His Good Girl

Written by: Persephone

He awoke to the morning light peeking in through the curtains and the
pleasurable sensation of being serviced by his lover.  With each
morning bringing increasing pressures at the office, there was no
better way than starting the day with her mouth on his cock, both of
them felt this way and so she'd often wake herself up before his alarm
went off so that he could experience this rather than the impersonal
and harsh beeping of electronics.  This was merely another way she was
such a good girl to him and one of the reasons he treasured her so. 
When he groaned, signaling his arrival to the alert world, she moved up
on her knees to let him finger her wet slit.  Oh she got so wet, he
loved probing her with one, then two, finally three fingers, as she
moaned over his thickening shaft, swirling her tongue around it as she
took him deeper and deeper until managing to deep throat him.  Wiggling
his fingers inside her wetness, her twisted his hand so he could thumb
her swollen clit, that got him a long, wonderfully vibrating moan over
his engorged manhood.  His talented lover moved up and down the stiff
pole, not in a fast bobbing motion, but in a slow, deliberate, sensual
way...just the way he liked it.  Never did she remove her mouth from
him, just as he continued manually pleasuring her sex.  His lover might
open her mouth and lick his shaft, slide down and lick or suck his
balls, but never would she stop.  Pushing his digits deeper into her
now dripping slit, he moaned out, "god you're such a good
take such good care of me."

Finally he tapped her beautiful ass and she moved up off his thickness
and swung a leg over his body.  Slowly, pushing herself down his cock,
her tight pussy took him up inside her as she released a sexy little
moan.  Licking his fingers as he watched her, he then raised his hand
to let her taste herself as well. She looked so hot, riding his cock
and sucking his fingers. Once she was down fully, he took a gentle hold
her ass cheeks and helped her grind back and forth, his swollen shaft
filling her hole more and more.  There was nothing more beautiful to
him than seeing her angelic face in the throes of passion as she moved
faster, her hands in her hair, while he reached up and fingered the
hard nipples of her breasts. The faster she moved, the louder she cried
out, and so when he let his fingers rub against her clit she was high
into the stratosphere of ecstacy.

Once both were closer to explosion, she leaned forward, her hands on his
shoulders, and he started pushing his cock up into her slit, fucking
her with deep penetrating thrusts. Grabbing the back of her head, he
pulled her face to his, kissing her, sucking her tongue, their mutual
moan filling each others' mouths while he kept on taking her from
below. Then, wanting to get ever deeper, he rolled their entwined
bodies over, his cock down driving down into her hole while she wrapped
her legs around his waist.  He suckled her lower lip, nibbled her neck,
and kissed her all over her face and mouth while he thrust deeper,
faster, wanting to get into her soul...make them one.

Her arms wrapped around his shoulders as tight as her legs were on his
waist, they rode out the orgasmic wave with her tight pussy clenching
his throbbing cock and his mouth sucking her ear, telling her how
beautiful and sexy she was.  She screamed out, cumming at the same
exact moment his cock emptied spurt after spurt of hot cream into her
sex.  He loved filling her inside and they stayed entwined and kissed
deeply until it was time to get up.

Before leaving the bed, though, he knelt up alongside his lover and
watched her suck his cock clean, moaning over him and looking up with
delicious, hypnotic eyes for approval. Stroking her hair, he called her
his "good girl."

"You know what?" She beamed the smile that made his heart stop as she
licked his shaft. "I love it when you call me that.  Will you come home
for lunch?"

"I love you, my good girl," he whispered as he brought her face up to
kiss her.  "Yes I will be coming home for lunch."

"Oh I love you so much," she moaned, before laying back in bed to get
some more sleep.  He traced her spine with a gentle finger before
heading to the shower to start another horribly stressful day.


Entering the house for lunch, he loved what he saw; his good girl, nude,
on the table with her knees up, heels on each corner, her sweet
glistening pussy at the ready.  On her tummy was an array of shrimp and

"Are you hungry. Baby?" She asked with a giggle.

"Starving," he replied, removing his tie and sitting down before his

Gently spreading her lips with his fingers, he gave her hole a long lick
before he closed his lips over her swelling clit.  Sucking her
lovingly, he let his tongue flick over the nub as he held it in his
mouth, moaning into her soft, wet skin.  The scent of her sex mingled
with the food on her tummy and his senses were in overdrive. His
beautiful lover always got wet so fast and soon his face had the same
sheen as did the delicacy he was enjoying.  Finally he slid two fingers
inside her slit, feeling her clench down on them with a moan, as he
took a piece of salmon sushi and savored it, letting his hand work her
pussy toward orgasm.   He ate another piece and then resumed his
sucking and probing.  One of his favorite things was to suck each of
her lips separately while thumbing her clit slowly.  It always brought
a delightful moan of satisfied, but tortured pleasure from his sexy
lover.  She didn't care much for sushi, preferring shrimp, and so as he
wiggled his fingers inside her, pressing his thumb to her swollen bud,
and suckled her sweet, supple lips, he reached up and fed her some
shrimp.  There was no better way to enjoy lunch and it was healthy on
top of everything.

"Mmmmm oh this tastes so good, Baby," he said, driving his fingers
deeper and twisting them.  "You're such a good girl.  I'm so lucky to
have you." He heard her moan with a mouthful of shrimp, swallowing it.

"Oooooo what tastes goooood.....meeeee or the foooood?" She groaned.

"What do you think?"  He burrowed his face into her slit and licked and
sucked, making her scream out, her legs trembling.  Stopping
occasionally to quickly down a bite of sushi or shrimp, he stayed right
on her sex, eating her until she was ready to cum.  Gripping her
thighs, he brought her wide-open honey pot to his face and feasted. 
God how he loved eating her pussy! While she ebbed toward release, he
saw her pinching and rolling her nipples as his tongue pushed inside
her and licked up and down along her sugar walls.  He passed her some
more shrimp, he kept eating as well, moving his mouth to her clit once
more, sucking her feverishly while finger-fucking her hole hard and
deep, drilling his lover, searching for that explosion of sweet nectar.
When his sweet lover finally came, her feet pounded the table as he
tongue-fucked her with sweeping licks until he slowed down and gently
licked and suckled her sex until she was spent and whimpering.

"Let's move you a bit," he said as he got up.  Carefully sliding her
across the table, not wanting the last of the food to spill, until her
head hung off the other end. He lowered his face to hers and she licked
his mouth and lips.

"Are you hungry now my sweetness?" He asked, lowering his pants.

"Oh god yes...I'm so hungry."

He fed her the last of the shrimp and then slid his cock into her mouth,
feeling the breath from her nostrils on his balls.  While he slowly
fucked her face, he finished the sushi.  With one hand he reached over
and stroked her clit, still wet, swelled and oh so sensitive, while the
other lightly rested on her throat so he could feel it expand while he
slid deeper and deeper.  His talented lover had learned to relax her
throat to let him in and it was unbelievable.  Her moans and guttural
groans vibrated over his thick, throbbing flesh and in no time he was
ready to feed her his own sweet cream.

Sliding from her mouth, he helped her turn over onto her tummy.  Leaning
up on her forearms, she raised her head and opened her mouth. 
Caressing her face with a loving, affectionate hand, he watched her
suck his cock.  As he felt his body move closer and closer to explosion
he started to thrust gently in and out of her lips.  He then stroked
his cock as she opened her mouth wide, letting her tongue lay out as a
red carpet welcoming him......his first spurt shot along her tongue and
the next caught her upper lip.  As he slid back into her mouth, her
lips closed over him, sucking him dry and swallowing his seed as if it
was the greatest thing she ever tasted.  He moaned from his soul as she
took him down.......

Lunch couldn't have been better.

After getting himself ready to go back to work, he kissed his lover
sensually.  He stroked her ass through her red satin robe and nibbled
her ear.  "Until tonight my Good Girl.  I love you."

"I love you too, Baby, have a good afternoon.  Don't get too stressed."

"Not after that lunch!" They kissed again and gave each other wink and a


They were in traffic, slow, but at least moving.  He knew that he and
his lover would make it in time.  They were going to see Phantom of the
Opera.  What he loved about life with his lover was that both of them
were equally comfortable decked out for a show as they were wearing
jerseys to a baseball game.  Reaching over, he touched her angelic face
and stroked her hair.  She was lovely in a white gown with black
horizontal swoops swirling around to the rear and a plunging neck line.
Scooting over along the leather interior of their Jaguar, she kissed
his ear.

"I love how you look in a tux, Baby," she whispered.

"As good as you look in that dress I hope."

"Mmmmm better," she said, nibbling his ear.  "Looking at you is turning
me on."  His lover kissed his neck and loosened his pants.  Luckily the
windows were dark tint, he thought to himself as she moved her face
down, pulling his cock out as he lifted himself to make it easier. "You
don't mind if I suck your cock, do you Baby?" She had him in her warm
mouth as he moaned approval, keeping his eyes on the slow traffic.

His good girl licked his shaft with her tongue, trailing her tip from
his balls to the head, then took him deep once again, bobbing her head
slowly, sucking him just as he loved it.  Slow...sensual.....that was
how he liked his cock serviced.  Using just her mouth, she moaned over
his stiffening flash, letting her hands stroke his balls, but not touch
his shaft at all.

"Oh god, baby," he groaned.  "You are doing so well, but I don't want to
cum and make a mess of my pants or your dress."  She wiggled her face
down low, taking him to her throat before easing back up.

"When you're ready, tell me," she licked around the head, "And I'll make
sure it all goes in my mouth and down my throat."

"You're such a good girl," he groaned, feeling her suck him deep once

As they approached the parking lot, he reached into her gown, fingering
her erect nipple, telling her was ready to explode, and came in his
lover's warm, willing mouth.  She didn't let a drop escape and took his
cream down easily.  As she sat up while they waited in the car line,
helping him adjust his pants, they both thought they saw a glimmer of
envy in the eyes of the attendant.

The show was fantastic.  His good girl looked gorgeous and he loved how
her eyes lit up as the lights went down and the organ began the famous
‘phantom' overture.  He took her hand and kissed it, as they settled in
to enjoy the magic of Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpiece.

Following the show they enjoyed a late dinner and then drove home.
Occasionally he touched his good girl's face as she fell asleep in the
passenger seat with a sweet look of contentment over her beautiful
features.  The night had been perfect, but when they went to bed, he
planned to give her pleasure and make her cum before letting her

In bed, with nothing between them, their nude bodies alive from each
others' touch,  he kissed her deeply, sucking her tongue as his fingers
gently caressed and sprouted her swelling clit.  So wet, so fast, her
moans going into his mouth as he kissed her with feverish desire and
passion, she was his world at this moment and as he slipped two fingers
into her hole he suckled her ear.

"I loved this whole day and I want to end it perfectly."  His good girl
replied with a moan as she clenched his fingers while he kissed his way
down her body, moving his mouth to the  nectar-laden treasure between
her legs.  Moving his fingers slowly in and out of her saturated sex,
he closed his lips over her nub and suckled her, tasting her growing
pre-orgasmic sugary sweetness, taking his time, wanting her to feel
absolute pleasure and like she was the most beautiful woman in all the
world.  As she began writhing and moving her thighs in, sandwiching his
face, he licked and suckled her faster, replacing his fingers with his
tongue until she was wanting him inside her.

"Babyyyyyyyy pleeeeease........I need meeeeeeeee," she moaned.

He moved up and pushed his hard cock into the warm wetness of her soaked
slit, taking her with firm, deep, but loving thrusts, while his mouth
was locked to hers, letting them each taste her sex.  Driving himself
deep, he grinded against her sopping wet skin and suckled her ear,
whispering how sexy she was, how no woman had ever made him feel so
alive and that she was his ideal.... forever.

"Ohhhhhh goddddd," she cried out, wrapping her legs around his waste.
He took her hands in his and moved their arms against her hips as he
took her faster, pushing into her body as she rocked back, their eyes
locked in the faint light of the flickering candle across the room. 
His cock throbbed inside the tightening grip of her pulsating pussy and
they both knew they were approaching the crest of their mutual wave.
When they once again locked their lips together, their bodies
crescendoed in a shuddering, powerful mutual climax that one only read
about in erotic novels.  It was perfect.

His good girl slid down and sucked his cock clean, taking him to the
ultimate pleasure, before she settled into his arms for the night. 
Kissing her again, licking her neck, he whispered, "You're my Good
Girl, and I'll always treasure you."

"As I will you, my lover."  She kissed his chest until she laid her head
down against him. Soon they were both asleep and dreaming of each


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