Leather Pole Dancing

Written by: Girlq

Every strip club in America, or at least every one that I’ve been to, has an amateur night where inexperienced girls can go try their hands at stripping. I used to go to strip clubs with friends of mine just to see the show, but the girls always told me that I should get up there and “show those strippers how a real woman takes off her clothes.” I usually laughed it off like they were crazy, but they all insisted that I would be great at it.

One Monday night, I finally gave in. I got dressed in an outfit that would only be appropriate for stripping or prostitution. (Don’t worry, I planned to participate in the first activity.) I had tight and shiny leather pants, along with a black vinyl thong and glistening pvc bikini top.  I mentally prepared myself for the crazy night I was about to have and headed to the club.

I signed up at the front and took my place on stage. The other girls that were stripping with me were moderately attractive, but they all looked like they had just blown in from a cheap bar or something. I was easily the most put together of the group.

My anxiety built as I waited for the show to start. The lights in the club were dim, but on stage, I couldn’t see a thing due to the brightness of the spotlights. In the back of the room I could barely make out the top of my friends’ heads, but I could hear them whispering and giggling about the fact that I was up there.

A hush filled the room and the music started to play. I knew that I had to go out there and wow everyone. It took me a second to gather my thoughts, but I eventually started to dance.

I let the music take over my body. They were playing Christina Aguilera’s song “Dirty,” and the roughness of the music seemed to bring out my naughty side. I jumped up on the pole, and my leather pants grabbed on to the shiny metal. I twirled around upside down for awhile, and I could hear the crowd cheering me on. I got down off the pole and started to take my clothes off. I pulled down my pants to reveal the black vinyl thong that I had been keeping a secret. The crowd went wild when my ass finally popped out of its cover. I must admit, my ass is my best feature, so I wasn’t surprised by their reaction.

I had a rubber corset that I was wearing on top of my vinyl bra.  I moved on to unlace the latex, and then I stood their, all eyes on me, in nothing but a vinyl thong and shiny pvc bra. I felt so sexy, and I realized that all the other girls on stage had faded into the background.

I was the star of the show, whipping my hair around and flashing flirtatious smirks to the audience. I got back on the pole and started another round of erotic aerobics, and by the time the song was over, I had made more money than some of the girls who actually stripped for a living! The manager of the club came up to me at the end of the night and asked me if I wanted a job there. I politely declined and left the club with my friends. My stripper experience was fun and exhilarating, and now I look at nights at the strip club in a whole new light.

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