Fetish Clothing: Holes in all the right places

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Fetish clothing in general has an instant arousal feature for people who live that sort of life style. To those who aren’t involved in a fetish community, this look seems crazy, bizarre, maybe even unnatural. But fetish people understand it all. The look and feel of a latex halter top, a pair of vinyl shorts, a leather corset, or whatever a person may be into can send instant sexual thoughts to the brain. I’m not entirely sure why this is-perhaps it’s the way that the material seems to enhance all the right parts of the human body. I don’t know. There’s just something about fetish wear that screams sexy to those who want to listen.

One thing that I love about fetish clothing is that I can keep it on the whole time I have sex. Designers have been smart enough to put holes, zippers, and openings in all the right places, so people can stay in character and still mess around. It’s a simple concept that makes a world of difference for a fetish member’s sex life.

I know that in my own life, sex just seems to be more fun when I can hear the squeaking of my clothes against my partners while we roll around in erotic entertainment. Fetish clothes put us both in special sexual mood, and it would be a shame if we had to ruin it by stripping all the way down. Being completely naked takes us both out of that dominatrix, bondage, slinky sexy siren mentality that the clothes bring out, so we typically choose to remain clad in shiny fabric for the duration of the night.

Now a question may arise about which is better, openings or zippers. Some may think that having an opening is great because it provides instant access during those spontaneous, heat of the moment times. This is true, but I like zippers better because they allow for some foreplay before the actual event. That little bit of time that it takes to unzip helps build up the anticipation. Even though it may only be a split second, it lets both partners think about all the wonder that is about to happen, making the actual event well thought out and perfect.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sexual spontaneity just as much as anyone else, and I’m certainly not opposed to an instantaneous climax. The reason I’m so passionate about the use of zippers though is because they still have semi-instantaneous access, and they build up the excitement for the moment. Sure, someone may end up with a partner who fumbles around way too much with the zipper and ends up ruining the moment entirely, but chances are that if they can’t handle a simple fastening, they weren’t going to be that great in bed in the first place. If they need a hole to be able to make love well, then maybe the process isn’t worth it.

In the end though, the debate of hole vs. zipper comes down to personal preference, just like anything else in the fetish world. Some like it instant, some like to wait, and some people don’t like fetish wear at all. But who cares about them right? They’re the crazy ones.

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