Plastic, Leather, and a lot of fun

Written by: Girlq

My boyfriend and I are far from your average couple. Even though we’ve been together for six years now, we don’t have any dull moments in our relationship. We try to change stuff up pretty frequently, whether it be the places we like to go for lunch, the tv shows we watch, or games we play in the bedroom. Our sex life is never static; there’s always a new fetish or toy that we’re trying to test out. We make sure to do this at least once every couple of days and we call these evenings “naughty nights.” 95% of the time, our experiments lead to more fun than the ones before, and with that comes a new opportunity for us to enjoy each other.

Our latest experiment involved a set of hand cuffs, a bottle of warm maple syrup, some leather fetish clothing, and a plastic car cover. This may sound like a random combination of materials, but trust me when I say that they all played a vital part in our game that night.

The first part of the night included me and my boyfriend both dressing up in our favorite leather outfits. They needed to be easy to remove though, which made our options a little more constricting. He decided to put on the leather zip up g-string that I bought him just a few days prior, and topped it off with a leather vest that showed off his perfect six pack. I went for a leather break away skirt that was studded at the top and came with a black leather bra that had a lace up tie in the front. This was one of my favorite tops because it pulled my breasts together and instantly made my 34 Cs look and feel like DDs.

After we were both dressed and already a little aroused from the sight of each other, we decided to get down to the task at hand. The rules of the game were simple. We laid the car cover on the carpet to keep what was going to be a messy game in a somewhat contained area. One person was going to hand cuff the other’s arms behind the back, preventing any use of the hands for the duration of play. The cuff-less person would then pour some of the warm maple syrup onto themselves in various locations (wherever they wanted to, really). It was the handcuffed person’s job then to lick off all the maple syrup on the other person’s body and completely undress them without using hands at all. Fastest person was declared the naughty night winner.

An hour of licking, stripping, and rolling around later and my boyfriend was declared the naughty night winner. He cheated and kept pouring syrup on parts of his body while I was licking it up from someplace else, so my time ended up twice as long as his was. Neither of us cared though. It was worth it for me when I licked him in just the right spots, and the sticky warm syrup enhanced the already erotic nature of the game, making it fun for giver and receiver.

I wonder what game we’ll have in store for naughty night tonight…

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