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Once upon a time there was a girl named Ella. She was an attractive girl that was very athletic. She swam, played basketball, and even enjoyed football! Ella was around in her sophomore year of college and was a B+ student. Her parents especially her mother wanted her to study and finish up school. Her parents top priority was for her to be into her
studies and not go to work at all until she graduated. Her parents always rewarded their children for A+ work. Since she always missed the A+ grades, she never received allowance money. This was very tough for her as she had many wants and needs. Whatever money she had she went out and got latex panties and latex bras for herself. This was all that she could afford. She was a very good girl and always helped her parents around in the house like cleaning, shopping, and cooking for the family.

Ella also had two sisters as well. Her two sisters were both twins! In fact, they were identical twins with even the same interests. Their names were Jen and Lisa. Ella's sisters were both older than Ella so they were able to do more things. Now on the other hand, both twin sisters were just about the perfect children any parent could ask for. They did everything and even scored the best grades! It was naturally easy for them to make straight A+ grades every quarter and never missed once! They were perfect and I mean they could have passed as runway models! They were tall and extremely attractive. Jen who just finished her studies as a doctor and Lisa just passed the bar to become a lawyer. As you can see they both had the full package. Because of they major achievements, their parents rewarded them with a whole lot of extra money a piece for each of their accomplishments. Ironically their parents allowed them to hold jobs while they were in school so they were making a regular income. These girls had plenty of money to spend and buy whatever they desired especially when it came down to PVC wear!

Jen and Lisa loved PVC wear! They couldn't get enough of how hot they looked in it. They did have a little secret. They were both bi-sexual. Whenever one wore a PVC outfit, the other would always have the urge to go to the other and start caressing the other. It then lead them to massaging each other as they couldn't get their hands off of the slick, smooth lacquer of PVC. If one had on something PVC, the other had to have the same thing. Also, seeing one wearing a PVC outfit, was like seeing themselves since they were identical twins. It was like a double whammy since it was almost like seeing oneself model sexiness. They would go shopping on the regular together for hot PVC items such as PVC bras, PVC panties, PVC pants as well as PVC dresses. The dresses were their favorite items and it made them feel so good as dresses bring out the total femininity side in them. They were hands down divas. Even though they were so perfect, they had one little flaw. Their complete package of brains and beauty were very intimidating to many men. No men would ever approach them as they felt they would be shut down in a heartbeat. It could be a cool dude or bad boy that would approach them but, they could never keep up with their intelligent witty conversations. Really intellectual guys couldn't hang because they just weren't stylish enough and couldn't even gather up the courage to approach them.

Ella as mentioned before was a good girl and performed her regular chores everyday. She always day dreamed about things like finding a chivalrous knight in shining armor that will sweep her off her feet. There was nothing more that she pondered more about than her love for latex! Her passion was latex and needed to have it in her life. Under her clothes she wore her latex panties and latex bras. She always believed in being comfortable and always giving herself permission for pleasure. Since she was very athletic, she was always sexually active driven and the need to always pleasure herself was there. She didn't mind doing the household cleaning for example the dish washing, vacuuming, window washing or dusting because she always had the opportunity to wear her favorite yellow latex gloves. The latex gloves were a long time favorite of hers ever since she was a young kid. It was what probably introduced her to her infatuation for latex. Her earlier days she swam a lot in a competitive swim league being that she was so athletic. She always looked forward to the meets because it gave her a reason to throw on a latex swim cap. Her coach always recommended exercising because that was a proven fact that it increases performance in every sport so she invested her time in doing resistant exercises with those rubber/latex bands. It was simple and got the job done without the cost of an expensive gym membership.

Now while shopping at the mall, the twins Jen and Lisa noticed a flier at their favorite store they usually shop at. Reading the flier, there was a major alternative ball party being thrown for the upcoming weekend. This was such an attractive event as it was a special one time event/performance as well. The cost of the event was $100 a person because "Lady Gaga" and "The Pussycat Dolls" were having a crash course performance together. Being that it was an alternative ball party, the dress code was "No Jeans or Sneakers...Only Alternative Allowed!" This was perfect as the girls loved Lady Gaga and the PCD. The flier also said that the event was thrown by Vinyl Vinny who was the owner and DJ of the party. Vinny got his name Vinyl Vinny for his reputation for spinning and mixing old school style with vinyl records. Vinny was a favorite among the women. Not only was he the biggest stud in town but, he was very wealthy. Building his wealth on a number of successful clubs in the city, he was well known for his handsome looks and his class. Vinny also had a story of his own. He just couldn't find the right girl for himself and he wasn't getting any younger. The man had everything going for himself career and money but, was lacking that special someone in his life to share it with. What good is having all that money and not having someone to spend that money on!? This is when he came up with the idea to throw a special alternative ball event. He knew women loved to be just as sexy as the Pussycat Dolls and loved Lady Gaga's music and her fashion image. Why not combine both major talents and bring all of the beautiful women to his event? It was about time because Vinny searched years and many miles around the world for the one with no success. He had a feeling this event this upcoming weekend was going to be a special and magical one.

As excited as the girls were, they both rushed back home to tell Ella of the special event. Ella was excited but, was disappointed that she couldn't attend this event. It was way too expensive for her and she couldn't afford to go to it. On top of that, she needed a new outfit for the ball and the whole works. Where was she going to come up with the money and the time to look for the right outfit and look when she had to stay home to study with her parent's wishes. She also had many chores around the house to take care of during that night as well. It seemed impossible for her to go. Major bummer as she loved Lady Gaga and The Pussycat Dolls. Even more, Vinyl Vinny was hosting it and she had a huge crush on him. She was about to miss the party of a lifetime!

After many days of dreaming as Ella always does, she finally accepts the idea that she won't be attending the night's biggest event. This was the night and it was going to be an event to never forget. Jen and Lisa were all set and ready to have the time of their lives in the short hours remaining. Knowing how major of an event this was going to be and that they would have an opportunity and a shot of meeting Vinyl Vinny, they had to look their finest. They spent hours fixing up from getting the nails done, to getting their hairs fixed up, to the make up and most importantly the killer outfits for the night! From the week's time preparing for the event, they finally took out their long awaited beautiful shiny, black PVC gowns. There was no way, they weren't going to get noticed in these gowns. The black PVC dresses were sleeveless and had long PVC drooped down to the ground. The top was held up with a thin spaghetti straps to show off their nice shoulders. The front covered up their chest as it was supplemented with a patterned vinyl corset to really pull in their waist. The corsets really accentuated their figures at the waist and gave the nicest curves to their hips. The dress had back zips as well as lace to show their sexy back side. The outfit was finished off with patent leather high heels and long opera length PVC gloves. They were hot and ready to go.

As Ella watched her sisters leave to go to the ball, she let out a big sigh. She continued whatever chores that needed to be done. The night was still young and she began to become a little tired from the hard work. She decided to take off her yellow latex gloves and catch a little nap before finishing the rest of the chores. While napping, she was awakened by a flash of light. Rubbing her eyes she noticed the house was all cleaned up and in better condition than when she left off! This is when she also noticed a small pixy. It caught her by surprise when the pixy reply to her "I'm Fairy Hedon!" The pixy was wearing a bright purple latex outfit with little wings. The pixy told Ella since she was such a good girl with helping out her family and working so hard in school, she wanted to reward her with an opportunity to enjoy herself. Waving her magic wand over Ella, she instantly turned into a princess. Ella was amazingly flawless! When Ella looked at herself in the mirror, she was surprised at what she saw. Her makeup was made up, nails French Manicured, hair done in a French Braid and glass platform heels. What really impressed her was the outfit. She was wearing a bright red, sleeveless latex dress which fell to the floor. It was also paired with red latex fingerless opera gloves. She also had extra accessories such as a fitted five K diamond belt, diamond earrings, and a diamond necklace. Talk about super shiny, she really felt like a million bucks! Fairy Hedon quickly told her to be off to the ball because time's a wasting! She then told her, make sure to be back before 1:00AM because everything will turn back to normal. Once again with a wave of the wand, Ella was standing outside on line waiting to get into the ball with a golden VIP ticket.

Everything was happening so fast that, she never even had a chance to thank Fairy Hedon! Finally in the ball, the lights and the mood were just the right setting. The music was really pumping. On the dance floor, she runs in to her twin sisters. Both sister's were in astonishment to not only see her but, to see how hot she was in the red latex dress. They stirred up an urge wanting to caress her and spank their little sister. They had no idea how sexy and kinky she could be. Whatever it was, they loved what they saw. Just shortly the sisters were distracted and cut off of their desires as Vinyl Vinny entered the stage. Vinny announced the introduction of "Lady Gaga" and "The Pussycat Dolls". Lady Gaga struts her stuff on to the stage in a hot, white latex catsuit dressed as a mouse. Her hair was put up in the shape of Mini Mouse ears and wearing dark black shades with high heels. She performed a few of her hit songs and then The Pussycat Dolls took stage following. The night was really starting to heat up. The members of the Pussycat Dolls began strutting in one by one in black latex! All the members of the PCD where all in skin tight, slick black, latex catsuits except the lead singer Nicole. She was wearing her patent black latex pants with a corset and patent heels. She also had on a latex kitty mask. PCD too performed a few of their hit tunes until the last performance. Vinyl Vinny comes back on stage and announces a special grand finale performance of the night. He quickly exits the stage, the lights go out and blue lights began lighting up the main stage with smoke. The floor was all covered in plastic with bowls what looked like milk sat on the floor. First comes running in is white latex mouse Lady Gaga then follows the black latex kitties of PCD and their latex kitty masks. They began singing a remixed version of "Buttons" with the beat of Lady Gaga's "Lovegame" named "Kitties". As they are singing, both PCD and Lady Gaga are playing cat and mouse games. The performance included the members of PCD all pouring the milk from the bowls on to their latex covered bodies. This performance couldn't have gotten sexier than this! As the white milky liquid drips all over their latex catsuits, white latex mouse Lady Gaga scurries over to them and licks up the milk.

As the main performance came to an end, Vinny gives the performers one big round of applause. He then notices Ella in the bright red latex dress as he exits off stage. Ella was really getting turned on by the performance and was enjoying her night to the fullest. As she walked to the bar to get some water, Vinny was standing right behind her and asked if she wanted to come back to his private lounge area. He said he noticed her and wanted to get to know her better. To her surprise, she was in total shock and accepted the offer immediately. When they got to the back lounge area, it was like almost sound proof and most definitely an intimate setting as well as romantic. As he leaned over to kiss her, she acknowledged him immediately as she really had a crush on him. This is where it became all smooth sailing for the rest of the night. He loved her in her red latex dress and she was really liking his vinyl button down collared shirt. He wasted no time and got straight to business. They were clearly hot and heavy for each other and what made the time easier to get it on was the fact Ella went pantyless. This really turned on Vinny as it was easy access under her latex gown. They enjoyed some really steamy passion and Vinny was really getting highly turned on with all of Ella horny moans until she finished with the peak of her orgasm. Catching her breath, Ella happened to glance at the clock on his wall and it read 12:50AM! Remembering what Fairy Hedon told her, she quickly jumped up and told him she had to run. Vinny was all perplexed thinking if there was something he did all did he rush in too quickly. Ella stormed out and before she could tell him anything more she disappeared as fast as she could from the ball.

1:00AM hits and Ella finds herself at home all back to normal. She's laying in bed with nothing but her favorite latex panties on. She thought to herself, was that just a dream!? If it was, it was the best dream she ever had! All that she knew was that she was comfortable in her favorite latex panties on and that she was so tired. Once again, everything happened in a blink of an eye and it felt surreal. She hears her sisters come home and they are laughing and just chatting about how the night went. Ella pays no attention as tired as she was, she falls asleep until the next day.

Ella gets up the next day and is woken by what turns out to be some kind of parade. The parade was celebrating the homecoming of a college football team. Since Ella was into football, she goes outside to check it out. To her surprise, Vinyl Vinny was in the parade on a float with a loud horn. He was announcing on the horn that he was looking for the girl who wore this Five K diamond belt last night at the ball and that he would marry her! Dozens of girls rushed to line up to try on the belt. None were successful to their despair as they all just didn't fit the belt! Ella's twin sisters wanted to give it a shot in hopes of being with Vinny but, were just as unsuccessful. Finally Ella emerges from the crowd and tries on the belt. A perfect fit and immediately she realized that last night wasn't a dream. The dream of a knight in shining armor became a reality as Vinny reaches over to grab Ella and sweeped her off her feet. As he carries her, he whispers to her telling her that he loves her and will lavish her with all the latex wear she will ever need. "I have found my Rubberella!"

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