Leather homecoming

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The day was not just another day. My boyfriend was scheduled to come home from overseas. I always called him my “brave military man“ or my “burly freedom fighter.” He went into the service a few months before we started dating, and I got to spend an entire year with him before he got deployed last September. I missed him so much, so the fact that he was coming home was a huge relief for me.

I was determined to make that day extremely special. I was going to make his favorite dinner and put on a very sexy outfit for him. I guess in a way, this was going to be a homecoming present for both of us.

The whole day I longed for him to come home. I wanted to kiss his soft, gentle lips and be embraced in his strong arms. I kept checking my phone for his call, looking at it every few seconds to see if the status had changed during the time I spent blinking. Finally, about 1,000 blinks later, it rang.

It was so nice to hear his voice. I had forgotten how deep and melodic it was. He had one of those telephone sex operator voices that melted my heart (and other body parts) with each syllable. He told me that he was at the airport and he’d be home in an hour.

I worked fast to get dressed and start dinner. I kept telling myself, “This is it. Just a few more minutes and you’ll get to see him.“ I ran into my bedroom and looked into the mirror.

“What should I wear?” I said to my reflection, which was in desperate need of a spruce up.

I decided to start with my crotchless panties. They were always a surprise to my boyfriend, and they helped me feel sexy very quickly. I then threw on my favorite skin tight shiny leather pants. They hugged ever one of my curves, at least the ones that my boyfriend favored most. I knew he’d love those. I put on my red laced corset top and finished with my black knee high leather boots. I planned to put on some gloves right before he came in, but I didn’t want to dirty them while I cooked.

I glanced back in the mirror and became much more pleased about the girl staring back at me. I looked like a model--a naughty, sexy, seductive little model. This was definitely the outfit that would welcome my boyfriend home.

I left the bedroom and started business in the kitchen. I started his favorite meal, spaghetti with meatballs. It seems like such a man’s meal, with big chunks of meat atop delicate noodles, but it’s actually quite arousing for me too. The smell of the tomato sauce and the fresh bread in the air--the thought of my boyfriend waiting for me to slurp up the second half of a noodle hanging out of his soft lips---the passionate kisses that would follow---everything about a simple bowl of spaghetti seemed so erotic to me.

I finished dinner with just a couple of minutes to spare. I ran back to the bathroom to freshen myself up and put on the gloves that I had laid out earlier.

A knock found its way to the front door, and I felt my heart stop dead in its track. This was it. My burly freedom fighter was finally home.

“Coming,” I bellowed.

It was him; the man that I had been thinking about all this time was standing in front of me looking more handsome that when he left. I couldn’t help myself--I ran straight to him and jumped in his arms. We embraced and shared one of the best, most intense kisses of my life. He gave me a smile once he saw the outfit and the steaming dinner awaiting both of us on the table, and I could tell that I had done a good job. We chatted haphazardly during dinner, until he finally let one of the spaghetti noodles hang casually out of his mouth. I bit into it until our lips met, and we finished with a romantic and sensual night of passion.

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