Cyber latex Panacea

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Cyber - what does the word mean to you? When I think of cyber, I think of futuristic, contrasting colors, technological social advancement, mind altering states, bio-tech body modification, and club music. Wow, that doesn't really define much does it? Perhaps, it's better to describe my "cyber" scene.

In Washington D.C., there isn't much of a cyber crowd. About as close as we get is a club pumping techno, with as many flavors of people and groups as Ben and Jerry's ice cream. However, myself and a tight group of friends have been carving out our own niche, and creating our own brand of cyber. A typical night goes like something like this:

Around 9:00 friends start showing up at my apartment in the city. It's a friday and everyone is ready to have a release from the work / school week. A tour of my closet reveals pants with neon piping, a few wigs with brightly colored strands of twisted falls, mesh arm warmers, and my latest favorite - latex tops and skirts in futuristic metallic colors.

I select my latest mix from my music collection, turn up the volume, and start getting into my going-out mode. Friends come over and bring their favorite beverage of choice, ranging from high energy drinks, wine, beer, and the occasional shooter. The girls usually congregate in my room or my roommates room, where we can get ready.

Tonight I decided to rock out with a metallic blue latex zip top and matching latex skirt with contrasting seams. A small amount of sweat collects between the latex and my skin, and upon leaving my apartment a burst of cool night air brushes against my skin and sends a chill down my spine.

Our destination is Club Five. One of my favorite DJ's is spinning, and all I care about is getting into the music, dancing, and releasing myself from the troubles of my weekly grind. Upon entering the club, we get looks from different people. Some are intrigued, some think we are freaks, and some are wishing to be like us.

I make my way to the bar, grab a vodka and red bull to loosen up the tension and build up some energy, and then head to the dance floor. The music is so loud I can feel it reverberate in my spine. Lights are flashing, LCD tv's high on the wall above me are morphing images to the rhythm.

I start dancing and lose myself in the music. It's a state that is similar to meditation. My mind is at peace, the typical chatter that normally runs through my head is silent. I become acutely aware of my various senses.

The air is warm, with cool gusts coming from vents above. Loud bass actually vibrates the floor beneath my feet. My arms brush against my sides, and I feel the soft, slick, brush of latex rubber against my arm. This is my Cyber Panacea- this is my scene, nothing else is important at this moment.

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