray follows suit, squeezing Lana’s hand and wrapping her arm around Lana’s, leaning into her.


“Well first off, you have to stop caring about how people see you. Not a problem for me since I grew up in The Dregs. Next up, you have to be able to interpret  what they say without all the social stigma that people tend to accumulate over the years. Lastly, and most importantly, you have to be able to accept the fact that they will likely be better than you at almost every single thing they do, no matter how hard you try. Somehow, helping with the emotional and social issues seems to be a lot easier when you compare it against how perfect they are in every other way…”


“And you…” Riana pipes in, looking directly at Daray, “have to be willing to constantly hold yourself back, so as not to hurt your partner, but be willing to also let them teach you how things really are. You’re better than I am socially, having actually grown up in this world, but our physical characteristics make us very similar in terms of capabilities.”


Daray offers Lana a worried look, as if she is reconsidering their relationship quite seriously, but Riana is quick to add, “don’t get me wrong though. I’m not talking about handicapping yourself. I’m talking about learning to control your abilities, harness your strength. The things I have learned from Vincent, the levels of passion we can reach together… It’s different than raw, carnal, physical sex. There are people out there that you can get that with, but it isn’t the same as truly sharing you heart and soul with someone…”


“You make it sound pretty amazing. I… Well I never… You know… had sex… with anyone… before Lana. I love her…” She presses herself up against Lana, squeezing her hand again. “I love her more than anything, but… I don’t think we’ve gotten there… at least not yet… I… I don’t think I…” Her eyes start to mist again as she tries to shoulder the blame for her selfish performances.


Looking up into Lana’s eyes, she wipes a tear away, “Maybe… meditation can help? Or the being tied up thing? I don’t want to be keeping you from how things could be Lana…”

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