Growing up in plastic

Written by: east-tx-art


I can remember when I was very young, I would sneak a trash bag into bed with me. Being so young it wasn’t for sexual reasons, I just enjoyed the smooth feeling of the plastic. It made me feel secure and comfortable. Plastic was my escape from reality and still is today. When I reached my teens I discovered nylon and what was the best source for that? My mom’s top drawer. Pantyhose became my new escape. I experimented with all types of pantyhose, but Leggs were my favorite. The smooth feeling and the shine, wow what a feeling. When I had them on I was in a completely different world. A world where I fit in, even if I was by myself.  I even combined hose with plastic. I would take a plastic bag and cut leg holes in it and wear it as underwear and then put the hose on over that. Now that’s a neat feeling. I got so adventurous that I would wrap my legs in plastic wrap and then put the panty hose on. That would make my legs very shiney. I just loved the way I looked. I didn’t like who I was and while dressed up I could be someone else.
High school for me was exciting. The 80’s, who could forget the style that MJ made popular. Parachute pants! I had a pair and thought I had found heaven. I would put them on over pantyhose and feel the slip and slide as I walked. Later it was spandex, another item I had to try. I was a rocker. I had the holey jeans and wore the spandex leggings underneath. I remember a few dates I went on where the girl would wear pantyhose and when we would neck her legs would slid over my leggings. Now that was a turn on.
Now I’m in adult life and the love for plastic is still with me. I have been able to dress a woman in my favorite material and boy did she look wonderful. I make a plastic dress by first taking duct tape and taping the sides in about two or three inches, it may vary depending the size of the bag, then I cut the holes. If I did it right the dress will be just small enough to stretch a little when put on, there fore conforming to the body’s natural curves. I also love to take a plastic dropcloth, the thin ones, and cover my bed with them. Being surrounded by plastic while sleeping is a wonderful feeling. I can sleep like a baby on my plastic covered bed.
A couple of years ago while surfing the web I came across a new material. Latex. Where did this stuff come from? I mean wow. I almost completely lost when I first saw a woman dressed in this stuff. The way it huggs the curves it’s like they aren’t wearing anything at all. It’s like being naked with clothes on. I’ve been able to buy a few latex items but they are too expensive so I just revert to my first love. I’ve always got trash bags and plastic wrap on hand. So until I get rich I guess I’ll stick to that.  

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