Dear Fetish Diary

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Man diary, do I have a story for you. Today was the day of my first photo shoot for this local Bondage magazine. Morning came quickly and I was eager to get started. I was chosen as the feature model for the month, and I needed to get ready for the cover.

I started by putting on my vinyl panties. Not granny panties…no, no, no…only thongs for me. I squeezed myself into my short leather skirt that the magazine had given me and began to put on my thigh high panty hoes. I laced up my black and red corset top, making sure to tightened it enough to give my breasts the perk they were looking for. I then strapped up my patent leather boots, but I knew I was missing something. Then I thought, “Oh-yes! I wanted to wear my choker.” Forgetting that is a way to ruin an entire outfit. I grabbed the red choker off the dresser and headed out the door.

I got to tell you…I looked damn sexy.

I got in the car and slid onto the leather seats, squeaking throughout the whole ordeal. I put on my makeup as I drove to the photo shoot, and I kept seeing my reflection off the handcuffs hanging around my mirror. I’ll tell you about how I got those in a different entry…

I finally arrived to the shoot about ten minutes early. I went up to the top floor, and walked in to what looked like a giant hotel room. Apparently I was shooting in some type of penthouse suite. The room was filled with other models and crew members, but even amidst all those attractive people, I felt like everyone stopped what they were doing to look at me. I felt even sexier than before. It was as if their eyes were piercing straight through my clothing. I felt so naughty.

I told the receptionist that I had a meeting with John Simmons, the director of the shoot. She looked at me with disgust in her eyes.

“Jealousy is an ugly trait,” I whispered to her.

She pointed to the door, and I felt that piercing sensation again. I opened the door confidently and proceed afoot. The photographer was busy running around taking pictures of the woman before me. She was attractive, sure, but not as hot as I was! I found a chair and sat down. The photographer continued his work as if no one had entered the room.

“Just a couple more, sweetie. You’re doing great.” He said faintly.

It was almost my moment to shine. He finished taking the last picture and turned around.

“Who is this in my chair?!”

Oops! I guess I didn’t see the director label on the back of the chair. I felt so embarrassed.

“My name is Jessica Landers,” I replied. My face was just as red as my corset top. “I’m your 11:30.”

I hopped up and let him sit down as he told me his instructions for the shoot. We spent an hour taking pictures of me from every angle possible, and I got more comfortable with every new frame. My embarrassment from the earlier situation eventually faded away, and I was able come out with some amazing photos. Overall, I had a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to see myself on the shelves soon.

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