A Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Written by: pvc

It was this past Halloween where I decided to try something different. I wanted to do something to celebrate it and be sure not to miss it. It was the perfect Halloween in NY where the weather was warm and it happened to land on a Saturday. So given that, everyone was well rested and there was no excuse for anyone not to come out especially since it was the weekend when most people didn't have to get up for work the next day and if they did, they would have an extra hour of sleep due to daylight's savings time. I really looked forward to going to NYC later that night to meet up with some friends and of course my Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Females in Fetish.

It was finally time to head on out as it was getting close to the time of the starting of Village Halloween parade. I jumped in my car and went to pick up a friend so we could meet up with our other friends at the parade. As soon as we got in to the city we had to look for a parking space and anyone who has been to NYC knows how difficult it can be to find parking. I finally found a spot on Bowery and E1st Street. We got out and started walking toward 6th Ave. but, on the way about 20 paces I noticed a store on my right side which looked very bright inside and at first I thought it was a restaurant. I gave it a closer look and inside was a costume store. This was fantastic and I was starting to get all excited now. I told my friend let's go check it out and she was like ok. So we went in and I was just glancing around until I found a rack that had a pink PVC Nurse costume on it. It was great! Since she was a doctor I told her this was perfect for her so why don't she try it on. She turned it down because her costume would have taken a while to get off. I then saw another costume in front of it that was a pink PVC bustier with a lace up back. That was so hot! I never saw a woman in that one but, if I did she would be so damn sexy. Then I went to the other side of the rack and saw a few more PVC costumes like a beautiful long black PVC dress, a black PVC what looked like a cat suit and another geisha looking PVC costume. These had to be one of the sexiest PVC outfits I had ever seen! The geisha PVC costume had some Chinese writing on it and I wonder what the words said so I asked my friend. Since she was Chinese she told me it said "Forbidden". I was like that's so sexy. So she was ready to get going and we began our way out of the store. I wish I used my camera that I brought so I could have shown everyone these sexy outfits. I wondered how much they were selling for because they were just so sizzling hot, priceless! On the way out, I noticed the display of the same Forbidden outfit and it was just amazing. All I need this night was to see my first girl to model fetish wear and we would be set for the occasion.

After this little adventure we finally met up with up another friend and began making our way to the parade. There were so many people but, no PVC costumes to be seen yet. Getting closer to 6th Ave. it started to rain. This sucked and I didn't think it was going to rain. Finally we made it to our destination and the parade was in full gear. In the parade I must have seen about 2-3 women in PVC rain slickers. That was great. I was starting to think at this point that the best costume to have was something in PVC since the rain began falling. Then I saw a couple marching down in some old school silver vinyl sauna suits the ones that you use to sweat when exercising. That gave me flashbacks back to days when I wanted one in my earlier days of fetish. I didn't really see anything else of interest until I saw some Asian girl in the distance of the parade with an aqua blue/white PVC nurse looking costume. Now this girl really knew how to prepare for the weather and occasion. Since she was so far and it was so dark, I missed the opportunity to get a picture. Later I told my friend if it ever rained in a future Halloween, those vinyl costumes would have been the best choice. She agreed.

At this point of the night, it started pouring. The three of us began making our way away from the crowd and later met up with our original friends who we couldn't find in the thick crowds. It was starting to get late and we all decided to head to the "White Rabbit" club to meet up with another group of friends. So far my night wasn't completed. I didn't see any costumes in latex and I only saw like one girl modeling a PVC outfit but, no picture to lock in my memories of the night. Making our way to the White Rabbit club we stood at the front entrance waiting for the bouncer to let us all in. Out of the corner of the open window in front of the club I saw a girl dressed in a red PVC nurse costume. Bingo! I wasted no time as soon as I got in the club, I snapped her picture. As I took the Kodak moment and highlight of the night, the funny thing was she was looked right in to the camera as if she was proud to be seen in her sexy outfit. Mission accomplished, I completed my Scavenger Hunt! A Happy Halloween to All until next year!

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