Birthday Spankings

Written by: Girlq

I woke up one morning and decided that day was going to be my day and no one was going to tell me differently. Tomorrow was my boyfriend’s birthday, and I was going to the local sex store to shop for a fetish outfit. I hadn’t made up my mind yet of exactly what I wanted to buy, but I knew that I wanted to dress up in some type of costume. Did I want to be a nurse? Maybe, but I thought that had been a little overplayed recently. Naughty schoolgirl? Nah, I wanted something that would dazzle him. I wanted his jaw to drop. Then I thought, “Well, what about domination?” Now that was an idea.

I left the house still a little unbeknownst of what I wanted to get, but I at least had a plan in my mind. After I got to the store and saw all the costume selections, I really didn’t know what to buy. Nothing seemed to have a wow factor, or a surprise twist to it. I wanted him to be in pure ecstasy. I looked through shelves and shelves of different outfits, until finally I saw a pair of large handcuffs.

“I wonder…,” I whispered to myself.

I looked around the store and began picking out different restraints. What better of a twist then to completely dominate my boyfriend on his birthday. Sure, he would be a little reluctant about that at first, but I figured after a few birthday spankings, he may change his mind.

I found a black latex cat suit and some sexy patent leather boots for the core pieces of my ensemble. Then I saw the one thing that I knew would make my outfit complete. Sitting there on the shelf was a long black whip with a metal handle. I could hear the sound of the leather strap smacking against his skin and my boyfriend screaming in arousal after every lashing. Tomorrow was going to be amazing for both of us.

I left the store and headed back home. All night I just kept picturing my boyfriend strapped to the bed with red welts all over his body. I would picturing having sex with me controlling every move. I planned to beat him all night until I was able to fulfill his every sexual desire. I would force him inside me and make him spasm in simultaneous pain and pleasure. He would throb from the sores and from the orgasmic sensations I would give to him, and we would both experience a new level in our sex life.

These thought and many more followed me until the afternoon of the next day. When it was time, I started setting up the bedroom and called Jimmy to come over. I told him I had a present for him. I put on my shiny catsuit and strapped the end of each handcuff to the top pillars on the bed. I got the ankle cuffs and attached them to the bottom pillars.

A knock came from the front door and I yelled, “Door’s open.”

I could hear his foot steps as he came into the house.

“Where are you?” he said.

“I’m in the bedroom.”

I could hear him getting closer and closer ,and the anticipation grew. I was getting butterflies in my stomach, but I knew I had to be strong for all of this to work. He turned the handle to the door and stepped into the room.

I stood there against the bed, holding the whip in my hand, and seductively said, “Happy Birthday.”

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