Status Quo - Chapter 1

Written by: Paullell

 The following story takes place in my world. I am an author in what little spare time I have, and my world is a sort of dystopian future where mankind has spread across the solar system, and a couple other near-by solar systems as well. The governments of the earth were long ago bought out by a group of super-corporations known as The Conglomerate, which ran the human race, quite effectively, for close to 300 years, before a group of dissident guerillas hijacked some old continental defense systems and started a global thermo-nuclear war that rendered the planet Earth uninhabitable.


Fast forward another 500 years, to about the year 3047, and enter our characters, two genetically-modified individuals who find themselves unexpected comrades in a desperate search for love, safety, and their place in the world. The story is told from alternating perspectives, switching between Lana, Daray, and their primary antagonist, Sergeant Bob Killgore.


This is an erotic tale, with plenty of sex, sexual situations, emotional/sexual tensions, action, adventure, violence. The story is still being written, so expect many more installments, and quite a few of the following story codes have not been used as yet, but they will.

Story codes include, Violence, Graphic Sexual Situations, MF, FF, TG, Fetish, BDSM, BodyMod, Con, NonCon. 


Status Quo…




A small swarm of bullets whizzed past her head as she vaulted over a stopped vehicle, her legs bent forward, hands propped against the top of the conveyance, pommel-horse style. A brief moment of free fall and her feet were on the ground again for that barest of instants before she kicked them of the ground again and pinwheeled over a street vendor’s awning, another tight grouping of projectiles cutting the air around her.


‘How’re we doing APRIL?’ She thought toward the computer in her brain.


-Aegis is still on full alert Daray. There are six squads in the immediate area, four of which are closing on this location.- APRIL’s voice was calm and collected, as usual. For being a tenth generation AI with all the bells and whistles, she seemed just as imperturbable as any other computer Daray had ever dealt with before.


‘Okay. So you’re saying we should move right?’ She quipped.


-Unless you intend upon fighting them.-




Her genetically enhanced legs hit the ground again, propelling her lithe frame through the crowd on the street at a break-neck pace. Her finely tuned senses allowed her to dodge and weave through the crowd as if they were all standing still, and her extra senses--also products of extensive genetic reconstruction--allowed her to know where most of her armed pursuers where. Diving forward, she planted her hands atop a public computer terminal and threw her legs upward over her head, sending her into a front flip. Spinning through the air, she heard the sharp reports of their weapons being fired, and reached out just in time to catch a support beam that extended from one side of the street to the other and suddenly change her direction of travel.


The bullets narrowly missed her, but now that she was above the street, she was a better target. Spinning around the beam, she planted her feet atop it, crouching low for a second, then catapulting herself up and forward, hands outstretched toward another protrusion. 


The Venus Station was nearly the oldest space station in the Sol System, and by far, the  largest, and most populated. It had been constructed centuries ago, when humans first struck out into the solar system and started putting out roots. Back then, the stations were used mostly as stock houses, where resources were collected, either from the planet they orbited, or from supply ships, then redistributed again as needed. Since then, they had all grown into much more than simple way-stations, but the Venus Station was something special.


Over nearly a thousand years, the once tiny station had grown and grown, partly to accommodate the ever-changing industries that were making their home there, and partly to accommodate the millions of human beings that wanted to stay close to Earth, but couldn’t afford (or abide) to live in the Earth Ring Station, the very seat of Conglomerate power in the solar system. As the station grew, the inevitable eventually came to pass, and whole sections of it became slums, dumps, and wastelands where the poor and the unwanted would find themselves living.


The strange, haphazard way in which the station grew out from its original design, meant that the internal architecture left many opportunities for a clever traceur to take advantage of. Despite the fact that she was being pursued by more than a dozen armed, and armored soldiers, Daray reveled in the rush and exhilaration of parkouring through the streets of the station once more.


She’d grown up here, in the streets of Venus Station, working in the ship yards at the hollow core of the station, or the docks along the port corridor. Of course things had been quite a bit different back then. To start with, she’d been a he! Born as Darren Owen Erricson, he’d made something of a name for himself in the underground information trade, not to mention a few free-running circuits. One of his ‘side jobs’ had netted him a double dose of bad news about a year ago however. He’d been pilfering some data from a local R&D firm for his employer, Aegis Online, when he’d stumbled across some information that pointed to the fact that his employer had been responsible for the killing of his parents, because they’d refused to write a virus for them. 


The virus was the other bit of information he found, or clues to it at any rate. It turned out that Aegis Online had hired someone else to write it, and it looked as if it was designed to scramble the input/output signals of people playing Kalijor, the MMO run by Aegis’s rival company, Solidarity Online. Anger for what his employer had done to his parents aside, he couldn’t allow them to kill the millions of people that played Kalijor, so he’d called Solidarity Online and set up a deal. That deal called for his protection, in exchange for the information, and assistance in getting to the bottom of the Aegis Online plot.


He’d agreed to being ‘genetically reconstructed’ by Solidarity Online, ‘for his own protection’. That’s when they’d turned him into… well… her. It was a bit unexpected, but she’d grown used to it. Sort of. Okay, not really at all, but she had hope that she one day would. 


The icing on the cake had been the suit. They’d given her this fancy suit that could change color and shape to become pretty much any sort of apparel she could want, on command from the super computer they’d shoehorned into her skull without asking. The suit was nice, if a ~bit~ tight, but she’d gotten used to it. Okay, not really, but it did have its moments. The problem was that no one seemed to know that wearing the damn thing for too long would result in its permanently bonding itself to her body. 


By itself that may not have been so bad, but the suit was some kind of quasi-living organism that, once bonded to a host, as hers had been to her, it provided a number of side benefits, first among which was the prevention of any genetic tinkering. That sounds good in theory, but in practice it meant that she was now a she forever. All hope of going back to her life as Darren had been quashed with the realization of what had happened.


She gripped the next pice of structural support, twisting around on the bar and pulling her legs up beneath her tiny frame in time to avoid a few more bullets. From this angle she could focus her super-human eyesight at the ground and get an accurate idea of how many there were, what they were packing, and what her options were.


‘You getting this?’ 


-I am. Thirteen soldiers in heavy armor, eleven 10mm assault rifles with 40mm grenade launchers, one light particle beam rifle, and one .50 caliber mark 12 Dragon EM sniper rifle.-


Daray’s heart sank. Fucking plasma rifles?! 


‘I shouldn’t have taken the deal.’ She mused as she flung herself toward the wall of the closest building, kicking her feet off the metal structure to propel herself up and back into the gap between the buildings lining the street.


-Had you not accepted the deal, you would still be serving a life sentence for the murder of those men.- APRIL’s voice seemed somehow accusing, like a mother’s voice gets when they are telling a child something they already know.


Daray grabbed a metal strut protruding from the opposite wall and braced her feet against the structure, ready to kick off again and gain more altitude when one of the bullets dug harshly into her left thigh. 


“Crap!” The sudden pain caused her to loose her grip and fall a good twenty feet before slamming bodily into one of the lower metal supports. She desperately scrambled with her fingers, clawing at the structure for some sort of purchase as two more bullets tore into the flesh of her dangling legs.


-You need to move Daray.- APRIL’s voice was urgent now.


“You think?!” She spat out, not even realizing that she’d spoken aloud. Her fingers finally caught on something and she quickly unsheathed her claws and hauled her tiny frame up on top of the metal framework. “We need a new plan. It’ll take some time for this to heal and I can’t be bouncing around with my legs all tore up.”




‘Any thoughts?’

There was a moment’s pause from the computer as it mulled over the possibilities.




‘Thanks APRIL, you’re a real comfort in trying times, you know that?’


-I do my best Daray. If we were closer to home I would be better equipped to be of assistance. However, I am not familiar enough with this area. It seems to have been extensively modified from what the public records indicate.-


An idea flashed through Daray’s head as APRIL spoke, her cobalt eyes going wide with the thought. ‘Home! That’s it!’


-I do not understand Daray, Tranguility is several days travel from our current location.-


‘Not Tranquility APRIL! Home! My old home, from before we met. It’s just around the corner!’


The electrical hum of an energy weapon cycling up brought their attention around. Daray heard the discharge and flung her legs up over her head, pulling her body through a back summersault. She felt the heat and static of the particle beam against her legs as it blasted her hiding spot to bits of super-heated slag. Her wounded legs protested mightily as she put her weight on them, but she didn’t have a choice in the matter, she had to press on.


Turning to face the wall behind her, she worked the new muscled in her eye sockets in that special way that made her eyes sensitive to thermal radiation instead of photons. Looking at the wall, she could see several warm bodies behind it, none near where the girders connected with the structure however, so she raised her right arm, pointing her fist at the wall and twitching a special combination of new muscles in her forearm.


A blast of brilliant, white light erupted from her forearm. The beam leapt across the gap between her and the wall, and blasted a large hole through the metal plain, leaving its edges bent, torn, and smoking, and the people inside the structure running for cover.


Switching her eyes back to normal, she began creeping on her wounded legs, toward the hole. 


‘Let’s go. It’s not far from here.’


-Daray, I am detecting a large buildup of electro-magnetic energy from the street.-


She didn’t need to look. She knew what it was. A mark 10 Dragon Em sniper rifle. One of the finest, most accurate, and unfortunately for her, most powerful, man-portable rail-guns made. The thing fired slugs the size of a tube of lipstick at speeds rivaling some of the fastest sub-light spacecraft made. She didn’t have a choice, nor time to make one. She coiled her wounded legs beneath her and propelled herself toward the hole, hoping the sniper was slow to track his target.


She felt a brief instant of incredible pain before her altered body killed the signal, preventing her brain from feeling it so she could keep functioning. Still, the force of the impact, even as low as it was on her body, wrenched her legs around and slammed her stomach into the side of her escape hole, tearing up her mid-section on the sharpened shards of the metal wall. 


Seconds later, the report of the weapon washed across the street. The sound plowed down the street like a wave, rattling windows, shaking buildings, knocking over street vendor’s tents, and bowling pedestrians off their feet. A deafening silence filled in the void behind the weapon’s firing.


-Daray. Get up!-


He thought he heard something, but the fog in his brain was simply too thick to be sure.




There it was again. He didn’t want to get up. “Five more minutes mom.” He groaned, trying to go back to sleep.


-Daray, I am not your mother. You need to move, NOW!-


He waved his arm through the air, as if to ward off the offending voice. He didn’t want to get up. The motion caused a searing pain to spiderweb across his chest, lighting his breasts on fire and burning his lungs. Wait, breasts?! He opened his eyes and looked down his body, clearly seeing the breasts between his head and the mangled wall that was partially dug into his narrow waist. 


“Crap.” It all came rushing back again, as it did almost every time she woke up. Would she ever get used to waking up in this body?


-Daray, I am detecting another buildup of EM energy below.- APRIL’s tone was urgent.


“OK, I’m moving, I’m moving!” She groaned.


Extricating herself from the mangled wall hurt like hell, and left plenty of flesh and bone behind in the process. She rolled forward into the room, and tried to stand up three times before she finally realized that her left leg was missing from the middle of the calf down.


“Another fine day at the office.” She grumbled as she hopped toward the nearest door that looked as if it might lead somewhere helpful.


The door opened up to a hallway, which quickly yielded a staircase. Daray looked up ad down the staircase suspiciously a few times before finally deciding on up. It was slow going, and would have been terribly painful if not for her body’s ability to switch off the pain transmitters. Her quick-clotting blood had insured that she hadn’t spilled more than a few drops back where she’d first been shot, so she wasn’t leaving a trail, but she still needed to pick up the pace, lest she be heard hopping up the stairs.  By the time she reached the roof of the building, she could hear the soldiers moving through the structure, searching it room by room for her. She was running out of time.


She slowly hobbled over to the edge of the building and peeked over the edge, inspecting the street for signs of the soldiers there.






‘You think I can make that strut?’ She focused her vision on a metal beam that extended up and out of the building across the street. The beam arced upward, eventually connecting with the ceiling of the cavernous space the tiny little slum of a city occupied within the station.


-No.- APRIL came back after a moment of thought.


‘I’m pretty sure I can make it.’ 


-You can not build up sufficient velocity in your current state Daray.-






‘Okay.’ She backed off from the edge of the building and turned as though looking for another option, then twisted around, hopped up to the edge of the building, planting her right foot, squatting low, and leaping with all her might out into the void between the buildings.


She hung there in space for what seemed like an eternity. The large, meal strut she was aiming for grew nearer and nearer as the wind whipped past her face. Her arms stretched outward, prepared to grasp the beam, but caught only empty air as she fell past it, easily a foot short.


She fell another twenty feet before her fingers finally came into contact with the wall of the building, some twenty feet above the ground. The tiny claws in her fingertips sprung loose again, finding purchase in the relatively weak metal of the building and arresting her fall with a sudden jerk that would dislocate a normal person’s shoulders completely.


‘I thought I had it.’


-I told you you could not make it.-


‘Yeah, what do you know anyway?’


-I knew that you could not make it.-


‘Oh. Right.’


She clawed her way up to the nearest window, and pulled herself through it, rolling onto the floor, much to the surprise of the room’s occupants.


“What the hell?!” a young man shouted, as he stood bolt upright from his sofa. He eyed Daray, taking a moment to register her state. “Are you alright?!”


“I’m OK.” Daray grunted as she rolled over and pulled herself up from the floor.


“Honey? Who’s… Oh my god!” A young woman stepped into the room bearing some sort of mixing bowl and a spoon. She dropped the articles at the sight of Daray and looked about to scream.


“Please, don’t scream.” Daray pleaded. “I’m just passing through.” She leveraged herself against the wall, finally getting back to her foot and hopping toward the door. “I’ll just be getting out of your hair now. Sorry about the mess.”


She pressed the button to open the door, and looked both directions before hopping out into the hallway. She didn’t wait to listen to what the couple might have said after she left. 


-We need to get to safety, your body systems are beginning to shut down for regeneration.-


‘I know APRIL. It’s just around the corner.’


She dragged herself down the corridor, leaning heavily on the wall for support. At the far end was another window, this one overlooking a dark, dirty street, filled with people going about their business. There were street vendors, shoppers, pedestrians, and the occasional small vehicle puttering through. Directly across the street she saw it, the door to her old apartment.


‘There it is.’


-This isn’t a good idea Daray.-


‘It’s only been a year APRIL. Places around here go vacant for decades before renting out again. We’ll be fine.’


-I must still register my protest.-


‘Noted.’ Daray replied as she pulled the window open and tossed herself out the window. The thirty foot drop would have normally been nothing to her. She’d be able to land on her feet and spring into a dead run without a second thought. But in her condition, it was all she could do to tuck and roll with the impact. Fortunately, there was a heap of garbage below the window that helped break her fall.


She climbed to her feet again, after taking a moment to catch her breath (which, she realized, was not a good idea while laying in a trash heap), and hobbled across the street, doing her best to ignore the strange looks and gaping stares she was receiving from nearby pedestrians.


Finally reaching the rusty, ill-cared for door, she punched in her trojan access code, hoping that it still worked. When the door slid open she breathed a sigh of relief, hopping over the threshold without really looking inside first. She quickly turned to close the door and lock it, then just fell over backward onto the floor with her eyes closed and arms spread wide. 


Landing with a loud thump, she breathed a heavy sigh. “Nap time at last!”

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