Fetishwear with a bow

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Cindy worked in the city and I worked in the burbs. She got up and left early to beat the traffic, while I would go in later using my flex time to enjoy an extra hour or two of sleep in the morning. Typically she got home an hour before I made it back, and she would start on dinner and have something ready by the time I got home.

Today I decided to mix things up. The alarm blared that annoying high pitched scream. Cindy got up, one eye open and one eye shut, fumbled for the alarm and turned it off, almost knocking it off our nightstand. She stretched, yawned, and then stammered off to the shower. I tried to pretend I was asleep, even though I was anxious with anticipation to get this day started.

Under the bed I had hidden a box with a red bow and flower on it. Inside the box there was a pair of latex rubber stockings, pvc zip panties, a vinyl corset, candles, and a riding crop just for good measure (and a few laughs). After what seemed an eternity, Cindy walked over to the bed, gave me a brisk kiss and was on her way. Waiting to hear the front door shut, I got up and quickly made the bed, smoothing down the comforter and making everything neat and orderly.

I grabbed the box from underneath the bed and situated it on the center of the bed. Next I slipped a card under the box, took a step back to bask in the glory of my excellent idea, and then went about getting ready for work. The card contained a note to light the candles, put on the assemblage of fetishwear: latex stockings, pvc panties, and vinyl corset, and to wait for me to arrive with dinner.

Fast forward to the end of the day - I arrived home, and after opening the door I heard footsteps clamoring to the bedroom. "I'm home - anybody here?" "I'm back here baby", Cindy echoed back from our bedroom. I put my laptop bag down and headed to our bedroom, armed with a to-go bag of Cindy's favorite sushi. Upon entering the bedroom I saw her sitting on the bed eating strawberries, legs crossed, and looking at me with an awaiting smile. "Hey baby" she said coyly.

"Emm... look at you...". She was wearing the outfit I had left, and her bare breasts showed beneath the glistening vinyl corset. Her legs were covered with shiny black latex rubber stockings, the zipper of her fetish vinyl panties went way down and I got turned on thinking about undoing it. I jumped on top of her and kissed her exposed breast, making my way down the corset with my mouth and tongue, and then stopping at her panties, trying to grab the zipper with my teeth. She wrapped her latex legs around my waist and we laughed...

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