Power in numbers

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The person that said “Two’s company; three’s a crowd” must have had a very boring sex life. My experience shows that when it comes to the bedroom, a motto like “the more the merrier” is much more fitting. Threesomes, foursomes, orgy parties--it’s only logical that the more people involved, the more fun someone can have.

It’s possible that I’m biased in my opinion because my parents were swingers. I grew up around people who had multiple partners and large sex parties at least three times a week. Sure, my parents tried to get me as far away from their personal lives as they could when I was young, but a I got older, they became more open about their fetishes.

My parents were also into bondage, and they taught me that there could be pleasure in pain. In time, I found out that the enjoyed leather, vinyl, latex and domination as well. My parents fit into a specific category of people, and they helped me develop a more open mind about sex and fun in life.

All of these experiences made me into the proud, vivacious, bisexual individual that I am today. I too enjoy having multiple partners, huge orgy parties, and fetish clothing. My life is full of fun and surprises, and I never know what interesting new experience I’ll end up in next.

Most people go into their first sex party nervous and unknowing of what’s going to happen. I was prepared though. I knew exactly how to interact with people, and I walked around with poise and confidence.

The hosts of the party had little rooms set up for people to go into once they got to know each other. I could walk down the halls and see people chained to the wall, strapped to the beds, tied to metal chairs, and much more. I could hear people screaming in pain and orgasm from every corner. Needless to say, it was easy for me to get in the mood quite quickly.

I found my way to a group of people all dressed in rubber and vinyl who were chatting about their fetishes and past experiences. They welcomed me to join them, and I listened in on their conversation. I waited to tell a few stories of my own and then asked if anyone wanted to join me in the room to test out some of the stuff that we had been talking about. To my surprise, all nine of the people said that they wanted to go have a little fun. So the ten of us went on a search to find a room big enough to play around in.

We finally found a den in the back of the house, and we immediately started to make out with each other. We turned off the lights so we couldn’t tell who we were having sex with at a given time. It was a very erotic experience because all I could hear was the sound of other people moaning and the occasional squish or slurp.

Without going into too much detail, I can say that I had at least five orgasms that night from men and women alike. Since then, I’ve been to many more sex parties and have had amazing experience at every one. I guess that goes to shoe that there really is power in numbers.

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