Fetish Camping trip

Written by: Girlq

It seems to be a common fantasy to have sex in a forest. It’s not necessarily a fetish because almost everyone has a thought like that at some point in time. What you do in that fantasy, what you’re wearing, who you’re with…that’s where the fetish comes in…

My boyfriend and I actually got to live out one of those fantasies. We went on a camping trip with a few friends of ours to a local forest/campground. We planned to stay for the whole weekend in a tent, trying to do as much as we could to “fend for ourselves.” You should probably know that my friends and I are not the type of people that you would picture in the woods with bows and arrows or decked out in hunting suits. We’re very high-strung city people who can’t live without their cell phones and electric toothbrushes. Needless to say, we were a little out of our comfort zone.

It was a fun adventure though. We all got to dress up in the camouflage cargo pants that had been sitting in our closets for years, and our boots got to fulfill purposes that weren’t fashion related. I, of course, topped off my cargo pants with a leopard print vinyl corset top, a cropped leather jacket, and a studded black choker. I figured if I was going to be eaten by a lion or something, I might as well look good doing it.

We drove around in a rental jeep for what felt like forever until we finally found the perfect spot to stay for the night. It was a small clearing in the middle of a dense set of trees with just enough room to spread out but still be protected.
The boys got everything ready while my friend Rhiannon and I went exploring the forest for things to do. It was so pretty there with all the trees just beginning to blossom. We saw a family of squirrels fighting over on piece of food, a wild rabbit run quickly in the opposite direction when it saw us, and even a few opossums hanging upside down in a tree. It was amazing.

We decided to go check on the boys. It was getting late, and they were probably just about to finish up. When we arrived back at the camp site, we were amazed to find that they were not only finished, but that they had a special surprise waiting for us. Right next to the tint was a huge comforter with flower petals all over it and candles around the edges. The boys were dressed in sexy clothing too. My boyfriend was wearing a black latex uniform suit which hugged every part of his perfect physique. Rhiannon’s man looked sexy too. He was still wearing the cargo pants from that morning, but he had changed into a black and red military leather top, emphasizing his chiseled arms that were glossy from the hard work he had just finished. They both looked so hot.

Well, it didn’t take long for Rhiannon and I to tackle our sexy escorts to the ground and strip them down to their g-strings. The four of us rolled around on the comforter in heated passion for the vast majority of the night. We switched partners and positions a few times along the way, but eventually I made my way back to my lover’s arms. I slept soundly cuddled up next to him until dawn broke.

It was an unexpected night that ended better than I ever imagined, and I can’t wait to go on another camping trip soon. This time though, I’ll be the one with all the surprises.

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