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Last Friday was a day that I will never forget. I bought my first web camera. I was new to the technological world, but I had always loved to experiment with new and intriguing things. I had done the whole chatting online thing before, but I wanted to take my experiences to a new level. I started doing some research on the internet, and found out that there were leather and rubber fetish based web casts out there. I felt relieved that there were others in the world who shared my love for leather and latex.

I read the instructions on the back of the box and began installing my new, sleek web camera. I tested the camera with just a little video of me mumbling nothings to myself. It worked! I could see myself being played through my computer. It was so exciting.

I set the time for my first web showing for 9:00 that night. I eloquently gathered my clothes and got dressed for my performance. I wore a black leather chained thong, some tight latex pants, an enticingly transparent rubber bra that made my cleavage look absolutely amazing, and a shiny black vinyl halter top. When it was all on, I looked and felt sexy as could be. I couldn’t wait to get started.

I sat down in my chair next to my computer screen and located another woman in my web room. We decided to converse. She was sexy, too. She had on a black and purple leather corset top that emphasized her huge breasts and a black choker that wrapped around her tiny neck. It was exciting to be able see who the other person was, rather than having to imagine everything during a typed chat. It was very erotic because I could see us having sex vividly in my mind. The only thing I had to think about was how it would happen.

We started talking to each other and I told her how attractive I thought he was. She said the same about me and we decided that we wanted to see more of each other. She wanted to strip first, and I was more than willing to watch.

She started off by slowly unlacing her corset top, each strand revealing more and more of her amazing chest. Once her breasts were completely exposed, she started to play with her nipples a little bit. Mine got harder and harder underneath the latex bra, a small amount of sweat building underneath and giving me greater awareness and sensitivity. As I watched her fondle her mounds I felt myself getting wetter down below. This web cast was turning out to be a great experience!

She finished playing with her breasts and moved on to unzip a short / tight leather skirt. I couldn’t tell while she was sitting down, but this girl had a butt just as big as her chest. She made sure to pull her skirt down in slow motion, so I could see her cheeks jiggle with each shimmy. She was so sexy.

Underneath the skirt she was wearing a black micro mini thong that barely covered her feminine parts. She came back over to the camera and asked if I liked what I had seen so far.

I said, “Oh ya. I’d like to see it all.”

She replied, “Sure, but first I want you to strip for me.”

First I undid the transparent latex bra. The sweat from my breasts made it stick to my skin, and it failed to fall off after I unbuttoned it. I had to peal the latex from the skin and the feeling only made my nipples all the more hard. I got down to the thong that I had on, and we spent the rest of our night coming as close to sex as we possibly could without actually being in the same room. My first live chat went perfectly, and I couldn’t wait to do it again soon.

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