A Modern Love Story

Written by: pvc

Some time not so long ago, there was a girl named Catherine and a guy named Richard. Just to make it easier, we'll call Catherine (Cat) and Richard (Dick). Cat was a type of girl where she seemed very quiet and shy but, she was actually very wild and loved to explore. She was a teacher who taught grade school and always had many fantasies and desires. I mean she always had to be stimulated. Cat by coincidence was very sexy and quite feminant living up to her name. She loved the color pink as well as wearing her high heels and was always sexually aroused. She was a beautiful girl with long brunette hair, nice brown eyes, cute nose, and great lips especially if it came down to that killer kiss. She had a gorgeous hour glass figure with great hips like Jennifer Lopez but, would you expect less since she was in her late 20s!? I guess when you are that age, you're born with it. She had a size C cup breast and a flat tummy I'm guessing from always taking those aerobics classes and her infatuation for sit-ups and crunches all of the time. Her butt was amazing! It accentuated out just like Jennifer Lopez's and was quite unique. One of the classes she always took was the Spinning classes and she would always be in the aerobics room either doing squats or lunges finishing with stretches. She was born with a butt like that and she hated it. If you ask me, it was a gift from God. Lastly, did she have a pair of legs! These legs were long and you could never even see an ounce of jiggle when she ran the treadmill. At 5' 9" I guess those legs always needed extra work to keep tight and toned.

Of course, teaching grade school can be quite exhausting especially when having to deal with so many kids. Being around so many children all the time, she dreamed of having children someday. The only problem is, she needed someone in her life to make that fantasy a reality. So being that she was always sexually aroused and sexually frustrated, she came home from work each day to pleasure herself. She would get herself comfortable and slip into her favorite latex panties. These weren't just ordinary latex panties but, the ones with the internal rubber dildo. This created much excitement for her as she would wear these panties all night being amused and pleasured. Then she throw on her favorite low rise pvc pants on with the bootleg flares on the bottom. The top she wore was a latex tank top similar to the one worn by Trinity in the Matrix. Everyday working so hard and stress, it was her way to escape and release whatever tensions she had. Wearing her outfit just made her feel very special and feel so good about herself. That ultimate feeling of empowerment. 

By the time, the dawn came around and the sun passed and the night settled in she became incrediblly stimulated. Hours of wearing her favorite panties, the pleasure increased exponentially. Everytime she walked or sat or laid down, created a continueous pleasure and a tease of excitement with the rubber dildo rubbing inside her. Everytime that G-Spot was hit she got wetter and wetter. Each time she wetted in her panties, it gave her more satisfaction with her vagina in contact with the smooth latex. This was such a gratifying sensation for her that she thought, who needs a guy when I can satisfy my needs better! There were times when thoughts of crossing over to being bi-sexual and maybe even a lesbian. She knows what it was like to be cheated on by many men and to be with another woman was more favoring as they smelt better, attractively looked better, were more sensual and understood each other. 

Now Dick on the other hand was a guy that loved women.  Had an incredible job down in Wall Street easily making well over six figures. As a Wall Street man, he was always well dressed and had a very great personality. He was a loyal man who always kept in shape. He loved working out as fitness was his life. To be healthy having all the endorphins released just made life good as important as his workouts were. Now he was tight, very toned and well tanned.  From always pumping heavy bench presses, his chest were chiseled as the likes of a Greek statue. Abs were great because of his clean diet and was told his glutes were just amazing from pumping out heavy squats. Dick was in his early 30's weighing in at about 200lbs at 6'2". 

With being very successful in his career he needed that special girl in his life to complete his void. He too has been burnt by women in past relationships and then telling him well, "You're a nice guy...let's just be friends". What guy wants to hear something like that? Being so busy, it has been tough for him to go out and maybe hit his favorite club or too. Especially to meet just one of all of the financial beauties in Wall Street. If there was a fantasy that crossed his mind, it would be of a woman dressed up in pvc/latex attire. He absolutely loved a woman who wore any of those items of clothing. After work, he'd rush back home and would always be sexually frustrated as well. He'd jump on his laptop and surf the internet and view whatever ladies he could find in latex/pvc outfits. Before he settled down for the night, he would always change in to his patent leather pants that he wore regularly. Since he was also into Metal and the Goth theme, this was his favorite pants of choice to wear. What's not to like when they were comfortable and stylish!?

Wearing those patent leather pants, it was such a turn on for him fantasizing a woman in them how they would crackle or make ripping sounds whenever they walked in them. The brilliant luster of the black lacker as well as the smoothness of the pants was quite an excitement for him. With the combined thrill of viewing his favorite girls in pvc or latex and his favorite pants he began feeling the the discomfort of blue balls. Getting a great deal of wetness at this time, all he could do was relieve himself. Without despare he needed to rub his crotch profusely stirring some peak excitement. The stimulation was so great relief came quick and finally his day was completed. That ten seconds of release was the best ten seconds of his whole day! All in all his days of masturbation were growing old, he needed more. The only thing that would be able to provide him total satisfaction would be to see a woman all suited up in a pvc/latex catsuit.

As the days of the week came to an end, the weekend was nearing. Of course, the weekend is everyone's favorite time of the week. Cat just got off of work and was trying to arrange some plans for the night. Since it was Friday night, she knew it was the night for clubbing. Excited to go clubbing that night besides loving clubbing, she decided to make plans to hit up a new NYC night club. As well as we all know, getting made up looking as pretty as possible is top priority but, she just didn't want to do just that! She wanted to look hot for the night. To kick off the night she once again slipped into her latex panties with internal dildo. Then she wore the tightest pair of low rise jeans she had topped off with a red pvc corset top. She finished this ensemble with her stilettos shoes with the clear glass platforms. She was really looking real hot at this point and she was ready to hit the town. 

Dick on the other hand wanted to go out this night as well. Since he hadn't been out to a club in a long time, he decided let me change things up a little and maybe try my luck in trying to meet someone tonight. So, he decided to go out in a fitted sleveless shirt, nice slacks and shoes. Not much preparation for guys to get fancy and made up. He was ready. By this time, it's around 11:30pm and he finally makes his way to the club. The club was kicking and the lights were real low and the music was just right. A few hours past and now the party starts heating up. Women and guys were starting to pack in on the dance floors. The ladies that night were looking real fine that night and really getting their naughty grinds in. Like a diamond in the rough, Dick zeroes in one girl getting her freak on on the dance floor. She was no shy girl when it came to getting on the dance floor. To some amazement, she was on the floor tearing out great dance moves as well as sweating as if she were coming out of the sauna! Her long brunette hair was flowing everywhere! The lights were hitting her in all the right places and she looked amazing. He destinctly noticed the big smile on her face and was curious as to know what she smiling so much about. 

Finally, after sweating so much she decides to take a little break and struts off the dance floor to the lounge area to cool down a little. Dick thought, this could be my opportunity so without dispair he confidently walks over to her and says to her. "I noticed all the great dance moves, you seem very hot...can I get you a drink?" She replied "sure". After that, Dick introduced himself and she told him her name was Catherine. Since she was a social drinker, she enjoyed her drink for around an hour or two while Dick continued a conversation with Cat until the night was over. It was apparrent that Dick liked her and Cat on the other hand was really feeling a connection with Dick. She was really impressed with his career as well as his incredible physique. It was his personality that really caught her interest. He was a genuine man and what woman could pass up a man with so many good qualities all in one package? 

After getting comfortable with each other for some time now, Cat made the opinion that Dick was a man not like the others. He was a total gentleman and chivalrous. She wanted to go home and she invited him over. Dick was very shocked on the offer and from a hot woman that he just met especially when opportunites knock, he accepted the offer. This must have been the opportunty of a lifetime! She was gorgeous! In fact, it was his lucky day. It was probably the beginning of a life changing moment in his life. Wasting no time, they left the party and headed back to her place.

Back at her place, things were going great for the both of them and and they knew there was an attraction. Since the club was so loud, they didn't have the opportunty to give each other their best attention in conversations. Finally feeling comfortable with Cat, Dick confesses that he loves a women who enjoys wearing latex/pvc because he knows it's important to be truthful and not have secrets hidden down the line where the significant other doesn't accept who they really are. Impressed with his honesty once more, Cat decides to really wash up and get comfortable. She pulls off her jeans and reveals why and what the whole night she was really smiling about. To his astonishment, he sees she's wearing a latex panty. How sexy is that!? The whole night Cat pleasured and teased herself dancing in her latex panty with rubber dildo. The pleasure was ecstacy for her as she rode the rubber dildo the whole night. It was a flawless night for her as every dance move, ever stride she took with that dildo inside her stimulated feelings of pleasure. With the combined feeling of the latex panty as a second skin underneath her jeans as well as the sweat combined was pure heaven. 

Cat told Dick she'd be right back to wash up and then left the room. Shortly later on she comes back enclosed in a full femme fatale latex catsuit with a two way zip beginning from her high neck collar at the back running straight through to the navel in the front. Her body was encased in smooth sexy slick black rubber from neck to ankle sleeves and legs. She finished off this piece with a pair of black moulded rubber gloves. She also wore shiny black patent leather platform boots by looks alone could kill a thousand soldiers! The outfit was as shiny as can be and was perfectly lubbed to every inch of her suit. Her breast and her butt was totally accentuated and never looked better, she was delicious! She felt irresistibly empowering and felt so good that every inch of her body was hugged by her smooth sensual catsuit. Dick was speechless and wasted no time once more getting his business taken care of. As soon as Cat reached down to unzip the zipper by her crotch, the night was history! We can only imagine.      

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