Cougar Hunting

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You ever hear the phrase “cougar hunting”? It’s a reference to middle aged women, typically who make a lot of money, travel often for their jobs, and are looking for a no strings attached hook up while on the road. My buddy Kurt and I had gotten into a conversation about who could actually catch a cougar – so one weeknight we agreed that we’d go to a Hilton a few miles from where we worked, and see if the elusive cougar actually existed in the wild.

It was a little after 6:00pm and we hit the hotel bar, knowing that cougars were most active during happyhour. There were a couple of cute twenty-something women, eating appetizers and sipping cosmos. My buddy made a bee line for a spot at the bar next to them. It seemed to me that this wasn’t sought after cougar, perhaps more of a smaller jungle animal, similar in nature to the cougar, but not the real thing.

After a few minutes of trying to talk to these girls, I realized that it wasn’t going anywhere. I searched for a way to exit myself from the conversation, and just when I thought I’d be stuck playing wingman to a fruitless effort, a real live cougar approached from my left. She was confident, swift in her approach, and effortless in her snappy order for a martini. She was a forty-something working woman, who knew her way in the world.

I not so accidently backed into her, and turned to apologize and introduce myself. “I’m so sorry about that. My name’s Toby, let me get you the next round to make up for my clumsiness”. She smiled back at me, as if she knew my game, and said “Your nice. Three tequila shots, you can take two of them to make it up to me.” I laughed and knew right away that the cougar was toying with me. I was pray in her eyes, and she was preparing to bat me about like a cat with a mouse, and I was only too willing to be that mouse.

Several drinks later, and the cougar moved in for the kill. She stated, “I’ve had a long day and I’m feeling a little woozy. I’m staying here through tomorrow, would you mind walking me to my room to make sure I get there all right?” I tapped my buddy on the shoulder, “Hey, I’ll be right back.” Both of us knowing that I would not be right back.

We left the bar – she grabbed the tab - and headed off to her hotel room. We got to her door, and I was wondering how to handle the next move, but before I could say anything, the cougar showed her expertise in handling prey – “you know, I want to give you one of my contacts numbers – you should give them a call.” We entered the room, she through her purse and jacket onto a chair and rubbed her neck.

“Work has been so stressful, before I get you that number would you mind rubbing this knot out.” Prepare the rifle, this cougar was about to go down. I took a seat on the bed next to her and started massaging her shoulders and neck. One thing lead to the next and before I knew it the lights were out, we’re both half naked, and the breathing is hot and heavy.

She excused herself to the restroom. I lay in the dark, glowing in the anticipation of actually catching a cougar on the my first cougar hunt. However, this cougar had other plans.

Out of the bathroom came a woman transformed from upper class working woman, to latex wearing, handcuff carrying, dominatrix from the depths of Hades itself. Just enough moonlight spilled from around the curtains to glisten off what appeard to be latex stockings, a vinyl garter belt, and a shiny latex top covering her curves in a layer of pure sex appeal.

She paused at the bathroom door and then marched to the bed with a militant movement that wasn’t present earlier in the evening. Her kinky outfit led to the arousement, as it was totally unexpected. I was sitting up, watching her move towards me. “Lay down” she commanded. Apparently I paused, because next thing I knew I had what felt like a riding crop slapped harshly across my bare chest. I yelped, “Ouch!” and she again commaned with more force, “Lie Down!”.

I laid down on my back and she mounted me, holding me down and handcuffing me to the bedpost. Her latex covered legs were warm against mine. This is not where I thought this evening would wind up, but I was enjoying every moment of it. Like jungle prey, I was at the complete mercy of the cougar – who was doing whatever she wanted. I had not caught the cougar, the cougar had caught me.

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