Diversity and vinyl skirts

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I can't understand why so many people want to look and be just like everyone else. What is it about the human condition, that makes people that way? Why do societies suffer from the trend of being conservative? Have you ever heard of a nation full of artists and quarky individuals doing their own thing, being completely different from their neighbor, following their own distinct path?

No. Look around you. If you live in a place like I do, the streets are lined with houses that look the same, cars that look the same, and scores of people all trying to be just like each other. Walking down the street of American suburbia I see mostly people who look like they came straight out of a gap or banana republic catalog.

I think that people should celebrate diversity. I like to get dressed up with my vinyl skirts, fishnet tops, and high heel pvc boots, and stand out from everyone else. Completely unique and different. A black sparkling reminder to the rest of society, that we don't all have to look and be the same.

Riding down the metro, I catch stares and overhear whispers or off-hand remarks. What is it that is so horrible about not wanting to be like everyone else? In a way it just fuels my desire to be even more edgy, to cross all lines of perceived normalcy and try to shock people. Hmmm, maybe I need to invest in a pvc catsuit or some chainmail...

How quickly people forget that throughout history, our great innovators, philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists were a bit whacky. They were people who did their own thing, beat to their own drummer, and without them, the majority would not be riding in their gas guzzling SUV's or Tivo'ing Desperate House Wives from the comfort of their large, mundane, and oh so similar houses.

The works of art and great literary pieces that line conservatives homes, were all created by people who, if they were living today, would quite likely be walking around with spikey hair and vinyl jeans or pvc skirts, world's apart from the mainstream.

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