Valentines Day

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Wintertime, the cold gray weather of decay pervades the sky and seeps so deep into mans consciousness that doctors have termed a psychological disorder from it. Wind whips around the corner of the building as I rush to escape its lashes. It’s a typical Friday night and I’m headed into the city to meet with Katelyn at her apartment before catching up with friends.

Upon arriving, I called her to meet me out front so I could park in the garage under her building. As was customary she emerged from the entrance and made her way to my truck. I didn’t notice anything unusual as I fiddled with my phone and adjusted the stereo.

I reached over to open the passenger door for her, “Hey baby!” She jumped in and gave a brisk kiss upon the cheek. Despite the darkness that enveloped us within the truck, I noticed a glimmer from the passenger floorboard. She wore an ankle length overcoat, concealing everything, and right away I noticed the energy sparkling in her eyes and a mischievous tone in her voice.

We both knew something was up, but before I could grill her she hastily urged me to park. I smiled, “Ok, ok – damn, what’s the rush.” The steel door to the garage groaned as it labored to rise. My pulse crescendoed to a frenzied race, wishing for the door to speed up.

With the car parked, I put one had on Katelyn’s leg and attempted to inch up her coat to better see what lay beneath. She forced her hand on mine and leaned in, motioning me to kiss her on the cheek as my eyes fell to the floor to perceive patent vinyl boots glistening back at me.

Katelyn brushed my hand away and opened her door, “Let’s go, I don’t want to be late.” She walked with defiance at a pace that left me behind as I sped to catch up. “Click”, “clack”, the forceful stamping of her heels echoed throughout the garage and resounded with sexual overtones. She reached a closed door and I caught up to her, wrapping one hand around her, squeezing her against me to relate my passion and also to explore what may lie beneath.

Her coat slid easily against it, and I felt buckles line her front. Angrily she grabbed my hand. “Don’t touch!” she scowled, and she entered her id card for entrance into the building. Inside an elevator awaited. I stared at her and grinned, while she squinted disapprovingly at me with her arms crossed – ready to prevent any advance by me. The elevator opened.

Inside and safe from public view, I again attempted to come on to her. I placed both hands on her hips and forced my head into the nuzzle of her neck where I could plant hot wet kisses. Before I could work my hands around her, she again pushed me away. “Stop!” Anticipation brought me to the edge of frustration, and she could tell. Katelyn stood there, shut off and closed, eyeing me, as I waited for her next move. She reached for my hand, “Everything is done my way”. She put my hand on her hip, “kiss my neck”.

I placed my free hand behind my back, and leaned in like a gentlemen not wanting to be too forward, and kissed her neck. She grasped my hand harder and slid it around to her butt. It made me take a step forward, and I gave another kiss, higher on her neck. Her hand squeezed mine, squeezing her one cheek. Then she ran my hand lower and farther inside, so that I grabbed part cheek and part of her crotch as well. Again I squeezed, as I raised to kiss her on the lips.

With my free hand I reached in through the buttons of her coat to feel the cool slickness of a vinyl corset, and I ran my hand around it to cusp her lower back as our lips met. Katelyn broke away and unbuttoned the first two clasps of her coat, revealing the top portions of the corset. Swiftly she grabbed my hands and placed them on her breasts, and our lips met for a passionate and deep kiss.

Both our chests pounded with the excitement at the possibility of getting caught. A passerby may happen to be waiting to enter the elevator on another floor, just moments away. 5… 6… 7… 8, she interrupted the kiss and re-buttoned her coat, two floors from our exit.

“Come on”, she snapped, and again she briskly took off down the hallway toward her apt. with stodgy confidence and purpose. She opened the door and I entered. Behind me I noticed her locking the door. Blood pumped through me, rushing and pounding with excitement.

As Katelyn turned from the door I met her and both our bodies pressed together. I frantically tugged at the buttons of her coat, and within a few seconds it fell to the floor. Beneath glistened thigh high patent leather boots, tight and wicked vinyl hot pants, and a matching black vinyl corset.

Kissing, grabbing, breathing heavy – I pinned her body against the door as my tongue went deep inside her mouth. I was ready to take her right there, but Katelyn had something else in mind. It took all her restraint to push me off of her, “Not yet!”. She grabbed my hand and led me into the apt. where a wooden chair sat with elbow length pvc gloves draping across the back. Katelyn picked up the gloves and stretched one onto her arm, “take off your clothes!” she demanded.

I unbuttoned my shirt, pulled my undershirt over my head, slipped out of my shoes, and tossed my pants and belongings aside. I stood in my boxer-briefs with a raging hard-on. “All of them!”, she ordered as she walked to pull something from under her couch.

Now I stood, stark naked, with my dick literally pounding with every beat of my heart. Katelyn looked fucking hot – her rock hard body covered in dark, sensual, high gloss vinyl, like something of a dominatrix. A stark contrast to the mundane tones of winter weather and daily life. She tossed ropes to one side of the chair, wrapped both her hands around my neck, and pulled my lips to her chest to kiss her vinyl clad breasts. My hands ran up and down her back, butt, and legs. Completely stiff and excited, I explored her vinyl-clad body with my hands as we kissed. “Enough! Sit down!”

I sat on the chair. Katelyn grabbed the rope and first tied my ankles, then my wrists to the chair. She spread her legs and sat on my lap facing me. The only sounds were the rushing of air from the furnace turning on, and the creaking of her thigh high boots, as her legs bent to straddle me. Our voices lowered, “Do you think I’m sexy baby?” Rhetorically I answered, “Oh yeah.”

I leaned in to kiss her, and she arched away from me leaving only her chest within range. I kissed and sucked at her covered breasts. She stood, grabbed a fist of my hair, and tugged my head down to her crotch. I opened my mouth wide and tried to take her entire vinyl clad pussy into my mouth.

“Ummmmpphhhh”, Katelyn exhaled, and I could tell she was dripping wet. I pointed my tongue and tried to lick from her ass to the tip of her clit. I placed my lips around her clit and pressed with my tongue, running circles around it, and then creating suction against it.

She released my hair and turned around. Her ass looked so hot, tightly wrapped in form fitting hot pants. Katelyn spread her legs and stepped backwards, as if to straddle me again. Involuntarily I struggled against the ropes that held me to the chair. Damn! I wanted to squeeze her ass so bad!

She bent over at the waist and touched her hands to the floor, putting her entire butt at my face. “Lick it!” I lunged forward to again probe her covered ass, pussy, and clit, as best as I could. Her body synced with mine, her knees bending in rhythm with my tongue and mouth, as I licked from front to back.

I licked the area where her shorts ended and skin began, and I couldn’t tell if it was my saliva or her juices that were coating her exposed skin. Liquid built up and a droplet formed. The droplet gained size and streaked down her leg to the top of her boot. I watched it as I continued to lick, and the stimulation of it all was making me want to burst!

Katelyn rose from the floor. She stood with her back to me for a couple seconds, letting me take in the visual. She flexed her butt muscles, and the room sang with the sound of creaking vinyl. Walking behind me, she ran her gloved hand from the top of my crotch, up my chest, and over my neck and behind my head.

From behind, she said, “Now let’s have some fun!”. Katelyn pulled a blindfold over my eyes. My senses, keenly focused on the environment, now seemed ultra sensitive to sound, touch, and taste. The air was still. She wasn’t moving. My ears strained to predict what was coming.

Katelyn and I were now at complete opposites. Darkness wrapped me in a blanket of nothingness, unable to perceive what was happening around me. Katelyn relished in the moment – excited and smiling, having utter and complete control. Pausing to take it all in, Katelyn looked me up and down. She noticed my hands flex, seeking to move. She observed my dick, pumping and pounding.

I felt something cold drip onto my chest from above. Then, taking my breathe away, Katelyns hand, filled with ice, ran across my chest and down to my crotch. My dick began to fall, as the cold stole the excitement from me. She ran ice across my chest and down my legs, until my dick sat completely flat against the chair.

An ice cube brushed across my cheeks, and then was thrust in my mouth along with two fingers. She thrust her fingers in my mouth, like a penis thrusting in an out, in and out, in and out. Blood flowed back to my crotch. Her hand clasped my throat and she kissed my mouth, her tongue sensing for the ice cube. More energy ran into my crotch.

The next thing I felt was the warm and liquid sensation of a mouth wrapped around my penis. It hardened in her mouth, and again raced. As soon as I was at 100% arousal, the ice cubes came back – running over my body, and send my dick back down. She kept teasing me, making me rise and then fall. “Ehhhh…”, I sighed with pent up tension and frustration.

“What’s wrong baby? Don’t you know this is all about me and what I want? You have no say, stop whining!” Slowly, Katelyn undid the zipper to her pants, from the waist down to her anus, taking her time to ensure that I heard it and had to wait. “Zzzzzziiiiiippppppp…”

I sat motionless. She straddled me and put her pussy within an inch of my face. Both her hands were on my head so she could control my movements. “Do what I tell you and nothing more. Keep your mouth closed.” She pressed her soaked crotch into my face, and ran her lips across my closed mouth. My lips felt hers.

“Stick out your tongue.” I stuck out my tongue and she thrust her pelvis upward so that it entered her. She pushed hard against the back of my head and grinded her crotch into my face, my tongue running deeper and deeper inside her. Long sweeping motions guided my tongue inside her pussy, with occasional stops at her clit, which caused her entire body to shake, and she pressed her crotch hard against my face.

She eased the pressure of her hands against my head. “Now kiss it”. She gently placed various parts of her pussy against my lips to kiss and caress softly. Again and again I kissed it, some just pecks, some with tongue, and some with soft suction. “Lick my clit!” Katelyn stated as again my head and tongue were forcefully sent deep within her, peaking at her clit which I circled and probed with my tongue.

I could feel her losing control. I was kissing, licking, probing, for at least 10 minutes, and her body shook with more frequency. I didn’t know if she had come, but she stopped. Her pussy was soaking wet, and she raced with excitement as she felt streaks of liquid run down her legs. Katelyn pressed her pussy against my cheek, and then ran it left to right across my lips and mouth and then across my other cheek. My entire face was wet. She bent down and licked my face and lips. She could taste the combination of saliva and her pussy on my face. I pounded so hard I could feel it throughout my entire body.

“You’ve done well so far… but you must follow directions!” Katelyn sat down and my dick easily glided into her wet pussy. She rocked back and forth just a bit to move it inside her – “Are you paying attention!?” “Yes” I answered. “Good! Now, you can’t cum until I say that you can. Understand?”

At this point I was having trouble focusing on anything, and failed to respond. Katelyn grabbed my face, squeezing both cheeks and rocking back and forth faster as if agitated. She thrust her thumb in my mouth, in and out, and grinded her pussy against my dick harder. Then she stopped, “I said…Do you understand!” “Uh huh” I mumbled.

She draped her arms across my neck and the back of the chair and started to rock her body back and forth again, “Good”. We kissed, tongues deep in each other’s mouth as she grinded slow and hard against me. I was doing all I could to try and keep from coming. All the excitement had forced me to the brink, and I knew it wouldn’t take much to force me past the point of no return.

She changed from grinding and rocking, to thrusting straight up and down. I had no condom on, and despite the fact that she was on birth control, I didn’t want to come inside her. I was struggling against the ropes that bound me, doing anything I could not to come. My dick throbbed inside her. I tried to move my pelvis so that I could pull out of her, but she wouldn’t let me.

She was now thrusting up and down and grinding her clit into my waist. I could feel her body shaking and it only hastened my inability to keep from coming. I could hear the creaking of her boots, the smell of sex filled the air, and the feeling of her body against mine.

My body clenched and she knew it was happening. Instead of stopping or pulling off my dick, she dug in and grinded with spine tingling thrusts. Struggling as best I could not to come, she forced me against all my strength and will. I started to come inside her and let out a moan, as my butt muscles clenched and I raised a couple inches off the seat of the chair. We connected, flying hand in hand outside of this world in a moment of euphoria.

She slowed and pumped a couple more times in post-ecstasy bliss. A massive amount of warm white liquid was injected inside her, and she very slowly raised up off my cock. She looked, half turned-on and half curious, and watched as some of the cum ran down my cock. With her slick fingers, she fingered the rest of it out of her and onto my dick, where I felt what she was doing and again started pounding. She stroked my throbbing, cum drenched dick, rubbing the cum and my dick against the outside of her vagina and clit as if instinctively, while we kissed on the lips, deeply, passionately...

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