Status Quo - Chapter 24

Written by: Paullell

 Lana laughs as she is pounced on and uses the wall behind her to steady herself.  The feeling of Daray’s rubbery skinsuit is a whole new texture when covered with rivulets of water.  Lana slides her hands down Daray’s things until she can wrap her arms around her hips and hold her up slightly; her hands wrap under the curve of her bottom and her fingers are tantalizingly close to Daray’s folds but not quite touching.


She kisses Daray back passionately with equal levels of intensity but her passion is far more under control.  She feels their breasts pressed together again and her nipples tighten at the rubbery sensation.  




Daray’s passion seems almost unconsolable as she devours Lana’s mouth, scraping her teeth along Lana’s lips and wrapping her tongue around that of her lover’s. She uses her arms and legs to squeeze their bodies together, trapping a thin layer of water between them. Their breasts and stomachs slip and slide as they move, nipples flicking and bumping one another. 


Daray’s body responds like a race-tuned space-craft, reacting instantly to even the slightest  touch. Even from near-by, Lana’s hands can feel Daray’s sex twitching and pulsing in anticipation of attention, and Daray is grinding her mound against Lana’s feverishly. Her body-length cascade of strawberry hair is now completely soaked, dangling from her head in one thick, wet, heavy rope.


As she works her body against Lana’s, tiny tendrils of the rubbery skinsuit begin to reach across the gap between them, tickling Lana’s body in a hundred different locations. They aren’t grasping, or even articulate; more like thick, rubbery hairs that tickle and tease through the motion of their bodies. Another shiver runs through her, but if she notices the little tendrils, she doesn’t seem let on about it. Her breathing is still panting heavily, and moans of urgent longing permeate the shower stall.




At first Lana considered trying to gentle Daray’s passion but she eventually gives up. She deepens their kiss, their tongues parrying each other back and forth as Daray grinds herself against Lana.  She moans into her mouth and brings her hands together over Daray’s sex.  Her folds are wet for once with water from the shower and she can feel the blood pulsing under her fingers.  She slips a single finger from her left hand into Daray’s vagina. She gives her a moment to adjust to the invasion and then begins very gently to pump the finger in and out.  Her right hand lays over her left and she uses the tips of her fingers to rub Daray’s clitoris with light little circles.


Lana can feel the additional sensation of the tendrils from the suit but she decides to just accept it for now and enjoy the extra sensation. Her own body is hot and ready again but she sensed that Daray’s need is much more than her own and she is happy to be able to provide her with what she needs.




When Lana’s finger penetrates her, Daray pauses in her hungry kissing for a moment to let the sensation move through her. The feeling of being penetrated. Of having some foreign  object pushed up inside her body. It was very different when it was someone else’s finger. There was no control, no feeling both ends of the interaction, just the simple, yet somehow overly complex feeling of being penetrated.


After a moment, she resumed her kissing, moving her attention to Lana’s wet ears, nick, jaw, and chin. Planting kisses, licks, and nibbles over every inch of  skin she can get to while locked around Lana’s body. The stimulation of Lana’s finger moving inside her only seems to increase her fervor, push conscious thought further back into her mind, and bring out a sort of carnal, animal, need for physical sensation.


The tendrils, although still very passive, seem to know which spots on Lana’s body are reacting the most to their touch, those not causing much reaction fade away, falling back into Daray’s strange skin, and those that are producing strong reactions and sensations seem to become whatever is needed in order to intensify the sensation even more. They move through several phases, hard, soft, longer and flexible, longer and stiffer, and a hundred different variations, until they find what produces the most results, then they seem to lock in to that and continue stimulating their target. The whole effect is that it seems as if every square inch of Daray’s body is wholly focused on evoking the most intense, carnal responses that they can from Lana’s body.


Daray seems to be almost completely gone by this point, her legs still locked around Lana’s body, arms around her shoulders, her mouth and tongue are busy attacking Lana’s neck and shoulders now, nipping and kissing. Her hips, as much as they are able, are rocking back and forth, gyrating her sex against Lana’s and doing anything they can ti increase the sensation of the finger in her vagina, and the digits now stimulating her engorged clitoris.




Lana’s breath is coming in gasps now.  The feeling of Daray’s teeth raking across her neck is enough to make her legs waver.  Her nipples are being stimulated by the tiny flexible tendrils of the suit.  In other areas it has formed hard little nubs that add texture to the suit where it rubs against her skin.   Daray’s hips are moving almost constantly, raising and lowing herself over Lana’s fingers so that all Lana has to do is hold still and concentrate on not falling.  Lana has almost resigned herself to the sensual daze that has her nearly mindless with lust but not getting any stimulation that would relive the tension in her when a few tendrils from the suit finally grow long enough to reach her labia.  They are like miniature fingers brushing against her with every gyration of Daray’s hips, pressing deeper and higher as she groans with the sensation.   Now Daray’s writhing is pleasuring both of them and Lana leans her head back until she can feel the tile wall behind her, knowing her orgasm is only moments away and just hoping that she can keep her feet under her.




Daray’s moans turn into a silent scream as she falls over the peak her body has been climbing. She goes stiff from head to toe, pulling herself against Lana tightly, the muscles of her vagina squeezing and milking Lana’s finger. Her panting stops almost at once, as if the orgasm has paused every major function and muscle in her body, focusing all of its attention and energy on her sexual organs.


All of the protrusions go stiff as well, pressing into Lana’s erogenous zones with what they have sensed to be the exact amount, and type of pressure that she needs.


Daray’s head lolls forward after a few moments of intense, vibrating rapture, falling into the hollow of Lana’s neck and shoulder. Her grip relaxes slightly and she begins to breath normally again, and at the same time, the skinsuit’s tiny pseudopods all retract away from Lana’s body, disappearing into Daray’s skin completely, leaving her body smooth, and the skinsuit transparent again.




Lana has to brace her feet and lean her head back against the shower wall to keep from falling over as the orgasm washes through her.  She lets out a strangled cry that echoes loudly in the tiny room.  She finds herself grinning and she waits for Daray’s body to unfreeze.  She lays a kiss on Daray’s temple as she lolls her had against Lana’s shoulder.  “You are full of surprises Daray.”  She whispers as she lets go of Daray, silently urging the other woman to stand on her own legs again.  She stands hugging her for several more minutes, while her breathing returns to normal.


With another kiss and a gentle push she turns Daray and grabs the shampoo bottle.  “Turn around, sweetie.  I’ve been dying to wash and brush that hair.”




It takes a few moments for Daray to come to her senses, but once she does, it is almost like a switch is being thrown. She is suddenly alert and aware of her surroundings. She seems almost surprised to find herself latched on to Lana, but adapts quickly and lavishes her friend with hugs and kisses as she disengages herself fairly gracefully.


“What kinds of surprises?” She wonders aloud as she lets Lana turn her around, briefly standing under the stream of water to rewet her hair. It hands from her head like a huge weight while wet, and she leans against the back wall of the shower stall, arms above her head and palms pressed into the wall as if she is bout to be frisked for concealed weapons. I’m glad you find this mess interesting. Personally, the novelty of it has pretty well worn off by now.”


She looks over her shoulder at Lana and smiles sweetly, adding in a quiet voice, “I’ll keep it if you like it though.”



When Daray turns around and presses her hands against the wall Lana steps up behind her and gives her another hug.  She whispers in her ear  “First of all you have the libido of a teenager right now.” Her tone clearly indicates that as being a good thing.  “And your skin suit has some amazing abilities as well.”


Lana steps back and works the entire bottle of shampoo into Daray’s hair.  Her fingers are skilled and gentle causing very little pulling on the strands.  The position Daray has assumed makes Lana grin even further but she resists any sensual touches, knowing that they need to get moving again.  In regards to the comment about her hair Lana offers a compromise.  “As much as I love it I think your lifestyle will make hair this long a liability.  What about trying waist length?” She asks, placing her hands where Daray’s hips meet her waist to indicate the length she means.




Daray’s eyes flutter a bit as Lana drags her fingers through the cascade of hair. The sensation is not one she’s ever experienced before, and it is quite pleasurable. She squirms a bit, but tries to keep herself under control. The fact that all she really remembers about any of their sexual encounters to date is the physical sensations, and not any of the actual actions, is a bit disturbing to her. She isn’t sure if she wants to be so out of control, and especially now, when they need to be getting a move on.


Still curiosity must be satisfied. She looks over her shoulder again, catching Lana’s eye, “What sorts of abilities?”


Feeling Lana’s hands on her waist, she looks down the cascade of golden hair, seeing that doing so would cut the length nearly in half, it would be a lot better at the very least, even if it would take some getting used to. “OK. Maybe we can find some place to have it done right on the way out to the rings to find a ship.”





Lana helps Daray rinse her hair and then begins to work conditioner into the mass.  “That sounds good.  When we were pressed together your suit created some texture patterning for me that was very pleasurable.”  She grins happily, “not something that I had expected so it was a nice surprise.”


Once the conditioner has been distributed through Daray’s hair Lana lets her take over the rest and reaches for the soap to begin her own washing.  With her body and emotions sated her mind is already thinking ahead to the next challenge, wanting their next ride to be safer than the last one.  “What are the chances that someone will still be looking for us?  Can April charter a ship for us from here so that we don’t have to spend too much time in the open when we head to the docks?”




“I didn’t know it could do that…” Daray casts a doubtful eye down her front as she considers how odd that must have been. “But I’m glad you enjoyed it at least…” her voice trails off as she considers the consequences of what Lana just told her.


What else could the skinsuit do? If it was creating textures and other protrusions without her knowledge, what else could it do? And why didn’t she remember it? Was she really that out of control while in the moment? The fact that she didn’t really remember anything except the emotion of the experience probably should be a pretty strong indication of that… The thought scared her more than a little, especially considering her strength, and the fact that her claws could stick in starship hulls. They would make pretty short work of Lana if she lost control of herself during some steamy exchange.


She moved under the water, letting the stream rinse the conditioner from her hair, her arms folded across her chest and chin lowered as she considered the ramifications of these thoughts. After a moment, she caught sight of Lana, soaping herself up, and she felt a pang of guilt. Lana’d washed her mass of unwieldy hair, the lest she could do in return was help the woman wash her back.


She gently traced a finger down the curve of Lana’s side as she took the soap with her other hand. “Turn around you.”

She lathered up the soap, preparing to go to work on Lana’s back as soon as it was presented to her.


“I actually have a friend that lives in one of the other mega-cities here. If he’s available, we maybe could convince him to take us to Mars. APRIL, can you check the Port Authority and see if the ‘Neophyte’s Serendipity’ is docked here please?”




Lana sighs at the touch of Daray’s finger trailing down her side.  She turns and offers her back to Daray, thrilled that she wants to touch her in such a manner.  She pulls her hair over her shoulder and out of the way so she can present her full back to Daray.  The water is loosing some of its warmth and she wonders how close they are to exhausting its heated supply.  At the feel of Daray’s soapy hands running over her back she sighs with contentment, closing her eyes and relaxing under the touch.


Lana gives April a little bit of time to respond before asking her next question.  “Daray, should I go ahead and put the speaker for April back in my ear or would you both prefer privacy and I’ll just keep it on me to slip in my ear incase we get into any trouble?”




A shiver of desire runs through Daray’s body as she slides her fingers up and down Lana’s silky, smooth skin, working the lather across her back and running her fingers in circles to work any kinks out of her muscles as she applies, then rinses off the soap.


She feels the heat growing in her again, twinges of desire rolling through her body. Her hands drop to Lana’s hips and she closes her eyes, turning her head away from Lana as she tries to push the feelings back. There has to be a line somewhere, a divider between her emotional attachment to Lana, and this urge that keeps coming over her to ravish the woman. She’s felt attraction to other women, and more than a few men, since her reconstruction, but never anything like this, and the lack of control she kept experiencing was very disturbing to her.


Finally, she slid her hands, ever so reluctantly, off of Lana’s body, rinsed herself off (the skinsuit absorbed just about any foreign material that came to rest on it for too long, so she didn’t really need to clean herself below the neck very often), then stepped out of the shower and snatched a towel from the nearby rack. She smiled at Lana as she toweled herself off, and the skinsuit slowly flooded through with color, the space around her sex filling in again, and her breasts squeezing themselves together slightly and lifting as if supported.


Today, she went with a dark purple color, with cobalt accents to match her eyes. Heavy, buckled boots formed, up to her knees, an above the knee, box-pleated skirt, strapless bustier, and bolero top with long sleeves, and a thick choker around her neck. The skinsuit remained transparent around her upper legs, bust, and wrists. All this while she was busy soaking the water out of her long shock of hair (it took two towels to get it anywhere approaching dry).


“It would probably be easier if you just left it in, honestly. It’s actually kind of nice to have someone else hear her. Sort of reinforces the thought that I may not be as crazy as I sometimes think.”


She cocks her head a bit, listening to something APRIL said, then grins. “She says that it is nice to be heard by more than just me because it reinforces her belief that I am, in fact, crazier than I sometimes think I am. Oh, and the Serendipity is docked here, so we should get a train over to På-rymi and see if we can track Vincent down.”




Lana shuts off the water when Daray steps out and follows her out of the bathroom.  She dries herself quickly, her tail taking almost as much toweling to get dry as Daray’s hair, and dresses in the blue bodysuit and skirt again.  She finds a large grey sweater that fits loosely over the tight top and matches her grey boots.  She looks at herself in the mirror and sighs.  “Well now I look like a schoolgirl, better than a prostitute though.  We don’t need that attention while we try to get out of here.”  


She laughs as Daray repeats April’s comment and walks over to pick up the earpiece again and slips it into her ear.  “There, now a neutral third party can throw in an opinion.”  She tosses the hairbrush to Daray before taking a few minutes to tidy up the room as much as she can. “I’m ready when you are.”  She announces finally.




Daray offers Lana a genuine smile at her comment about her appearance. “I think yo look great, if that’s any consolation.”


Looking at the brush in her hand, then rubbing a few strands of her hair between her thumb and forefinger, she casts a doubtful eye toward Lana. “I hope to heck you are not neutral in that particular arrangement.”


She looks down at the brush again and scowls. “Do I really need to brush this? We’re going to find a barber on the way to Vincent’s place aren’t we?”


-Really Daray, and after all the trouble I went to with your outfit.- APRIL’s voice chides in Lana’s ear.


“You see what I have to deal with here?” She looks up at Lana, her look hopeful that she will win some support from her friend.




Lana grins and slips over to Daray’s side, deftly swiping the brush from her fingers while she gives her a quick yet gentle kiss on the lips.  “Ok, so maybe I lied about being impartial.  But turn around.  We may be stopping to have it cut but we don’t want to draw peoples notice to us.  Someone with hair as long as yours would take care of it.  Two girls well groomed and in nice clothing draw less attention than two girls in nice clothing with surprisingly long messy hair.  It’s about being….”  She waives her hand in the air as she tries to think of the word.  “Unobtrusive, blending.  It’s all about demeanor and how you carry yourself and how you present yourself when you are trying to blend in with the people around you.  Too dressy stands out just as much as too poor and messy stands out when the clothing says well groomed.”  Lana motions for Daray to turn around so she can start brushing.  "We'll braid it so it's easier to manage."




Daray accepts the kiss greedily, trying to follow Lana’s lips as she moves away again, then reluctantly turns around to allow her hair to be managed. “See, it’s all that stuff that makes being a girl so difficult. I try. I honestly do. I mean…” She lifts her hands to her breasts, cupping them from beneath and lofting them for a moment to emphasize her words, “I like it. This body is so alive with sensation, and it’s so much more attractive than my old one. But I don’t know how to be a woman! And APRIL keeps dressing me in all these girly clothes all the time…”


-I have told you numerous times Daray, my programming prohibits me from using the X-07 Bio-Mechanical skinsuit to produce anything but traditional female attire. The best I can do are the sorts of loose, but still feminine clothing you had me create on Venus Station three days ago when you were sulking.-


“I wasn’t sulking!” Daray yanked a chair over to her and plopped down into it, folding her arms across her chest with a sigh. “You’re so mean to me APRIL!”


-I would never be intentionally mean to you Daray. I am sorry, but my program has been modified with hidden sub-routines that seem to be designed to make you appear, and act, as feminine as possible.-


“I know APRIL. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad.”


-I do not feel bad that I am aware of Daray, although I must admit to feeling something that may best be described as remorse at your situation. I am attempting to do everything that I can in order to make things as easy as possible for you.-


“I know.” Daray’s chin drops to her chest as Lana drags the brush through her hair and begins to braid the mass. Her eyes flutter again, shivers running down her spine at the feeling of Lana’s deft touch in her hair. Looking around the room in a half-daze, a thought occurs to her. “Oh, APRIL, could you please transfer ten-thousand credits from one of my alias accounts into Lady Vash’s business account? Mark it as 48 hours one-on-one, off-site accompaniment.”


-Of course Daray.-


“And locate someone who can do something with my hair between here and Vincent’s house please?”


-Of course Daray-


“Can I get a side of fries with that?” She chuckles.


-The funds have been transfered. There is a hair stylist directly off the monorail in På-rymi who has an opening in 2 hours. If we leave in the next 18.24 minutes, we can make the express monorail and be there with 12.4 minutes to spare.-


“Thanks APRIL. I’d be lost without you.”


-Of course Daray. Also, further research seems to indicate that Lana’s birth certificate was modified by the same hacker that has altered her other public records, and those of her mother. The hospital records relating to her mother’s illness and passing however, have different fingerprints on them. They are likely the product of a much more skilled individual. I am still unsure of what is going on, but it is increasingly clear to me that Lana has become embroiled in a situation that is well beyond her estimation of purpose. It is unlikely that a father wishing to remain anonymous would go to such lengths, or expense, to do so.-


Daray looks over her shoulder at Lana, offering her best ‘we’ll get to the bottom of this’ look, then sighed, “Thank you APRIL.”

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