Latex miniskirt and the Fitting Room

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Women love to shop for clothes, men, eh, not so much. So when my girfriend asked me to go shopping with her, I was inclined to stay at home and watch the game… but then she told me where she was going. One of her friends had mentioned to her a shop where they sold the “cutest” kinky fashions in rubber and latex.

Not wanting to miss an adventure, I gladly accepted the invitation to accompany her on a shopping trip. We got to the store and went inside to see a plethora of clothing, magazines, and accessories that seemed more appropriate to decorate the walls of a mistrisses’ dungeon than an apparel store out in the suburbs. We walked around for a bit, touching the different outfits, sizing them up, looking at the prices, and getting more comfortable with our surroundings.

Finally we came to something that picqued both of our interests – it was a short latex miniskirt, and a seductive, cleavage-showing v-neck latex top that went with it. It was on sale, and it was my girlfriends perfect idea for a naughty school girl type of look. We found a salesperson and asked for permission to a dressing room to check out the fit.

I also wanted to approve of the purchase (since I most likely was going to end up paying for it anyway), so I asked the clerk if it was alright to accompany her to the dressing room. Off we went to the far rear of the store, and back into the dressing room where the clerk unlocked a door and let us in.

My girlfriend pulled her shirt over her head and off, then unzipped her jeans dropped them to the ground. I got a little aroused, standing there in a womens dressing room with my girlfriend half-naked, and I tried to grab her to give her a kiss. She pushed me away and in a hushed voice pleaded with me, “Stop, there’s people in the store!”.

She was having none of my playfullness, so I gave up and let her proceed with trying on the outfit. She pulled on the miniskirt, then picked up the top and tied the neck, turning her back to me and asking me to tie the rear of the top. I pulled it taught and the latex clinged to her body like a second skin.

Apparently the effect of wearing a latex outfit was not just a turn on to me, as my girlfriend loved the look and next thing I know we’re banging about in the dressing room! A short while later we emerged, only to see the disapproving look of the clerk who let us in, who stated, “You’re going to buy that right.” Yeah – probably wouldn’t be too good to put it back on the rack, and honestly if my girlfriend never wore it again, it was worth the price alone just for the fun we had that day!

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