The Surprise

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The Story of O was a story that I found shocking, repulsive, and yet captivating all at the same time. Most importantly it gave me an idea. While I was never that into BDSM or some of the more hard variants and ideas, especially the ones found in The Story of O, I was inspired to start off a little game with my girlfriend Laurie.

I had a fond love for making other people uncomfortable, whether it was pushing the boundaries of a conversation, or tempting my girlfriend to wear something edgier than she preferred. I don’t know why – but the devil was always nipping at my ear. So, my ingenious plan was as follows…

It was a lazy Saturday evening, with not much going on, and I snuck out of the house – leaving an envelope with a black rose taped to it on the bed.

Ten minutes after leaving I texted Laurie – “Check out the bedroom, I’ve left a surprise for you…” My note included a brass key and directions to a building a few miles away, in the business district. Upon arriving at the building, Laurie was to park on the lower level and enter through a back door on the side of the building. She would take the stairs to the third floor, and go to the mens room, where the next set of directions would await her.

On the sink was a black box with a red ribbon and another note. Inside the box were fetish transparent latex stockings, a black leather choker, black corset in heavy latex, shiny black latex gloves, and a blindfold. The directions stated to get dressed in the items provided, enter the last stall (the handicap one for extra room), put the blindfold on and wait.

The building was my workplace, and I had been watching her every step. From the window I saw her car pull up. From above, I had monitored her coming up the stairs. Stealthily I slipped away to the bathroom where I hid in the first stall.

After sitting perfectly still for what felt like an eternity, I heard her slip into the last stall. I heard the squeeking of latex as she sat down. As quietly as I could, I put my feet down, opened the door of my stall, my heart beating at a thousand beats a second, the air thick with anticipation, and I entered her stall.

She stood and attempted to lift the blindfold to peak at me, but I briskly grabbed both her arms, forcefully pushing them down to her hips. I held her for a second to quiet her nervousness. After I felt that she was not going to try and ruin the moment by revealing my identity, I spun her around and pressed both her arms against the wall. I kicked the insides of her feet, inducing her to take a wider stance.

At this point she was spread eagle with her hands against the wall as if in an police interrogation. The latex gleamed in the flourescent light of the bathroom. She was wet with anticapation. I kept one hand firmly around her throat, to keep her facing the wall, while I undid my belt and pants. They fell to the floor, and I kissed her heavily on the neck.

I took her there in the bathroom, finished, grabbed my trousers and left as quick as I entered, not leaving Laurie enough time to get her senses together and grab a peak at me before I darted out of the room.

Back home I sat on the couch nonchalantly watching tv. Laurie arrived only a few minutes after me. As she entered I playfully said, “where have you been?” She straddled me on the couch, kissed my earlobe, and whispered, “ we’re not done yet.” Talk about a good day! As they say, when it rains it pours – I’m not complaining!

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