Status Quo - Chapter 22

Written by: Paullell

 Lana’s yellow eyes almost glow with the intensity of her arousal.  She tilts her head to give Daray easier access to her neck and with every nip her body presses itself up against her because the sensation of Daray’s teeth against her skin sends tingles of delight racing through her.  In Daray’s new position Lana cant possibly reach her hips as she had intended, so she instead slides her hands back up her sides, working her way up until she is caressing and cupping Daray’s breasts. Her fingers kneed gently into Daray’s flesh while her thumbs slowly move between them until they can brush across her nipples in light circles.  All the while her tail never stops its gentle flicking movement, never speeding up or slowing down.




Daray’s body shudders again under the assault of Lana’s tail, loosing strength in her arms once more and dropping, face first into her breasts. She takes a moment to recover, then renews her attack on Lana’s soft flesh, biting and licking her nipples through the thin fabric of the the body suit, and reveling in the reaction of her flesh.


Lana’s scent begins to permeate her senses again, and even through the fabric of her clothing, the taste of her skin combines with the olfactory sensation. The two senses hammer at her reasoning mind, forcing it to recede further and further into the depths. She looks up into Lana’s shining yellow eyes, and her own cobalt pools clouding over as she begins to loose conscious control o the situation again.


Her actions begin to take on a more forceful tack, the bits and nibbles a little harder, the pinching of Lana’s nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, and the pressing of her palms into the flesh of Lana’s sides and breasts stronger.


Her breathing begins to grow heavier as the blood begins to slam through her veins as if being riven by a hammer. Any noises she makes at this point are basal grunts, moans, groans, and low growls as she slowly works her way further down Lana’s body toward her ultimate goal.




Lana responds even more to the more aggressive touches and she can feel liquid heat gathering between her thighs, her body responding to the primal urges within.  Lana’s hands fall back, her concentration lost in the sea of sensations that Daray is causing.  She whispers hotly “Il mio bello Tesoro, more… please.  It feels so good.” 


Every bite and lick urges her to new levels of tension.  Her skirt is no barrier to Daray, easily flicked up about her waist and the seam where the bodysuit connects is simple to unsnap leaving her open to her view.  Lana spreads her legs wider, giving Daray complete access to the flesh that is anxious and begging for her touch.  At this point Lana’s tail is wagging, the only movement she can still encourage it to do and the result is that it is now thumping against Daray’s sex rather than brushing across it. 




The rhythmic thumping of Lana’s tail against her open sex creates a combination of strange emotions and feelings in her. There is the border-line pain of the solid core of her tail smacking against her amazingly sensitive labia, followed by a burst of heavenly elation as the near-pain turns into intense spurts of pleasure. 


By the time Daray reaches Lana’s crotch, any lack of easy fasteners would have made little difference. The smell of Lana’s arousal was driving her mad with lust, especially with her new mane of golden hair creating a sort of tent between Lana’s body and her own face. This served to concentrate the scents that Lana was giving off, and Daray’s enhanced sense of smell was piking up every iota of it, drowning her in Lana’s lust.


It was almost as if she was feeling both of their feelings, so powerful was the sensation. She could taste Lana’s excretions even before her tongue curls around  an escaping rivulet of the precious liquid. The instant the liquid touches her tongue, she looses all control, tearing open the fasteners and lunging at Lana’s pulsing sex with her tongue.


Once there, she begins to lap and suck on Lana’s sex like a starving animal, sliding her arms beneath Lana’s thighs and wrapping her arms up around her hips, allowing her fingers to peel back Lana’s labia and give her unobstructed access to her core. The taste is amazing to her senses, like ambrosia mixed with some liquid narcotic that has her instantly and hopelessly addicted, but she doesn’t care, doesn’t even consider, as she laps at the focal point of her entire being.


Her cascades of hair, easily over four feet long now, sprawl out across Lana’s body, the light touch tickling and tracing wild lines across her body as she moves.  The fall of it around her head seals her between Lana’s open legs, making her face invisible behind the wash of golden strands as she moans and groans her pleasure into Lana’s body.


The movements of her tongue and lips are not planned, or thought out any further than a deeply-seeded desire to not let a single drop of Lana’s arousal get away from her or go to waste. She works it up and down between the inner and outer labia in long, bottom to top strokes, rolling it around the hardening pearl of Lana’s clitoris and then between the inner labia, dipping in and out of her vagina as deeply as her tongue will allow. There is no rhyme or reason, and certainly no pattern to her actions and while it is certainly not intended, the strength of her arms combined with the single-mindedness of her assault and narrowness of her vision should remove any hope Lana might have of moving away from the assault. 




Lana’s breathing is accelerated before Daray even reaches her core. Her tongue and lips soon has Lana writing beneath her.  She has no thoughts of escaping, her legs drape over Daray’s back, her heels pressing into her as she pushes herself even more fully against Daray’s mouth.  As she does that she realizes that she is pulling her own tail that is trapped beneath Dray’s torso, she laughs even as Daray’s tongue works its magic.  Silver liquid ecstasy bursts inside her.  Her laughter turns to keening cries of rapture as everything combines together; the silken hair trailing over her legs and arms, Daray’s hands anchoring her legs and her beautiful mouth assaulting her labia and vagina with fervent intensity.  “Aray! Oh God, Aray!” She cries out as her body pulses beneath Daray, the orgasm continuing on beyond what even Lana would have expected as possible.




Daray laps up every single drop of Lana’s explosive orgasm. Her nose works little circles around Lana’s clitoris as her tongue laps up the outpouring of hot, liquid, pleasure. When Lana’s writhing calms down a bit, she releases her hold on the woman’s thighs and hips, planting numerous gentle kisses around her saliva-covered sex.


“I can’t get enough of you. You taste so friggin’ amazing.” She moans, then makes one more, long, slow lick from Lana’s perineum all the way up to her engorged clitoris, her cobalt eyes, still partially clouded over with lust, lock on Lana’s golden pools through the cascade of hair. 


She moves as if she is trying to advance on Lana’s lips again, but her hands get tangled in the mass of hair splayed out around them and she yelps as a brief tinge of pain shoots across her scalp. Reflexively, she tucks that arm under her and as a result, tumbles over sideways onto the bed. She tries to sit up, but is laying on the mass of hair now and growls at it when her head is yanked back sharply by the restricted strands. “Goram Gossa!” She curses as the situation continues to somehow elude her attempts to resolve it.




Lana is nearly breathless with pleasure but she still manages to laugh at the situation that Daray finds herself in.  “No… Shh.  Hold still.”  She commands as she slowly and gently begins to untangle them both from Daray’s beautiful hair.  She sits up carefully and begins to gently gather the golden strands in her left hand.  Her right hand reaches out to gently tug and untangle the places where her hair has gotten stuck.  As she gathers she slowly inches down next to Daray, grateful that the bed is big enough to accommodate them rolling around like this.  She is grinning with happiness the whole time and finally she has gathered all of Daray’s hair into a long tangled ponytail.  She leans in and kisses her, licking away the flavor of her own arousal without a moments hesitation.  Her yellow eyes are bright and earnest as she whispers.  “You are the best protégé ever.”


As she leans in for another kiss her hands begin to run over Daray’s body, now clear of the curtain of silken hair which she has pushed aside on the bed.  Her hands gather her breasts and squeeze them gently as she whispers, “I can’t wait to return the favor.”




Daray’s frustration evaporates almost instantly with nothing more than Lana’s gentle words. She relaxes back into the bed and allows her body to become pliant to Lana’s manipulations and ministrations. After the hair event, her focus seems to have returned, her dark eyes are clear again and intensely fixed on Lana as she goes about her business.


The kiss is much more sensuous than the previous bouts, their tongues gently rolling around and over one another as they share Lana’s juices between them. Her eyes lock on Lana’s and she responds in a panting voice, low and sultry, “I’ve never had feelings like these before Lana. And it’s more than just physical sensations. Something about you makes me feel like I can do anything.”


She moans into Lana’s approaching mouth as her hands encircle her breasts, the electric sensation kicking the fire within her back into an inferno, her nipples instantly hardening to steel points. Daray’s back arches into the touch and her hands raise up to trace fingers down from Lana’s shoulders, along her sides, to her hips, their mouths licking, biting, and sucking at one another all the while.


The heat of their contact rushes into Daray’s sex, and her hips start to gyrate slightly even before any contact is made with it. 




Lana grins at Daray between kisses.  “You came back from the dead.  As far as I am concerned you can do anything.”  When Daray starts to run her hands over Lana’s shoulders she captures them gently and pushes them down on the bed above Daray’s head.  “No you don’t.  This time I want you to lie back and just enjoy.”  She smiles, kissing her cheek before she starts to scoot down Daray’s body, kissing a long and winding trail as she goes.  


Lana reaches her hardened nipples and kisses first one and then the other. She glances up Daray’s body, needing to explain that she is special too.  She can’t quite think of a way to say it that doesn’t sound trite but she forges ahead anyways.  “You’re the only person… with you is the only time I’ve ever been with someone that wasn’t a transaction.”  Lana’s eyes are earnest as she hopes that Daray understands what she’s trying to say.  


In the mean time, she bends her head and draws one of her nipples into her mouth, sucking with gentle tenacity on the hardened nipple.  She rolls her tongue around it even as she increases the pressure of her lips.  As she licks she again notices the slight metallic taste and hum of energy across her lips, she plays with that sensation almost as much as she plays with the shape of the nipple underneath it.  Her thumb and forefinger begin to play with Daray’s other nipple, rolling the hardened nub gently between them for several minutes before plucking gently at the crest in an imitation of the sucking she is doing with the other one.


Her tail is no longer trapped.  While she kneels over Daray, Lana is swishing her tail up and down Daray’s legs in long gentle strokes.  All the while she pays attention to each and every one of Daray’s reactions, memorizing what Daray enjoys and repeating those touches over and over.




The contact with her nipples is electric fire across her nervous system. Every flick of the tongue, press of fingers or teeth, every little bit of suction sends tidal waves of intense pleasure all across Daray’s body. But every single wave of pleasure seems to collate in her pulsing sex.


Her arms stay above her head, and she jerks and yanks at them in an effort to grab or touch the woman that is the source of her pleasure, but they behave as if her wrists have been locked together and, in turn, to the surface of the bed. Her body squirms and writhes beneath Lana’s expert attention and she moans loudly, alternately panting and holding her breath.


The attention Lana is lavishing upon her nipples translates directly to her crotch, which is fully engorged, the glossy black outer lips open wide, and the inner lips twitching and pulsing in desperate, pleading,  need of contact. She rolls and gyrates her hips, lifting her derrière off the bed in spite of Lana’s being perched atop her. She moves as if the taller woman doesn’t weigh anything more than a few ounces. At times, she seems to be supporting both of them on nothing more than her strangely immobile, fisted hands, and the balls of her feet, legs spread wide. Her back arches against the pleasure, lifting them both into the air and forcing Lana to take some action to keep herself atop the bucking woman.


“Oh god Lana!” Her breath makes a hissing sound as she sucks it through her clenched teeth. As Lana switches her lips to the other nipple, pinching the first with her free hand, Daray gasps, then bites down hard on her lower lip, producing a slight trickle of blood. At that, her whole body tenses, lifting them off the bed again, and she pants, “Bite me Lana. Please… Haaarrrderr…..”




Lana's thighs and legs squeeze around Daray's hips and legs to keep from rolling off of her when her body bows so drastically under her.  She grins at her pleading voice but waits for her body to settle again before she makes any new movements.  She scoots to the side, her legs now straddling just one thigh and leaving a free path down to Daray's sex.  She braces herself on her left arm and her right hand abandons Daray's breast to stroke down her torso and abdomen in one firm smooth motion.  Her hand cups over Daray’s sex, just a gentle pressure around her outer labia with her palm resting softly over her clitoris and she holds her hand there for several moments, rising and falling with Daray's own writhing so that no amount of squirming will increase the teasing pressure against her skin.


During this time her lips are still on Daray's other nipple, sucking and releasing, occasionally scraping her teeth against the skin of her breast but still not biting.  She waits until Daray's body calms a little bit, falling back into a sea of teasing hunger without quite as much desperation.  Then she increases the pressure of her palm while she slips a single finger inside her.  She doesn't move the finger in or out, she simply moves it in a circle, rubbing it slowly and firmly against the muscles that make up the opening to her vagina.  She also increases the pressure of her palm against Daray's clitoris, changing the teasing contact to pressure as she rotates the pad of her hand in circles over the sensitive nub.  Then she sucks hard on Daray's nipple and breast, taking as much of the sensitive and spongy flesh into her mouth as she can and bites down.  Her teeth vibrate with the low hum of energy in the rubbery suit, but she continues to bite stopping only when she reaches a point that she thinks might start causing pain instead of pleasure.




Daray’s moans intensify when she feels Lana’s sex pressing against her leg, her own legs wrapped tightly around hers. The hand tracing its way down her stomach and cupping her throbbing mound has her back arching again, lifting them both off the bed for a moment as Lana’s lips press into and suckle on her breast.


“Oh god Lana… That is so… intennnssseee!!!” The final word  hisses past her clenched teeth and her eyes open as wide as saucers as Lana’s finger presses between the folds of her sex and enters her vagina. The muscles of her opening pull and almost seem to suckle at Lana’s finger as she gently circles the tight ring. “Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod…” Her breath begins to come in short pants as the finger creates sensations she’s never even imagined before, lights going off in her head, body twitching spasmodically and little arcs of electricity racing back and forth across her nerves. The increased pressure on her clitoris, combined with the gentle movement of the intruder within her erases any rational thought from her mind.


The coups de gras came with the bite. The arm, wet feeling of Lana’s mouth taking in her breast was heavenly, but almost background noise against the sheer intensity of the activity taking place between her legs. When Lana’s teeth pressed into her breast, her whole world lit up in an inferno of sensation that caused her mind to melt. 


She screams out at the top of her lungs, a long, visceral, animal ululation that almost vibrates the few hanging pictures in the room. Her sex tightens impossibly around Lana’s finger and her clitoris actually pulses against the palm of her pressing hand. Her every muscle tenses and locks up, the primal scream fading away into a silent parody of its former intensity and her eyes tell the story of the sheer intensity of the experience going on in her body. 


After several long moments, she collapses back onto the bed and lay silent. For a long moment it is unclear if she survived the experience, but a moment’s careful attention reveals that, somehow, her breathing has returned to normal and a few aftershocks can be detected as an occasional, barely visible shudder washes through her body, almost as if she has been electrocuted and is still twitching from the neural overload of the experience.




 Lana drinks in every pulse and every scream of pleasure.  It feels so good to know she can do this for Daray, make her feel so much pleasure that she looses control.  When she collapses back onto the bed Lana looks around worriedly, suddenly concerned about the noise level in the room but she eventually concludes that this room is even more likely to be soundproofed than a regular room. 


Lana scoots up again so that she can rest her head on Daray’s shoulder.  Her arm and leg wind about her sinuously as she cuddles into her, a smile of happiness on her face as she waits for Daray to come down off of her euphoric cloud so that they can discuss their next step together.  She had come to the conclusion last night that she could probably make a new start of it here.  All she would need would be a fake ID.  It would be safer for her and she wouldn’t be a liability for Daray.  But there are too many unanswered questions and there is every possibility that her past could still catch up with her.  Also, deep inside her she doesn’t want to loose Daray yet.  ‘Besides, I promised April that I would help her come to terms with herself.  I can’t do that from the safety of a brothel.’




It takes several minutes for Daray to come around. Her entire body is still pulsing with waves of intense pleasure that are slowly diminishing in power, but still causing the occasional shudder to run through her. 


She blinks slowly a couple times, the ceiling of the room coming back into focus at last. A warm, comfortable weight pressing into her side makes her smile blissfully, especially when she glances down and sees that it is Lana, resting her head on her shoulder and draping an arm and leg across her own body. 


Her right hand, inexplicably able to move again after its strange bondage a few minutes ago, moves languidly to Lana’s back, tracing slow, gentle lines up and down her shoulder, upper arm, side, and up to the nape of her neck through her hair. Her other hand moves to the spot on her chest where she knows her heart is not located any longer, feeling for a beat that she suspected would have ben racing, if she’d still had a normal heart, in a normal location.


A deep sigh, somewhere between utter disdain and complete acceptance whispers past her lips. 


“I’ve never…” She began, then stopped suddenly. Her free hand tracing a light line down her torso to her still-pulsing sex. She ran her fingers very lightly around the throbbing flesh, producing a full-body shudder. “There’s never been anything… in there… before…” 


The exploring hand cups over her sex, much as Lana’s had done previously. She can feel the blood pulsing through the soft flesh. The feeling was somewhat relieving, almost as if it could take the place of her missing heart muscle.


“I had no idea it could feel so… intense…” She pressed her cupped hand against her sex, reveling in the sensation, although it is nowhere near as intense, or fulfilling, as when Lana had done it. Was that because it was Lana? Or just because the hand had not been her own?


She released herself, somewhat reluctantly, the air of the room, cooler than her over-driven biology, caused another shudder to run through her. The hand drifted to Lana’s leg, tracing lines up and down her thigh. Her touch was light, like the other hand moving up and down her side, back, and neck.


“You know. You could make a go of things here if you wanted. I met Lady Vash and a few of her girls this morning. They seem very nice. And Lady Vash seems very concerned about you.” Her very soul ached as she spoke, she didn’t want to leave Lana, didn’t want to be without her calming influence, the way she made her feel so much more at ease with herself. But she also had a burning desire to see that Lana was safe, out of danger, away from the firing range that her own life seemed to perpetually be. “I know some people here. I could get you a new ID. You can have your life back and forget all this craziness…”


She could only imagine one thing that could possibly be more soul-wrenching than speaking those words aloud… and that would be if Lana were to accept the offer…




Lana sighs contentedly at the light gentle touches that Daray is bestowing on her.  She grins at her comment that she had never had anything inside her before and Lana’s mind goes almost automatically over the toys she had to leave behind at her previous residence that she would love to introduce Daray to.  She kisses her shoulder and whispers teasingly, “I had a suspicion that might be new for you.  I’m going to assume you found you liked it, yes?”


Lana hugs her tighter at being given the option to stay but quickly shakes her head negatively.  “I’m not ready for that.  The more that happens the more I’m starting to wonder if somehow I’m at fault for all the bad luck that is happening around me.  My mother, my home, the solder that wanted to sell me; it just doesn’t feel random any more.  I want to find out what is going on before I consider settling down into anything permanent….” She pauses as she considers that Daray might not want to continue to pull her around.  “Unless you would rather that I stay.  I don’t want to slow you down.”




Daray pulls Lana to her, her arms tensing around her like metal bands. She’s careful not to hurt her, but she wants her to know how serious she is when she says, “Lana, I don’t think I ever want to be without you again.” She blushes furiously, goosebumps rippling across her body, even as she speaks the words. She didn’t know people could be that corny.


Then a warm glow suffuses her at the thought of Lana’s other words. “I never imagined what it could feel like… to be filled, inside, like that… It was weird. Intrusive. But fulfilling and…” A long pause hangs in the air as she sorts through the myriad words fighting for release from within her head. “Suffice to say, I am more than willing to let you show me more…” She blushes again.. 


‘Did I just invite someone to stick things up inside me?’


-You did.-


‘Why did I do that?! What the hell is wrong with me?!’


-Nothing is wrong with you Daray. It is a normal function of female biology.-


‘But I’m not really a woman!’


-While your mind may not be female, yet, your body most certainly is.-


‘But I don’t want to be like this. This isn’t who I am!’


-Daray, you are who you choose to be. Each individual is on a constant evolutionary path, becoming someone different day by day. You are not who you were when you were a young boy. You’ve evolved, and changed since then. Just as you are no longer the person you were before your change.-


-But I don’t want to be someone I’m not APRIL!’


-I do not believe you are even capable of being someone you are not Daray. Rather, you need to be who you are becoming. Being a woman is not going to change who you are inside. You simply must integrate this new state of being into your definition of who you are. Your old life is not gone. It is part of you. It makes you who you are today as much as your reconstruction does. You are a new person, no less your former self, but moving down a new path. You can regret it, rage against it, withdraw into yourself further, or you can revel in your life Daray. The experiences Lana is sharing with you are only some of what you can have if you accept who you are and start living your life again.-


Daray sighs again as her hands brush lightly against Lana’s skin, feeling the warmth of her friend’s body pressed against her. The sensations were amazing, and the memory of the intense explosion of passion from their recent, shared experience, made her shudder again. As she considered APRIL’s comments, she remained completely unaware of the fact that, while Lana could not hear what she’d been saying to APRIL in her head, her friend could still hear everything APRIL was saying back to her…

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