Early Memories of Fetish

Written by: pvc

Well, this is a story of me introducing my first time life experiences with fetish. As far as can remember growing up as kid you start to explore and hormones develop and run free. Back in the 80's I remember looking through store catelogs and I came across the fitness section. In the photos, they were trying to sell silver Sauna Suits. Did that ever make me so excited. Of course being a kid with no job, I was never able to go and get them. Later on working at the gym I remembered one lady in particular who always worked out in what they use to call "garbage bags" (Sauna Suits) pants and top. It would always distract me watching her doing cardio how she'd get all sweaty in those pants that eventually I needed to get a set of my own.

Now back to when I was high school. I remember so clearly as if it were yesterday,11th grade to be exact. We had to take health class. What a coincidence that the teacher of the class wore Nylon Warm-Ups to teach in. Back in those days, I guess it was the in thing at the time and I remember her wearing a HOTDOGGER warm-up suit (pants & jacket). Let me tell you, I had a hard time paying attention in class as it was exciting to see a woman wearing such an outfit. I don't know what it was but, the thought of nylon pants reminded me of something simliliar to a diaper. It wasn't fitted or anything like that but, I loved seeing a woman in nylon warm-ups.

Similiar to this story, another teacher taught gym class in a Hotdogger warm-up and I was just as excited. Besides the two teachers that wore them another girl in my grade wore a bright hot pink suit! That really had me driving myself wild! This was the ultimate turn-on, Even another girl in my class wore the same outfit but, different colors. Whatever colors they wore, the more I was getting the hots for them! The good news was, it looked better on girls my age. I would eventually see them more from other brands like Sergio Techini and even Umbros! Unfortunately the warm-ups didn't have a long life span and eventually the Umbros were starting to become extinct! I loved every woman wearing an Umbro short. The only nylon pants that somewhat survived were Adidas pants. I eventually had almost every Umbro color short.

After these younger days, my fascination for fetish clothes started to really heat up. Even Victoria's Secret Satin PJs were becoming exciting and I started loving women wearing Satin dresses for formal events for example conventions or proms. It wasn't until around the beginning of the millenium when I really discovered Fetish!

After graduating from college, we all did the clubbing stage. I mean clubbing every weekend in NYC. I was surfing the web looking for clubbing clothes when I stumbled on a pair of vinyl pants! Man did that change my life! I think I was hooked on probably one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Nothing hit me this hard before and I was just like helplessly excited! Giving in to my weakness, I decided to purchase a pair of vinyl pants. As I waited for my order to arrive, the excitemnet would never let up! I mean I remember going through sleepless nights waiting and just couldn't get it off of my mind until I the order came.

The excitement and suspense came to an end for now. I finally got my first order and let me tell you, those pants fit so good and comfortable! It could have easily been my favorite pants ever! This is when it became an addiction and before I knew it, my pvc wardrobe began to grow. I loved every one of these items. Each time was just as exciting as the last waiting for the mail to come. The pvc defintiely took control of me and that strange power of BLACK, SMOOTH, and SHINY built an unbreakable lust.

Unfortunately, the pvc selection was starting to become limited so I began a new interest. Seeing what all the buzz was about, I finally had my first taste in latex. It was a pair of shorts and believe me, it was the ultimate best feeling in the world! I was hooked once again! There was no other feeling in the world that felt as good as latex hugged against your body. Most people call it a second skin. I can't believe how exciting the feeling of latex was. I mean, it was almost like loosing your virginity all over again! One would never want to depart from it and it was so comfortable. I wished I could wear it forever and never take it off. It was the ultimate in sexy. Whenever a normal girl would wear it, it transformed them into instant sexy! Not even a woman nude could compare. Goddess, Divas, super hot women became the words of a woman in latex. Latex brought weakness to my knees and I felt helpless whenever I saw a Rubber Doll or any other girl flashing off their latex wear. No words can describe the ultimate satisfaction of latex wear. Empowerment and feeling at the mercy of a woman in tight, shiny, smooth, crackling latex.

It was a done deal. However long it took to get in a smooth comfortable latex item was all worth it. My dream outfit would be a full latex catsuit. The day I experience a full latex catsuit is the day I find true happiness. Thus, my fetish journey in life would have been completed!

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