My Innocent Girlfriend and her Latex Stockings

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I’ve always had a penchant for things that were just a little bit outside the norm. Growing up I enjoyed breaking the rules, living outside the bounds of what everyone else considered mainstream. So when it came to relationships, this was no exception.

My girlfriend and I had been dating for almost a year, and the relationship had matured to that point where things were getting a little too normal – one might even call “boring”. So I decided I would try to spice things up by introducing some outfits into the bedroom. First I bought her this sexy latex thong and tight rubber dress. She didn’t like how her butt looked in a thong and refused to wear it.

Scrapping that idea, I gave it another go and purchased this oh so naughty patent vinyl nun dress. She found the idea of mixing sex and religion too offensive. Third try, I went on the internet searching for something that would bring the excitement back to bedroom, yet would be acceptable to my girlfriend who seemed offended by every idea I tried. Latex stockings – they’re sexy, emphasize the feminine form, and in no way shape or form could be found to be offensive.

I had them shipped to her apartment along with flowers and a nice note. The next day after their arrival I had her over to my place for dinner. Fully expecting to partake in something new and naughty, I had setup the ambiance with candles, grilled some steaks, and had created the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate our sex life. No cigar. She showed up wearing her slacks from work and a sweater. How dull!

A few days passed, and no mention had come of the latex stockings. I figured she had once again disapproved of my ideas to spice things up. It was a Tuesday night and my girlfriend called and asked me to meet her at a new local restaurant. I showed up and we grabbed a seat at a booth. She was smiling at me with that look on her face like she was up to no good, then slipped off her shoe and ran her foot up the outside of my leg.

I smiled back, wondering why she was being so playful, not really noticing anything out of the ordinary. Then she slid her foot up my pants let and I felt the rubbery touch of a latex clad foot against my bare skin. Now I understood the coy grin she had given me earlier! I smiled back, almost blushing, excited by the prospect of “breaking the rules” in a public place. Doing things that normal people wouldn’t think of, surrounded by an unsuspecting public, she and I the only ones who knew what was really going on.

Needless to say, all that build-up at the restaurant resulted in a night of unforgettable passion that reinvigorated our sex life. It was so good, now she is the one shopping on the internet for new latex stockings or the next kinky outfit to surprise me with!

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