Latex Fetishwear at the Beach

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The dog days of summer: sweltering heat, humidity, still air filled with the warmth of an oven on high, quite an unfortunate circumstance for a fetishist. It sucks that latex rubber, leather, and patent vinyl are hot to wear and have a tendency to make the skin sweat profusely - especially in 90 degree heat. Having confined our fetishwear to the bedroom for the last several weeks, I dreamed of a way to do something more risque.

My solution was obvious - a latex bathing suit. With the myriad of bizarre and outrageous bathing suits these days, I don't think anyone would notice a latex rubber bathing suit. The question is whether the person wearing it would be comfortable - that's what water is for.

I told my girlfriend my idea and she reluctantly agreed, if not solely to get a trip to the beach out of the deal. She agreed, but only if I would also don a latex piece to the water. I had two fetishwear suits made, a one-piece for my girl, and some loose fitting shorts for me. I guess I could have gone for the bikeshort fit, but in the US no one wears anything but loose fit bathing suites unless you are on a swimteam or European - unfortunately my fake German accent isn't that good.

Off we ventured, packing brightly colored towls, aluminum beach chairs, snacks, plenty of water, and our fetish garmets. At the hotel we unloaded the car and prepared to head to the ocean. From the bathroom I could hear the "snapping" of rubber clothing going on. A bikini would have been easier, but more coverage was sexier to me, albeit harder for my girl to get on.

Several minutes later my baby emerged from the bathroom in a metallic blue latex one-peice bathing suit, with a skirt covering the bottom and huge bug eye sunglasses on. "Ready?" she asked. "Yep, let's roll". I grabbed our beach bag and we walked hand in hand over to the ocean. The walk over was hot. Sun pelted us from above with rays of golden heat. Drips of sweat formed around my waist where the latex touched my skin and they ran down my leg.

I also noticed my girl sweating and struggling in the heat. "I think the first item of business is to take a swim" I stated. "I'm going to lay out first", she replied. "Have it your way." I laid out a towl and then walked to the edge of the water. Ahhhh - refreshingly cool. I took a few more steps forward, waves rushed against my knees. Looking behind me I saw my girl laying in the sun, baking, her latex suit reflecting the sun. True paradise I thought to myself.

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