Public Vinyl Adventures with an Ex

Written by: pvc

It's been a while since I posted up a story. This story is about my first/ex girlfriend and our wild journeys in vinyl. She never had any prior experience with vinyl until she met me and this was the story of our relationship. In the beginning of our relationship I told her I loved the shiny clothes. I was fortunate she was open to it and it made the relationship much more pleasurable.

I begin this story with her first experience with PVC. We first went online and viewed a few items in PVC. She ended up falling in love with a vinyl vest top made by "Allure". The top was like a tank top but, was half of it with a zipper that ran down the front of it. After the search, she got her CC and sent in the details and I told her to ship the order to my place as to avoid any suspicion with her family as I don't think she would have wanted her family or work to see the package. Later on, I received the package and I became so excited. I saw the vest and it was so hot! I couldn't wait to give her her order and to see her first time expression seeing PVC clothes. Before giving her her order, I paired it up with a pair of vinyl pants made by "XTC Leather of NY". As soon as she saw the outfit, she loved it! This was the beginning of a fetish collection about to get better. I remember one time at the end of a long day at work and she came to see me. As we were leaving she surprised me wearing the vinyl vest under the jacket or shirt she was wearing with a huge smile on her face. That was an excellent surprise. This was probably the first time she wore vinyl wear in public. I remember another time we went to meet up with a mutual friend of ours and she wore her vinyl pants to the mall! That I must say was a Kodak moment...PRICELESS!!!

It was our first real Halloween and we talked about what costumes to wear. So I suggested what are you interested in being? She replied she would like to be Catwoman! I was thinking this was almost too perfect so we jumped back online again to search for Catwoman costumes. We found a vinyl catsuit by "Allure" once again. The catsuit was a sleeveless catsuit with front zipper opening down to the waist to reveal whatever degree of cleavage she desired. A beautiful addition to the PVC collection. Later on she received the order in the mail and I was so excited to go on over to see her in it! As soon as I got the chance to come over, she modeled the catsuit and this suit was so hot. I mean, it was literally so hot that she was sweating to death in it! That was like so sexy. It wasn't the fact wearing such a super hot outfit visually that did it, it was the physical hot part that made her want to take it off and I tried so hard for her to keep it on. This was probably the best item of clothing that she owned ever! You can be sure this was an upgrade from her boring old outfits. Who knew she became so interested in these two PVC outfits to the point that she decided to go for breast enhancements to fill out the chest part of the outfits! Wow!

Now it's a year later and Halloween rolls around one more time. Of course, we had to find a new years Halloween costume and she didn't want to wear the same costume from the year before. That was completely fine to me as that means a new PVC outfit. So this time we decided to shop in NYC for the first time in a physical store. This had to been the best experience ever! I never had an opportunity to see so much PVC clothes and an abundance of them besides viewing them on online stores. I was so excited. This also gave us the opportunity to try them on before buying them and that was one thing she rather do. We went to one store and she tried on some vinyl pants by "Leg Avenue". Unfortunately since she wears extra small and it wasn't fitted enough, she ended up not getting it. We checked out a few other stores but, nothing came close to this other store that had tons of PVC clothes. We spent quite some quality time at this particular store until she finally fell in love with this one vinyl nurse outfit. It was nice, all black and had button snaps all the way up the front of it. Since she loved it so much and it was so expensive, I split the expense of the item with her. She also ended up buying a white vinyl bikini set bra and bottom. This had to have been the perfect swim wear for the beach or laying out at the pool. This year she really made use of the PVC nurse outfit which included the dress and head band. She wore the dress to work during the day with a pair of pants for the ultra conservative side and wore it without the pants at night for our NYC Halloween party for the kinkier side. Of course, I favorite the night scene decision.

At the end of our relationship as all good thing must come to an end, I gave her some super shiny, hot red,  vinyl pants for our soon to be final Valentine's Day. Wouldn't you say it was a perfect gift for that particular day? The pants were from "The Mission Boutique" which is an online alternative store made by "STUDIO XTC". I had to get it for her because it was a hot discontinued sale item. As soon as she tried them on, she was hot because the pants for the first time fit like a glove! She was so happy with the pants that she wore them out in public to visit her sister and brother at the family restaurant! I can image all the reactions she got for them who saw it. I even caught the expression of one of the workers who saw her in it and you couldn't miss these pants as they were bright red! This was definitely a most memorable time while it all lasted especially the thrill and an excitement of seeing her everytime wearing her PVC wear in public. That is hands down such a turn on. As the story of my life, my next wish will be the latex journeys. I pray for the sooner, the better!

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