Status Quo - Chapter 14

Written by: Paullell

 Lana is wild at this point.  Her head tossing back and forth as she moans  “Please” over and over again.  It’s all she can do to keep her hands over her head and not reach down and either force Daray’s lips where she wants them to go or slip her own fingers into her core and finish the job herself.  Her legs part under the gentle pressure, spreading to give Daray full access to her dripping channel and the impossibly sensitive nodule of flesh just above it.  As soon as Daray relieves her arousal she is going to laud her abilities to the stars, Lana can’t remember the last time she wanted sex this badly.




Lana’s legs move apart at her urging, and Daray stares in wonder at the sight before her. She’d seen pictures, when she was a young boy in school. She’d seen her own, from a completely different angle. But she’d never seen a woman’s sex from this angle before, from this close. As Lana gave her access, the pungent sweet smell intensified a thousand fold. The scent infiltrated her senses and she almost started drooling the moment it hit her, almost like a physical blow.


She positioned herself on her knees between Lana’s legs, and bent low to examine the treasure before her. Gently, she reached out and caressed Lana’s outer labia. The touch was light, but not in a torturous way. More like a tentative, exploratory caress. Her eyes opened in wonder at the sight and feel of it, especially when her next caress caused Lana’s labia to part slightly, revealing a hint of what lay within, and increasing the olfactory assault on her senses even more.


It took only the space of  a heartbeat for her to plant herself on the floor between Lana’s legs and prop her arms up on her friend’s thighs. Her hands were draped back in towards the object of her attention and she gently caressed Lana’s labia up and down for several moments, laying hot breath in the wake of her caresses and watching with no end of amazement as Lana twitched, shivered, and seemingly begged for additional attention.”


Scooting in closer, Daray squeezed her tongue between her lips and, very carefully touched its freshly regrown tip to the crack between Lana’s labia. The taste of Lana’s arousal instantly set her mouth to watering. It was sweet and a bit tangy and, combined with her scent, set Lana’s mind ablaze with need. 


“Oh my god!” She proclaimed, then stuck her tongue out further and licked Lana’s sex from perineum to to the hood of her engorged clitoris. She took another moment to retract her tongue and savor the amazing flavor, then lost all control of herself. The next instant, her mouth was latched tightly to Lana’s sex, her fingers pulling at the base of her Labia to open them up and provide more stimulus (although it was by no means intentional at that point) and her tongue lapping almost viciously at the moist, inner labia and clitoris.


She opens her mouth as wide as she could so that she could nearly envelop Lana’s entire sex within its embrace, her teeth gently rubbing above and below where her tongue lashed up and down, probing the inner sides of Lana’s labia, running circles around her clitoris and darting in and out of her vagina. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to her assault, save to extract every single drop of Lana’s arousal from her. Daray’s breath is ragged, panting, urgent, and she presses against Lana’s sex with the weight of her entire body almost, as if she is afraid Lana might try and escape.




Lana came almost as soon as Daray's mouth latched to her sex.  She writhed beneath the other woman, crying out with gasping sobs her pleasure to the room.  Daray might not have even noticed for all the attention she gave to Lana's response.  She continued her assault with single minded determination.  Lana lost all sense of time and space and relativity became nothing but pleasure.  Just as she thought that she couldn't take it any more she felt the pleasure recede just long enough for her to catch her breath before it began another impossible climb.  


Daray might have felt that she didn't know what to do, but her instincts were impeccable.  The feel of her tongue drinking her in, probing her channel before rising to taunt her clitoris in an impossible to predict pattern has Lana writhing under her.  Moaning as her nerve endings send euphoric messages to her brain that turn her body into mush.  Her breathing is ragged and finally she crests the peak a second time.  Her hips pump against Daray's mouth pressing her teeth in just a touch deeper as she screams her release.  She can't control her hands any longer and they move to grab Daray's hair; attempting to pull her savant lips away before her mind can be permanently altered by the levels of uncontrollable ecstasy running through her veins.


“Enough Daray.  Oh gods, enough!”




Daray senses a rise in Lana’s reaction, but chalks it up to the initial contact, and forges ahead. She revels in Lana’s reactions, soaking up her scent, her flavor, indeed the very energy of her pleasure as she writhes, moans, and gasps. Until Lana’s second orgasm, Daray’s entire world narrows down to nothing more than her oral assault, the taste, and the feeling of another woman’s body squirming beneath her.


When the second orgasm crests, she better understands what has happened, although still only at some subconscious level. As Lana tries to retreat from beneath her, squirming and bucking, Daray tries with every ounce of her strength and agility to stay attached to the focus of her being. It takes Lana twining her fingers through her hair and tugging her head away to shake her out of the trance.


As soon as she is pulled free, she locks eyes with Lana again, dripping her friend’s fluids from her mouth, nose, and tongue, her face a mask of near craziness. In the next instant, she scrambles up Lana’s body, dragging her breasts along Lana’s flesh, and makes a direct line to lock mouths with her gasping friend once more, still only partially aware of her surroundings.




Lana is surprised at how hard it is to drag Daray up and away from her target.  She sees her wild look and her own response is a gentle yielding.  When Daray scrambles up her body she doesn't try to stop her.  She kisses her back with fervent intensity, licking the remnants of her own passion from Daray's lips and seeming to relish the musky taste of herself on Daray's tongue.  At first she tries to calm Daray's  tempestuous passion with gentled kisses and tender stroking of her fingers but soon changes her mind.


Lana pushes on Daray shifting her enough that she can roll them both until Daray is below her.  She slides lower, wedging her legs between Daray's and pushing the other woman’s legs apart.  Her hands gather her breasts; plumping them together, lifting them until she can take the constricted peaks into her mouth one at a time.  She devours them in a frenzy of sucking and licking, switching between the nipples like a starving man at a feast who cannot decide which dish to eat first.  Her ears are tuned to Daray, listening for her every sound to learn what caress she like best.  She finds that she enjoys sucking as much of her breast as she can into her mouth before biting down gently on the flesh while she suckles.  The feeling of that tender flesh between her teeth is a erotic and sensual treat.



Finally, when she is satisfied with the homage she has paid to Daray's breasts she lowers herself further.  Licking her way down her stomach and navel.  Lana has no hesitation, knowing exactly what flesh she wants to taste and touch next.  She uses her fingers to explore Daray, leaning where the suit has formed against the flesh and seeing what flexibility or penetration it will allow.  After she has explored the valleys and folds with her fingers Lana will repeat the path with her tongue before finally placing a gentle kiss directly on the nub of Daray's clitoris.  She rolls her eyes upwards, waiting for Daray's reaction before proceeding further. 




The kiss is hungry, needing, and passionate. Daray licks, nips, and sucks on Lana’s lips and tongue for as long as she can before she is rolled over onto the floor. Her mind is in a fog as her friend moves down her body, kissing and biting her way to her sensitive breasts. 


When Lana’s legs work their way between Daray’s, she resists, but only for an instant, before opening them wide, unable to fight against the fires within her. Lana’s tongue and teeth leave lines of fire across her breasts, the suction of her lips bringing blood to the surface of her skin and making the spots hyper sensitive. 


The pressure of Lana’s hands on her flesh, squeezing, kneading, pressing. Her mind began to fall back into the torrent of raw feeling that she had only just been pulled from. She threads her fingers through Lana’s hair and presses her into her chest, encouraging her friend to take in more of her flesh. “Mmmmmm. That is so… amazing… Laaannaaaa…” She holds Lana there as long as she can, but is too out of her head to resist with any real effort as Lana moves further south, laving kisses and trails with her tongue and lips.


Lana’s hands work their way down Daray’s stomach and their insistent touch around the folds of her sex cause her to shudder almost violently. Her fingers find that the skinsuit is every bit as yielding as real flesh, and the sounds it produces from somewhere deep in Daray’s chest and throat are strong indication that the sensitivity is not in any way reduced either.


For her part, Daray realizes that her first orgasm was as nothing compared to what was possible. As Lana’s fingers begin to make their fiery tracks around her labia, her whole body convulses and fireworks occlude her vision for several long moments. Of course, Lana’s fingers don’t stop there, pulling her labia open, and exposing her inner core, and shooting Daray’s eyes open wide in surprise.


There is no moisture there for Lana to find, but the material of the skinsuit is slick, almost to the point of being frictionless, and the feeling of some sort of energy seems even stronger there, creating a tingling, buzzing sensation, even on Lana’s fingers as they begin to work their way into her. The energy is not painful, or even annoying, and could in fact be perceived as pleasurable, provided the person feeling it enjoyed the sensation of holding their tongue to a small battery.


Daray sits almost fully erect as Lana’s probing fingers reach her clitoris, the simple touch causing explosions of electricity and fire within her sex, but she quickly collapses back to the floor and begins panting as Lana’s lips and tongue begin making their way down to meet her fingers.


Lana finds that the skinsuit does indeed coat at least some of Daray’s interior, going about as deep as where an intact hymen would be. It is difficult to tell with Daray’s hips bucking and gyrating, but it feels as if the internal barrier is quite flexible, probably to the point that heterosexual intercourse would not be affected at all.


The instant Lana’s lips touch Daray’s sex, her hands almost immediately snap back to Lana’s head, her fingers lacing through the blue and white hair and pressing Lana deeper into her throbbing center with a visceral cry, “Oh… oh… Lan… na… Lana… I don’t… can’t… Oh god, don’t stop!”




Lana grins and obliges Daray’s request.  Her lips close around the nodule of pleasure that she is so familiar with and she sucks on it, starting softly and then with increasing pressure.  The buzz of electricity makes this a truly unique experience, even for her.  She has to smile at the novelty of the taste of Daray’s ‘skin’.  At the same time that her mouth begins its work her fingers begin theirs.  Lana begins to rub them in and out of her rubbery core. She spreads her fingers to put pressure on the muscles that form the entrance to Daray’s body, twisting her hand slowly to make certain that every side of her channel is caressed.  


She can tell when she hits the right spots and pressure from the strength of Daray’s grip in her hair.  She keeps her movements slow and smooth, intending this orgasm to be far more satisfying than the fleeting one Daray first experienced.  Finally, the pressure of her mouth never ceasing, she begins to stroke her tongue in soft licks across the flesh in her mouth.




Daray’s body grows more and more tense as Lana’s ministrations driver her further and further up the peaks of passionate arousal. Her fingers twisted in Lana’s hair flex and she keeps the pressure on the back of Lana’s head constant, but focuses on not harming the woman. The two thoughts, complete and utter surrender to these new feelings, and a steadfast resolve to not harm Lana by accident, war within her.


As a result, she focuses the entirety of what is left of her conscious mind on keeping the pressure on Lana’s head constant, but not suffocating the woman against her sex. The rest of her body is completely out of control. Her legs are writhing about, heels dragging up and down the floor again and again, the only direction they don’t go is inward, as that might stop the pleasuring.


Her back arches up from the floor when Lana’s lips lock onto her clitoris, and a scream of pure elation escapes her lips. It is clear that she either doesn’t care that they may be overheard, or else, has absolutely no control or wherewithal what-so-ever. “Oh god! Lana! Oh god! Oh god!”


Lana’s probing fingers light up the nerve endings in Daray’s core as they plumb to depths that Daray’s addled mind can not even begin to fathom. She’s never had anything inside her before and her mind can not reconcile the feeling of being filled, even if only by a couple of digits. Her body shudders, and her muscles twitch convulsively, Lana’s attentions, born of a lifetime of practice and devotion to perfection, have Daray’s body vibrating, and sustaining a level o energy that hasn’t been equaled before, not even by the most strenuous, prolonged Parkouring session in memory.


Finally, it’s too much for her to handle and her brain explodes into a shower of sparks and flashes. She pulls Lana tight against her sex and holds her there in an iron grip as her entire body locks up. Back arched, feet planted firmly on the floor and mouth open in a silent scream to the heavens as the orgasm tears her mind to pieces, burying it beneath the tidal wave of pleasure. 


The mind-numbing experience lasts for what seems like a lifetime, and when it finally begins to ebb, she collapses to the deck in a quivering heap of jelly, eyes open wide, staring at the ceiling blankly. Her fingers are still loosely twined in Lana’s hair, although they would not be capable of keeping the other woman from moving. Daray’s breath is still coming in great, heaving pants, but quickly begin to slow down to normal as her body twitches and a look of bliss spreads across her catatonic face.




Lana has to stifle a laugh as Daray’s fingers tighten in her hair.  The sheer enjoyment of watching the other woman come apart beneath her lips and fingers has her tail wagging like a collie. Lana can feel the clenching of her muscles against her fingers and waits until she slumps, finally exhausted from the pleasure before Lana withdraws her fingers permanently.  She lays a kiss on the crest of Daray’s mound before wiggling to the side and crawling her way up Daray’s body to snuggle into her shoulder.  She wipes her lip with the back of her hand to clear away her own saliva, the only residue that she seems to have from the encounter.


Lana curls against Daray’s side; her hand wrapping across her waist with gentle pressure as her leg drapes over one of Daray’s.  She has a grin on her face as she looks at Daray.  “That was fantastique.  I think next time we work on being a little quieter; oui? At least while we are stuck on this bateau.” As she speaks Daray will notice a mild French accent to her words.





Daray barely feels Lana’s movements, but is very aware of her presence as she snuggles up against her. Her hand moves to lay across the one Lana has lain on her waist, but otherwise she doesn’t make a move. Her breathing rapidly returns to normal, her enhanced body quickly returning its functions to a restful state.


Her mind is swimming with the feelings and sensations of the experience, still lost completely in the after-effects. She nods dumbly at Lana’s words, not even sure if she’d really heard something. It was the strangest feeling, being at once so completely fulfilled, and yet, suddenly and inexplicably empty now that Lana’s fingers had been removed from her. She’d never imagined what it might feel like, or at least, none of her imaginings had even come close to the reality of it.


‘Oh my god APRIL! Is it always like this?!’


-I do not know Daray, I have no frame of reference.-


‘How long?’


-I do not understand the question Daray, how long was what?-


‘How long were we…’


-Having sex?-


‘Yes.’ Daray blushed furiously.


-Fourteen minutes, twenty-eight seconds.-


‘Fourteen minutes?!’ Her whole body twitches against Lana’s.


-Yes Daray.-


‘How will I survive an hour of that?!’


-It is highly unlikely that you will expire from sexual intercourse Daray, the incidence of that happening is less than one in ten billion.-


‘With my luck, I’ll be the one.’


Finally she stirred a bit, turning her face toward Lana’s and offering her friend a smile. “Lana, I’ve never… I mean, I just told you this was my first time, but I…” She pauses for a moment, getting lost in Lana’s golden eyes as she searches for words that won’t cheapen the experience. If she weren’t such a physical person, maybe she could come up with something better to say, something that could express her feelings even in part.


“Well, I’m glad it was with you…” She finally tries, hoping the words aren’t overly saccharin.


After a moment’s thought she adds, “Is it always so… intense?”

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