The Real Lucille

Written by: Niansa



 Thats the stuff that doctor's gloves are made from...nothing sexy about that...pfft...


 This was the way i always used to view anything remotely fetish-y. But let me start at the beginning...


my name is Lucille. I had been brought up in a super strict Christian household, and the thought of anything 'sexy' was taboo...I spent my days wearing baggy tracksuit bottoms and oversized jumpers, swamping my small frame. Makeup was 'made by the Devil' too, according to my mother...I was surprised i had even been allowed a hairbrush.


 I had since moved out of that Prison Camp, into a small, plain flat, in a small, plain part of town. despite this new-found independance, i still felt like a part of me was missing, that i wasnt meeting my full potential, that there was so much more out there for me. but for now, i was happy enough getting by, working in a small store whilst i dreamt of other things.  


 I spent my days in a constant day-dream, wondering where the real Lucille was...I knew that she wouldnt be an up-tight woman wearing clothes that looked like they had been stolen from a homeless bum in the middle of Winter. I felt smothered, not just by the clothes, but by my parents constant dissaproval of anything out of the norm. I was starting to wonder if the real Lucille had been smothered to the point of no return.


That was until i met Vesper. My god, she was my saviour, a Fetish Angel, so to speak...


 I remember the day we met...she strolled into the small store where i worked, her long black hair trailing behind her, fluttering slightly on the breeze, and then settling on the tightly tied trenchcoat that draped her slender frame. My manager, dressed in the same greasy vest he had worn yesterday, complete with half-smoke cigarette hanging out the corner of his mouth, was checking off a list of stock, failing to even acknowledge the new customer. I groaned inwardly, and went back to stocking the shelf with cans of mushy peas. The story of my life.


The mysterious new customer drifted past me, dissapeared behind a row of shelving, but i could hear the click-clack of high heels on the linoleum floor, and could smell the sweet scent of her that she had left behind. I couldnt help it, i needed to know who this stranger was.she had awoken something within me, i could feel something stirring, something wanting to get out and bask in the intensity this woman was giving off.


a sharp cough brought me back to the grubby store, and sighing, i turned to the counter, where my manager was glaring at me for drifting into a day-dream again. the customer was happily oblivious, perusing the toiletries. The air was electric, i could feel the tension building, the annoyance from the manager, the conflicting, confusing thoughts from me and the quiet, delicious intensity from the gorgeous stranger.


A moment passed, and then the customer spun around, marching confidently up to the grubby counter and asked in a husky voice dripping with sex, 'do you sell condoms?'


 I coughed with surprise. Condoms were Something i thought about, guiltily, but something i would never talk to anyone about. How could this woman be so open?! i was almost melting with embarassment on her behalf, my face burning up.


The manager, completely oblivious to my spluttering, gruffly told her that we were out. With a laugh, the customer cooly nodded, thanked him and headed for the exit, slowly making her way down my aisle. I caught myself staring, and hurried to find something to do. i could hear her drawing level with me, and my heart began to race. I looked from shelf to shelf, looking for a can or bottle out of place, any small thing, just so i wouldnt be caught staring like an idiot.


after a minute, i finally gave up, and gladly gave in to the urge to stare at this raven-haired beauty, drinking in every detail about her.


 her hair was long and dark, the ebony strands bouncing tantilisingly with every step. her eyes were an intense, deep brown colour, and i could feel myself falling into them as she caught my gaze. her delicious red-stained pout pulled up into a half smile, keeping her eyes locked onto mine the entire time. the trenchcoat was tied tightly around her waist, hiding what i longed to see. the bottom of it fluttered up slightly as she drew closer, and i caught a glimpse of something shiny, something made of rubber. i felt a twinge go through me, arousing me in ways i had never known. i was sure the leather lace-up boots matched whatever was underneath the coat. i could feel myself starting to get wet, and felt an urge to fall to my knees and satisfy her, right then and there.


in the moments it took for me to take it all in, she had drawn level with me, close enough for me to smell the musky scent of her skin, and to hear her relaxed breathing. confidence oozed from her every pore, and i could feel the desperation in me building. i had to be like her, i had to know her secrets. i had to have her.


looking me up and down, she gave a smile, taking a card from her pocket. handing it to me, she cocked her head slightly, saying 'give me a call sometime. i know what you're after.' and with that, she was gone.


The bell above the door tinkled as the door closed behind her, but i was too stunned to hear it. turning the card over in my hand, i read and re-read it, taking in every detail of it.


it was a plain black business card, with the name 'Vesper' written in white italics, and a phone number below. the card, no matter how long i stared at it, gave me no more information. who was she? what did she do? how old was she? what was she into?


i was dragged from this reverie by a crackling voice, shouting 'Oi! that soup isnt gonna stack itself'.





The night air was hot, and i couldnt sleep. the bedside clock ticked away each second, the loud 'tock's puncturing the stifling darkness. i rolled over, and sighed as i checked the time. midnight. what seemed like an age had past since i last checked the time, but only 4 minutes had passed.


i got up and got a glass of water from the bathroom, and the thoughts of the raven-haired woman flooded back. her scent, her confidence, her body, her beauty...


i had never been overly sexual, prefering to shy away from such situations, but just the thought of this woman were making my clit ache for her.

after toying with the the thought of her, i picked up the reciever of the telephone, fumbling for her card on the nightstand. punching in the number, my heart hammered in my chest as the dialtone changed to a ring. after three rings, i started to feel stupid, and was about to put down the phone when i heard her voice. even over the phone, despite the distortion and feedback, i could hear the sexiness of it.


' hello?'. flustered, i stammered, then managed to blurt out a reply.

'um, hi...its Lucille, we met in the store today, and you gave me your card, and...' my mind hit a brick wall and went blank. a couple of seconds passed, my nervousness increasing tenfold, waiting for her reply.

'oh yes, i remember you' a teasing giggle. 'i was wondering when you were going to call. what can i do for you?'

the question caught me off guard, and i was silent for a few minutes. why had i called her? i really wasnt sure, to be honest. sentances chased each other around my mind, until i found the most suitable one.

'i want to be like you'. that was the best one?! i was mentally kicking myself for the sheer stupidity of it all, but her answer surprised me.

'i know. why dont you come on over tonight?' after gathering my thoughts, i agreed. she gave me her address. hanging up, i had to backtrack over the whole conversation. had she really invited me over?! flustered, i went to the wardrobe and started to dress.




half an hour later, i was stepping out of a cab into a part of town i hadnt seen before. the terraced houses before me loomed out of the darkness as i made my way up to the front door. ringing the bell, i waited with baited breath.


she was even more gorgeous when she opened the door. a sheer black camisole was all that she wore, feeding my addiction for her. smiling, she invited me in, leading me to the bedroom.


 dimly lit by candles, it reminded me of a french-style boudoir. silk sheets neatly covered the bed, a floor-to-ceiling mirror taking up another corner, next to a giant mahogany wardrobe.


Vesper instructed me to undress. as i stripped off, i was surprised to find the usual embarassment missing. building confidence, i stripped off the oversized jumper, and the baggy trousers. leading me by the hand, the siren stood me infront of the mirror.


'like what you see?' her words were just above a whipser, deep and husky once again. breathing deeply, i looked into the mirror.


 toned to the point of athletic, my pale skin shone out against the dark background, with my icy blonde hair falling down my front, brushing my nipples. dark green eyes stood out from the pale face, above angular cheekbones. i had never really paid much attention to myself, and was pleasantly stunned by what i saw. Vesper's eyes were on the small triangle of hair between my legs. kneeling, she began to speak.


'i knew as soon as i saw you that you craved the feeling of fetish, even if you didnt already know it'. she sat me down on the bed. 'deep inside, i could see you wanted to feel it, to taste it, to have it wash over you'. she began to spread my legs, and i did nothing to stop her. she lent in, and i felt her tongue flick against my clit. i gave a small cry as the feeling washed over me, and arched my back as she continued to explore me with her tongue.


after what seemed like an eternity, i could feel the pleasure building. i felt a flicker of electricity ran from her tongue, through my clit and up through the rest of my body. unable to stop it, i cried out as the orgasm engulfed me. sweat was beading on my body, glistening in the candle light.


struggling to sit up, as the orgasm subsided, i could feel myself shaking from the intensity of it all. Vesper shook her hair over her shoulder, then leant over me, her pert breasts inches from my mouth. instinctively, i started to kiss and suck them. sighing with rapture, she pulled away, her eyes capturing mine.


'how about we get you something to wear?' striding over to the wardrobe, her camisole riding up to reveal her perfect arse, she opened one side and rifled through the copious amounts of fetish gear. sitting up, i slyly felt my own wetness, feeling it drench my hand. hearing my gasp of pleasure, she turned, smiling coyly as she continued to search for the perfect outfit.


'here we go'. pulling it out, she handed it to me. it was a black latex catsuit, polished to a high sheen. with a bottle from her bedside table, Vesper slowly and carefully rubbed the oil all over me, not even stopping when she leant in for a slow, hard kiss. her lips tasted of me, and i could feel the wetness returning.


i slid the catsuit on, and was delighted to see it had a zipper around the crotch. i could feel the sexiness inside me, and knew that this was the real Lucille. i laughed throatily, running my hands over the skin-tight latex. 'that was so good' i breathed.


smiling devilishly, Vesper lead me to the bed. 'im only getting started'.


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