Status Quo - Chapter 13

Written by: Paullell

 The feel of Daray’s hand sliding so carefully and softly up the flesh of her breast sends tingles of teasing sensations straight through Lana to her inner core, ruining all the work she had done to calm her body down and stirring up her volcanic passion once again. Her nipple tightens; puckering under her palm as if her body thinks that is the only way to increase the tantalizing contact. 


“It will be my pleasure.”  Lana smiled, putting just a hint of heat behind the soft words.  “That feels good.  Soft touches are teasing touches; good for arousing the senesces or for slowing things down if the interaction is becoming too intense.  At a certain point, light touches that never deepen become almost painful, leaving the body in a state of arousal with no promise of fulfillment on the horizon.  I like them all, in their place.”


Lana debates what to say next, wanting Daray to experiment on her own, but also craving more specific touches.  “What I want right now is to feel the weight of you hand on by breast. Too feel your fingers grip me and the pad of your thumb to rub across the peak of my nipple where the sensation is the most intense.”




Daray’s face breaks into a sort of wicked grin as she moves her hovering hand around more, keeping the contact between them as slight as possible as she listens to the rest of Lana’s words and observes the effect she is producing on her body.


She waits until Lana’s eyes reflect a slightly more pleading tone after her admission of what she wants, then slowly lets the weight of her hovering hand come to rest on the breast beneath it. She lets her hand rest, unmoving, on Lana’s breast for a moment, taking in the feel of the soft flesh and mentally comparing it to the feel of her own breasts. With a moment’s consideration, she decides she likes the feel of Lana’s breasts more than her own, although maybe just because they are not attached to her. It seemed there was something much more fulfilling about feeling someone else’s flesh in her hand.


She then began to roam around Lana’s breast with her hand, alternately cupping and gently squeezing it, but avoiding contact with the stiffening nipple. With a sudden ornery flash, she removes her hand from Lana’s breast and raises it toward her neck. She offers a wicked, mischievous grin as she flexes the strange muscles along the sides of her index finger and the wicked, hooked claw snaps out from its hidden sheath and in one quick motion, slices open Lana’s shirt, from neck to hem.


The claw quickly returns to its hiding place and in the space of a heartbeat, Daray nearly vaults off the floor, straddling Lana’s body and placing one hand on each of her breasts. Her touch is heavier, but not by a significant margin, and her thumbs brush the tips of Lana’s beautiful, erect nipples with the same delicate precision that she had begun.


“You feel amazingly soft. I may never get enough of this feeling…”




Lana moans when she notices the mischievous glimmer in Daray's eyes and yet she still did not deepen her touch.  Her eyes become supplicating as she presses herself upwards into the touch of her hand.  Finally Daray obliges and Lana can feel the weight of her hand on her breast.  The sensation of her flesh being cupped and molded under her hand is exquisite.  Lana moans yearningly when Daray draws her hand away again but that moan turns to a gasp of excitement as the claw appears on Daray’s finger and the shirt is slashed completely open.  


Lana is caught between laughing and groaning as Daray straddles her.  Her eyes close in pleasure as she presses herself into Daray’s touch.  Daray’s thumbs moving over her nipples send a jolt of pleasure racing through her as her loins heat in response.  “Well it feels wonderful, I’ll give you a millennia to stop.”  Lana slides her hands up Daray’s legs, massaging the muscles under the suit as her fingers pass slowly over every inch.  “More please.  I’ll let you know if you come close to hurting me.”  She moans again before continuing.  “I like lips and teeth as well…”




Taking Lana at her word, Daray increases the pressure she is using to massage her breasts, but keeps the touch on her nipples as light as she can, almost non-existent. As careful as she is trying to be, she feels another welling up of passion within her, the heat suffusing her body and making it difficult for her to keep the delicate control she is trying to maintain.


Her eyes take on a hungry look as they lock with Lana’s yellow orbs. She bites her lower lip as she surveys the landscape of her quarry's body, trying to decide what should come next. What should be her target? Her method of attack? 


In parkour, the whole point is to fuse body and mind, to take in a situation or obstacle and react instantly, without more than the barest of thoughts. Combining that thought with Lana’s mention of teeth and lips, she decides to keep true to the tenants of her preferred solo activity and throw any sense of planning or intent out the window, save for the single intent of paying her friend back for the mind-numbing experience she’d just shared with her.


At that, she dives forward, intent on snatching one of Lana’s earlobes gently in her teeth, her speed is akin to a snake strike, but she still manages to keep herself balanced over Lana’s body. The pressure and activity of her hands on Lana’s breasts does not change as she leans forward fully to snare the target she has set her sights upon, an ability that is in no small part thanks to the strange way her muscles now work. 




Lana cries out incoherently with the feel of Daray’s teeth on her earlobe.  The press of teeth is oh so gentle and no mater how hard she writhes she seems intent to keep the pressure of hands and teeth light and gentle.  Her hands had moved to Daray’s hips by the time she struck with her teeth and Lana squeezes them reflexively now.  She bends her knees, giving her the leverage to shift and move her hips under Daray although the movements are instinctive rather than planned.


“Harder Daray, Harder.”  She encourages until Daray does bite down a little harder.  “Oh!!! Oh.. there! Perfect!” she manages to gasp out, still under the impression that Daray is looking for advice on how to pleasure her.




Daray’s new mindset means that when she hears the word harder, she reacts without thinking. She does her best to reign in her strength, since she is fairly certain Lana does not posses her level of regenerative capabilities, but she clamps down as hard as she can before she feels there may be danger of doing real damage. At the same time, her hands increase their pressure on Lana’s breasts and her thumbs and forefingers come together at the sides of each turgid nipple, pressing the tender flesh between her strong digits. Again, she attempts to do no real harm, but harder was the order of the day.


She massages Lana’s earlobe between her teeth for a long moment, laving the bit in her mouth with her tongue as she does so, then quickly releases it, pressing a series of wet kisses along the side of her neck and back of her jaw before switching her attentions to the ear on the other side and repeating the process.


The taste of Lana’s skin and the scent of her arousal are amazing to her altered senses, perhaps even only perceptible to her, but she recognizes on some level that they are affecting her like some kind of drug or alcohol, driving her on and stealing her ability to keep control of her emotions. Emotions that she has never really learned to do anything with aside from bottle them up inside. 


As the taste and scent of Lana’s passion drive her own passion to higher and higher plateaus, her actions become slowly more pressing, more forceful, and her conscious control begins to slip little by little, her baser appetites and desires taking the helm in her activities.




At the press of Daray’s fingers around her nipples Lana cries out in pleasure, the teasing gentleness earlier having her body well prepared for the sudden strength.  The smell of her arousal grows much stronger as her body bows beneath Daray, her sex suddenly drenched from the powerful sensations running through her body.  


Lana slides her own hands up Daray’s ribs again.  This time this is enough space between their bodies to cup her breasts and massage them gently. Her fingers seek out Daray’s nipples to pluck them softly, rolling them each between her thumb and forefinger.  She senses that Daray is close to loosing control and she doesn’t mind; fully trusting that even without control her friend is not a violent person and she will be safe.  She turns her head to give Daray easier access to the other ear, purring beneath her lips and teeth.




Daray nibbles on Lana’s other ear for a few minutes, as her hands continue to press, massage, and tease at her breasts and nipples. She then kisses and tongues her way from the earlobe, up Lana’s jaw. 


“You’re scent… your taste… I can’t… get enough… of you…” She pants between kisses as she moves toward Lana’s mouth, “driving… me… crazy…”


Daray’s mouth moves to Lana’s lips, where she attempts to open Lana’s mouth with her own, and press her tongue inside for a few seconds before switching to nibbling at her lower lip.


Her hands transition from Lana’s breasts to her sides, dragging the tips of her fingers along Lana’s svelte frame in such a way that, if she still had fingernails, they would be leaving scratches in their wake. She drags them down Lana’s sides, to where their bodies are pressed together, then back up to circle her breasts again, and repeating the action several times as she hungrily works at Lana’s mouth with her own.




Lana opens her mouth to Daray’s probing tongue and returns the kiss with equal intensity.  She is almost gasping with want and need sharing a physical space inside her.


Her words come sporadically between gasping breaths filled with yearning whimpers. “Oh god, back at you!  So beautiful, and strong and reizvoll –sexy- ; all that and innocent too.  Impossible contradictions.” She leans up until she can kiss Daray again, marveling at the texture and warmth of her lips.


Lana moves her hands back to Daray’s hips.  She runs her thumbs along the crease between her hips and thighs with gentle pressure, bringing her thumbs ever closer as she follows that line.  She stops when her thumbs hit the mound of flesh just beyond her lips.  She pauses, waiting for Daray’s reaction before she flicks her thumb downward nearly touching the most intimate of spots but stopping just short before retreating again.


Her own body is completely out of her control, desperately yearning for relief. When Daray next releases her lips for breath she begs.  “Lower Daray.  Hands or mouth, I don’t care but lower, please!”




Daray grins mischievously as she slavers another line of kisses down Lana’s chin, under her jaw to her neck, then down her neck, licking playfully at the soft spot between her clavicles before carrying on, moving down between her breasts. She moves her hands to the floor on either side of Lana’s body and, shifting her weight to them, slides her legs down lower, keeping them on either side of Lana’s legs as she shifts her weight once more and brings her hands back to bear on the task at hand.


When Lana’s thumbs approach Daray’s sex, her thumbs pressing into her body, Daray shudders, but does not stop her own ministrations, or even slow down much. However, Lana may be slightly surprised to feel that, at fist, that area of Daray’s body seems quite firm, almost hard to the touch, as if there was a plate of armor protecting her groin, a plate which quickly melts away, the semi-glossy material of the skinsuit pulling tight against the flesh it has merged with, to reveal the shape of her hairless labia. The look and feel of her is just as if she was naked, with the exception of the slick texture of the skinsuit, but still covered with the strange material/organism that was her new skin.


“Something… about you… I’ve never… felt… anything… like this…” She moans between kisses. Finally, she cups Lana’s breasts again, her elbows on the floor, and forearms pressing against her sides, increasing the amount of contact between them. Squeezing the soft flesh firmly and causing her nipples to stick up even further, then slowly runs her tongue around the sides of the hard nubs, reveling in the taste and they way they quiver ever so slightly beneath her touch.


“I can’t believe how amazing this all feels. You’re so soft.” Her words come quickly as she switches her mouth to Lana’s other nipple, running her tongue around the bud and areola. 


A sudden burst of confusion seems to wash through Daray as she pushes herself up off Lana slightly. She looks down to where their bodies are pressed tightly against one another, where Lana’s hands had just been teasing, then back up over the supple shape of Lana’s body to lock eyes with her friend.


“How do we… I mean, I know how guys and girls… but…”


She is panting, hunger in her voice for a delicacy she has never had before, like a person presented for the first time with a perfectly cooked lobster, still in its shell, and no understanding of how to access the succulent feast within.




Lana is fascinated by the change in the suit.  Her thumbs circle the outer area, experimenting with the feel and texture of Daray’s sex until Daray scoots down and out of reach.  Her hands fall away with a disappointed sigh.


Her disappointment is washed away however when Daray’s tongue finds her tight nipples.  Sparks turn to pure lightning as her body threatens to come apart from the sensations.  Her whole sex throbs with longing for some attention.  Lana moves her hands to the waist of her black pants, undoing the zipper and button to make removal easier.


Her heart leaps when Daray pulls back, concerned that she might have changed her mind.  Lana grins happily at the earnest question that she hears instead.  “There are some fun toys that can take the place of... the missing piece; barring that, equal pleasure can be achieved with fingers, and lips, and tongue. Either by taking turns or proper positioning…”  She leaves the comment open, waiting for Daray to pick which direction she wants to take.




Raising a quizzical eyebrow in response to Lana’s words, Daray seems to consider for a moment, her breath still coming in heaves and pants, she then washes her cobalt eyes back down the expanse of Lana’s flesh to where their hips are touching and licks her lips as she considers her options.


It only takes a few seconds for her decision to be made, but there is still a measure of trepidation in her manner as she slides herself further down Lana’s body, leaning down again to lave kisses in a trail from her breasts down to her navel. She lingers at the navel for a moment, running her tongue around and into the depression of her belly button a few times as she awkwardly tugs at the waist of Lana’s pants without really looking. There seems to be some hang-up concerning Lana’s tail and how it is interacting with the waistline of her pants and despite her being involved with the woman’s navel, it is clear from the way she handled her shirt, that Daray’s patience with the garment will go only so far.




Now that Daray’s weight is off of her torso, Lana can raise herself up enough to undo the button in the back of the pants that secures them over the base of her tail.  From there they slip off with ease, Lana hurrying to do so, both to get them out of the way and to save them from any frustration on Daray’s part.  They are the only pair she owns at this point.  Her pale skin continues down her smooth hairless legs.  She is not shaven, but the hair covering her sex is short and well trimmed, and a vibrant blue to match her hair and tail.


Once the pants are off, Lana leans forward instead of laying back down.  With her fingertips on her cheek urges Daray back up for another kiss.  She had caught the look of trepidation on her face and wants to sooth that look away.  “We can stop any time you feel uncomfortable.  We can always take a break and try again later.”




Daray watches Lana wriggle out of her pants with interest, a half smile spreading cross her lips. She raises an eyebrow as she catches her first glimpse of another woman’s naked sex. Up to that point the only other she had any experience with was her own, and she’d only had that option for a week before the skinsuit went on and she’d gone to work. By the time she had a moment to really get to know herself, the skinsuit had already bonded to her body and, while she could still explore those areas of her body, she suspected that the experience had been, at least to some extent, altered.


While she was most definitely nervous about the whole situation, her passion was still burning her up, and she suspected that her curiosity would serve to fuel that passion even further. When Lana’s words came to her ears, it was almost shocking to her, as if the very possibility of -not- continuing had never even remotely occurred to her.


As Lana’s hands came to rest gently on her cheeks and coaxed her up higher, toward her friend’s waiting lips. “I may be a little uncomfortable with all these new sensations. But I don’t think you are going to convince me to stop quite so easily.”


She leaned forward, pressing her lips against Lana’s and licking a them as she pushed ever forward, trying to drive her back to the floor with the kiss so that she could resume her exploration…




Lana smiles at Daray’s response; it was everything she could have hoped for.  She lets her drive her back to the floor easily and her enthusiastic kisses show her approval of Daray’s decision.  Her body is beyond aroused and she can feel moisture pooling at the apex of her thighs at the thought that Daray’s hands or lips will soon bring her release.  She moves restlessly on the ground.  Her arms fall back above her head leaving her open to Daray both visually and physically, a symbolic gesture saying she won’t reject anything Daray might want to try or do.




Daray holds the kiss for several moments after Lana is back to a reclining position on the floor, her hands returning to Lana’s breasts, fingers tweaking her nipples as the kiss goes on. She then starts moving down again, nibbling, kissing, licking and biting at Lana’s smooth flesh. Reveling in the intoxicating taste and smell of her gorgeous friend.


She spends several more minutes paying attention to Lana’s breasts with her tongue and mouth once she moves that low, her hands and fingers moving down as well, tracing hard tracks up and down her sides, cupping her breasts and hips briefly at either end of the trail.


After devoting a few minutes to the wonderful, soft flesh of Lana’s breasts, she continues her trek southward, nipping and licking at Lana’s stomach and dragging her hands firmly down her sides. When she reaches her navel again, she pauses once more, to lavish the tiny indentation with kisses, running her tongue around the rim and quickly dipping it in and out of the depression.


The tastes and scents coming from Lana’s overheating body were suffusing her senses completely by this point. There was nothing left of her world except for the expanse of warm flesh beneath her, Lana’s gasping breath and sub-aural emanations driving her deeper into her trance. She didn’t know if it was just because of her heightened senses, or the fact that Lana was just that intoxicating, or even some combination of the two. But she didn’t, couldn’t, care. Her internal fires of passion and curiosity combined into an undeniable urge, not just to provide release for Lana’s writhing body, but also to fulfill some unknown need within her own.


At last, she left Lana’s wet navel behind, moving her kisses and nips lower still, but slowing her pace, taking her time and savoring the increasingly intensifying taste. Lana’s skin glistened with sweat, heat, and something else. A taste, and a scent that she had never encountered before. It was sweet and pungent at the same time, and it intensified as she moved lower.


When she reached the well-manicured forest of blue hairs, she brought her right hand up to run her fingers lightly through the hairs, bending them over and letting them brush against her cheek and lips as they sprung back to their standing positions. The heat of her breath, apparently much warmer even than Lana’s aroused body, caused a wave of goosebumps to roll through the patch of hair, making each follicle twitch and move. She then placed her palm over the patch of hair and felt the heat of Lana’s body, and the pulse of her blood coursing madly through her veins. She pressed down firmly and squeezed the mound of flesh beneath the hairs, enraptured by Lana’s reactions to her explorations.


Her hand could feel the more intense heat emanating from Lana’s sex, mere inches beneath her hand, and the realization quickly eroded away the fascination that had kept her attention on the patch of hairy flesh. She slowly slid the hand down, past Lana’s mound and onto her thigh, placing it gently on the inner surface and giving it a firm press, urging her friend to give her access to this new territory she was about to explore. Her eyes were wide with curiosity, and yet still appeared hungry, starving even, for what lay before her.

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