My Favorite Vinyl Pants

Written by: Girlq

I never thought about how seductive a girl in vinyl hot pants could be--that is, until I became one. I’ve always been told I have a great ass, but no one ever told me that tiny shiny shorts could magnify that greatness. I don’t know if it’s the hypnotic glossiness of the fabric or the fact that they are concealing and revealing at the same time, but somehow whenever I put them on, I become the center of everyone‘s attention.

I remember this one night in particular…I was wearing my favorite pair of vinyl shorts, black with little silver stars on the bottom. I had a matching silver halter top to go with it. Normally I wore that outfit with some cute silver high heals, but this time I decided to whip out my black patent leather stiletto healed boots. They were the sexiest shoes that I owned and they topped off the ensemble quite nicely.

My girlfriends and I were heading to our favorite club, The Martini House. We took a cab to a nearby street corner and decided to walk the remaining distance. This gave us a chance to break in our shoes for dancing tonight, and we were able to take in the warm night air.

We were almost at the club when one of my friends noticed a group of guys staring our direction. We thought they may just be giving us a flirtatious glance (which we were used to getting on nights when we went out together), so we just waved hello and kept on walking.

There was one guy in particular, tough, that seemed to be staring at me…just me. I couldn’t see him very well because he was so far away, but I could tell that he was tall and pale. He was a sexy pale though, like a seductive angel with demonic black hair. The culmination of his physical attributes, even from afar, was enough to take my breath away.

We kept our eyes locked on each other and it was as if there was an invisible force preventing us from looking anywhere else. I must have excused myself from my friends or maybe they figured out what I was doing before I even knew myself…I don’t know. Somehow or another though I ended up face to face with this ebony haired man. He was more perfect up close than I ever imagined. His sharp cheekbones pierced straight his porcelain flesh, only softened by the pink petals that set where his lips should go. He was pure enchantment.

Apparently he was thinking the same about me. He didn’t said anything about it, but I could tell by the way he looked at me that we were on the same page. We eventually decided to skip the club and go back to my place to talk and get to know each other a little better. Finally, after four hours of intense conversation (with the occasional make out session thrown in…smile), I asked him why he kept watching me when I was walking with my friends. His response…“I can’t resist a girl in hot pants.”

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