Bring out your inner Princess

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I think that everyone, including the worlds' top super models and actresses, has times when they just don't feel that pretty. We all want to be appreciated, feel seductive, wanted, sexy, erotic. I was having one of those moments, when I needed to bring the zest back. I wanted to feel like I was the center of the universe - or at least the center of the universe to that someone special.

Nothing seems to bring back those feelings like a provocative outfit or lingerie. I picked up my latest issue of Victoria's Secret. All the same old stuff that I had seen before. Blah. Grabbing my laptop, I put in the search term "sexy outfit" to see what popped up.

So many different choices - everything from vinyl nurses outfits, leather dominatrix outfits, cheerleaders, flight attendants, military uniforms, you name it, it's on the freaking internet! I wanted to surprise my hubby by meeting him afterwork at our favorite restaurant, with a little something special for him - if you know what I mean.

I had never seen latex clothing before. The appeal was instant - it was different, striking, and sensuously erotic. I didn't want to go too over the top, so I ordered a latex pencil skirt to match up with a white button up blouse, along with matching latex undies.

My order arrived a few days later, and I eagerly opened up the box to checkout what I had bought. I pulled the skirt from the box and held it up to inspect it. It was cold to the touch, and made a bit of a slapping sound as it wavered in front of me. I tugged at the edges of the waistband to see how much it would stretch. There was no stitching on it, but there were seams similar to traditional garmets. I rushed off the the bathroom to try it on.

I had ordered a small bottle of latex conditioner, and I opened the bottle and applied some of it to the inside of the skirt and my legs. Next I stepped inside the skirt and began pulling it up. Surprisingly it slid right on - the lube made it slick, and despite having rubber on skin, it went on quite easily without incident.

Turning to the side, I checked out my profile in a full length mirror. The skirt hugged my curves and it warmed to room temperature almost instantly. I ran my hand down my thighs. The latex was slick and sort of soft to the touch. I could feel my body temperature through it. The high gloss surface reflected the bathroom lights, and was such that I couldn't take my eyes off it. Now I was starting to feel the inner sexiness come back! I was sensual, erotic, and perhaps just a bit naughty. I felt the rush of excitement run down my spine - yes, this is exactly what I was looking for - my inner Princess.

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